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Thursday, July 3, 2008

No trading for Thursday because of technical glitches

3/7 PM wants no more technical glitches causing suspension of trade in Bursa Malaysia, denies that problem was due to current political climate.

3/7 20:19:07(8:19pm)
Later, Bursa was quoted as saying it did not suffer losses as no trading today. But if in terms of opportunity losses, can be RM 450,000 based on RM 1 b average trading value.

3/7 18:44:14(6:44pm)
Bursa Malaysia sustained RM 450,000 losses from trading suspension today, trading will resume tomorrow.

3/7 09:93:02 Bursa Malaysia says trading suspended for at least the morning trading session from 9am-12:30pm following a multi-hardware failure.

3/7 13:31:00(1:31pm)
Bursa Malaysia says trading on equities market to resume at 2:30pm. Probing into trading system failure still ongoing.

3/7 14:39:48(2:39pm)
Equity trading on the Bursa Malaysia securities will not resume trading at 2.30pm as notified earlier, says Bursa.

3/7 16:05:54(4:05pm)
Trading on Bursa Malaysia will continue to be suspended until end of today due to

3/7 15:48:07(3:48pm)
Bursa Malaysia CEO Yusli will hold a PC at 5:30pm today on steps being taken to resolve trading suspension, steps to resolve it.

World equity markets lost US $3 trillion in June as declines which begin mid-May picked up pace, says Standard & Poor’s.

Crude oil rose to record above US$144 per barrel in US trade after US government report that inventories showed unexpected decline.

General Motors share hit fell 15 % to US$9.98, lowest since 1954, on report GM may need to raise US $15b, may face possible bankruptcy.

Tanjung Offshore gets RM 185m contracts from Petronas Carigali to provide 4 offshore support vessels.

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