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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

KLCI down on Wednesday

KLCI closed down by 3.79 to 1279.86. There were 563 m shares traded valued at RM 1.374 b.

Khazanah Nasional to buy additional 16.41 % stake in Singapore’s Parkway Holdings for S$531.51m cash or RM 1.23b, ups stake to 20.79%.

Golden Plus is unable to submit audited accounts for FY ended Dec 31, 2007 by today’s deadline. It is expected that the company will submit the accounts by July 31only.

JPK chairman Liew Lai Ping saw 8.72m shares or 19.3% stake forced sold on Aprl 28-29 at prices from 20.9c to 29.4c for RM 2.19m.

Citigroup Inc sells US$3 b stocks to boost capital after hit by writedown on subprime mortgages, bonds. It has raised US$30b capital by selling stocks since December.

SapuraCrest subsidiary gets US$182.5m contract from Petronas Carigali for deployment of offshore drilling rig.

Investigative audit of Satang shows alleged overstated revenue of RM39.27m of which RM 35.4m was invalid sales without supporting documents.

Another case of false accounting.

29/4 VADS first quarter earnings is RM 13.33m vs RM 8.3 m a year ago due to allowance for doubtful debts then and also lower cost of sales. Revenue is RM 115.6 m vs RM114 m.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

KLCI closes down 11.66 points to 1283.65.

KLCI closes down 11.66 points to 1283.65. Tanjong was down 50 sen to RM 16, TM Int dropped 35 sen to RM 7.20, Asiatic slipped 20 sen to RM 8.30, PBBank-F down 20 sen to RM 11.50.

Bank Negara leaves Overnight Policy Rate unchanged at 3.50% forecasts inflation at 2.5% to 3 % this year.

Azim Raya ceases to be Equine substantial shareholder after selling 15.75m shares or 8.18% stake in off-market deal for Rm 10 m on April 21.

Lavista disposed of 7m Encorp shares for RM 5.84m or 83.4c each on April 21,cuts Encorp stake to 29.81% or 66.63m shares.

DIGI first quarter net profit at RM290m, up 18% on year to year, revenue at RM1.17B, up 15%. Average revenue per user at RM58, customer base at 6.65m.

Monday, April 28, 2008

KLCI closed 7.23 points on Monday

KLCI closes 7.23 points up at 1295.31. WCT-WB went up 37.5 sen to 89.5 sen, DIGI was up by 30 sen to RM 24.10 but TM Int fell 30 sen to RM 7.55, TM was down by 2 sen to RM 3.56.

CPO was up by RM 68 to RM 3487 per tonne, oil at US$119.29, gold up 0.9% or US $7.80 to US$894.10 per ounce, silver was up 0.7% to US$16.99 per ounce.

JAKS bidding for RM 1.5b water projects in the country, current book order RM 202m. Eyes water-related projects in Dubai and Vietnam.

Tasek buys building materials business from Hong Leong Asia for RM 751m, financed by 212m new Tasek shares, proposes 54c special dividend.

Atis JV with Paris-based Sonepar to strengthen position to penetrate new overseas markets in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand.

Atis to sell 20% of unit for RM 27m to Indonesia Sonepar under JV to distribute latter’s electrical, industrial products in 5 SEA nations.

TM International kicks off at RM 8.05, up 20 sen against its reference price of RM 7.85.

TM International has licences for 4 telecoms regions in India. Not ruling out plan for foreign partner. Plans RM 11b capex. TM Int was down 10 sen to RM 7.75 at 9:48am.

Friday, April 25, 2008

KLCI Closed 5 points lower on Friday

KLCI closed 5 points down at 1288.08, dragged by many blue chips. IOICorp was down by 20 sen to RM 7.45, KLK also down 20 sen to RM16.80, Bursa down 15 sen to RM 8.80. However, AMMB is up 18 sen to RM 3.74.

Bank Negara Malaysia Governor says interest rates is not the answer to curbing high food prices as it is structural, instead it is better to raise food supply.

Khazanah Nasional buys 3.8m BCHB shares from April 15-17, ups stake to 22.65% or 763.5m shares.

UAE investment fund Al Yousuf LLC owns 15%of Mesdaq-listed EtiTech after buying 34m shares on April 18 and 21.

Chin Teck second quarter earning up 215% to RM 20m from RM6.37 a year ago, boost from high CPO prices. Revenue is up 100% to RM 33.28m.

EPS 21.96sen vs 6.97sen

Peremba Panorama launches takeover of Saujana Consolidated, offers to acquire 32.13 m shares or 29.19% for RM 32.13m or RM 1 each.

Carlsberg first quarter earnings rose 150% to RM 26.5m due to higher domestic sales, especially during Chinese New Year, revenue up 14,4% to RM 290m.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

KLCI closed 4.92 points up on Thursday

24/4 KLCI closed 4.92 points up to 1293.08. There are 881 m shares changed hand valued at RM 1.356 billion. Nestle rose RM 1.50 to RM 31.50, Ta Ann increased 40 sen to RM7.95, PBB rose 40 sen to RM 10.50, Dayang went up 8 sen to RM 1.53.

24/4 KLCI crossed 1300 at 10:39 am but eased to 1299.67 up 11.51 points at 10.52 am.

Firefly increases fuel surcharge by RM 5 for local flights and RM 8 for international flights. This is for bookings before Friday. It is also increases its free baggage allowance to 20kg.

Rice prices in Thailand, the world’s top exporter, rose to a record US $1000 a tonne(RM 3,143), sparking worries over global food security.

MAS is to finalize the wide bodied plan purchase by year end, says the MD. It will also be looking at synergies with other airline partners.

24/4 Nestle sets aside RM 240 m to expand production but warns of softer year ahead from high raw material prices and will take steps to control costs.

22/4 Citigroup sold US $6 b of preferred share in its biggest public debt offering- Bonds pay interest of 8.4% for 10 years, says Bloomberg report.

18/4 Compugate saw 100 m shares or 4.65% stake done off-market at 12.29 am at RM 12 m. Share price closed at 12 sen middays.

18/4 Goldman Sachs sold 17.52 m RCE Capital shares in the open market on April 9 and ceased to be substantial share holder.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

KLCI closed higher to the surprise of the investors

KLCI Closed up 8.86 points to 1288.16. There are 921 mil traded which are worth RM 1.45b. Telekom up 49sen to RM 3.54 against reference price of RM 3.05

Ringgit at new 10-yr high of 3.1310 against weakening US dollar. Foreign funds are in?

In the morning, DJIA fell 104.79 points or 0.82 % to 12,720.33 on oil's record high of nearly US 120 a barrel, worries of inflaiton, weak consumer spending.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

KLCI closed a bit down

KLCI falls 0.70 point to 1279.30. There are 618 mil shares traded which are worth RM1.145 b. Up counters 354 and down counters 300.

Monday, April 21, 2008

KLCI up as expected

KLCI closed up 12.35 points at 1280, highest since March 5. Tanjong was up 50 sen to RM 16.50, Sime was up 35 sen to RM 9.90, IOI Prop was up 30 sen to RM 11.20.

Singapore’s GKG Investment emerged as substantial shareholder of Kinsteel with 5.1% or 46.36m shares as of April 16.

This is the stock we can monitor.

Malaysian tin has rose to a record high of US$21,560 per tonne. Oil at US$116.60. CPO falls RM88 to RM 3,465 per tonne. Ringgit is at 3.142 to US$1.

Quill first quarter net profit is RM 7.1 m, up 95% from RM 3.6 m a year ago. Revenue RM 11.38 m, up 84% from RM 6.2m a year ago. Forecast for FY2008’s net profit is RM 27.3 m.

Ming Pao, Sin Chew, Nanyang merger under Media Chinese International enabled RM 20m cost saving in 6 months, targets another RM10 m within 18 months.

This is what we called synergy effect where 1 plus 1 equals to three.

Dual listing of merged entity Media Chinese International in HK, Bursa allows unrestricted transfers between both markets, full fungibility.

Putrajaya Perdana current order book is RM 2.2b. Also it is tendering for RM 2 b projects, excluding Dubai, Iskandar region. It is hoped to secure 20 % of the projects tendered.

BCHB plans to expand Islamic banking business in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, chief executive Nazir Razak was quoted by Reuters.

Singapore based Arisaig Asean Fund accumulates 1.68m shares of Bonia Corp, from April 9 to 14, ups stake to 18.06 m shares or 9.08%.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

How I read the market for week 17

On Monday, KLCI will be up because Dow was up by 228.87 to 12849.36 last Friday.

There are a number of factors why the US markets were up, mainly due to good results.

Google's profit is up by 30 percent, e-Bay up by 22 percent, IBM up by 26 percent.

The analysts from US were focusing on earning last week and they have overlooked job-cutting. Citicorps will cut 9000 jobs and it has cut 13200 jobs since sub-prime issue. this January, it has reduced 4200 jobs.

Merrill Lynch, the world largest stock broker, has announced cutting 3000 jobs, it has earlier cut 1000 jobs.

JP Morgan after taking over the Bear Stearns Companies will also cut jobs by 2000 and may be more after consolidation.

Washington Mutual has announced on April 8 that it will reduce 3000 jobs.

Oil prices and rice future have reached the new high.

With hindsight, the US analyst might focus on the negative factors this week and this would bring down the markets.

More report, please check Guang Ming Daily, Penang Edition(Economic report) by Chung Guan Tou on Monday.

Friday, April 18, 2008

KLCI closed up 11.11

18/4 KLCI closed 11.11 points up at 1267.65. There are 517 million shares traded. TM up 30 sen to RM 11.10, Sime up 20 sen to RM 9.55, but Parkson was down 15 sen to RM 6.30. CPO is up RM 34 to RM 3,598.00

18/4 Sydney Court of Appeal rejects Melewar appeal against dissolution of injunction against ANZ over ANZ sale of Gindalbie Metal shares.

18/4 SC has approved 28 private debt securities valued RM 38.3 b in the first quarter which has double the value in first quarter of 2007. It has also approved 13 of the 15 IPO plans in first quarter, of which 6 are for the Main Board.

18/4 Malaysian Auto Association sees higher vehicle sales in April. March’s sales were up 21 % to 42,547 from 35155 a year ago from fulfillment of backlogs of Proton sales.

18/4 Bursa Malaysia’s first quarter net profit fell 40 % to RM 42.07m from RM 70.15 m a year ago; result due to worries about US sub-prime, local political issue.

Revenue fell to RM 101.25 m from RM 136.1m. EPS is down to 8 sen from 13.5sen.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Walt Disney is coming?

Walt Disney is among theme park operators in early talks to build resort in south Malaysia, says Bloomberg report, quoting Khazanah official.

This has been said the last time around, hopefully this time is for real.

Sime Darby denies report of cost overruns of RM120m to RM 150m from Maersk Oil Qatar project. Work is ahead of schedule.

Sime Darby Engineering made provision for higher cost of raw materials like steel in all projects. It is not making further provisions for this financial year.

Australian Supreme Court dissolves Melewar’s injunction preventing ANZ from selling its 7.83 stake in Gindalbie Metals worth RM123m.

MBSB says that due diligence is being conducted on company. It was responding to Star report that Middle-East group may buy a substantial stake in the company.

Carotech gets US patent for hair regrowth formula using Vitamin E extract, treatment for men, women with pattern baldness.

MIER sees GDP growth by 5.7% in 2009, keeps 5.4 % growth this year. Malaysia’s exports will be up by 3.1% in 2009, + 2.2 % in 2008. Inflation is 2.8% in 2009 and 3% this year.

15/4 US carriers Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines want to merge to form world’s largest airline, pending regulator and stockholder approval.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

KLCI closes 10.77 pts up at 1244.20

KLCI closes 10.77 points up at 1244.20. There are 440 million shares traded valued at 1 billion ringgit. TM was up 30 sen to 10.80, MBSB rose 26 sen to 1.39, IOICorp went up 15 sen to 7.15.

Government sees rising commodity prices, slower economic growth could impact plan to achieve fiscal deficit of 3.1% this year, says Nor Mohamed.

Oil and gas services provider Dayang’s public issue of 17.6 m new shares at RM 1.45 each was oversubscribed 8.39 times. It is scheduled to be listed on April 24.

Seadrill ups Sapuracrest stake to 17.44% or 203.82 m shares after buying 10 m shares from April 7 to 10.

SC charged Welli Multi ex-MD Ang Sun Beng and ED Ang soon An with 4 counts of giving misleading financial statements to SC.

Public bank reports net profit of RM 717 mil for first quarter ended March 31, up 51 % from RM 476 mil a year ago. Pre-tax profit was up 44% to RM 971 m.

Chevrolet will expand its manufacturing arm to Malaysia, but the details are to be finalized in a few months, says its SEA operations president.

Carrefour hopes to have 24 stores by 2010, from 13 now, says its MD. This year it plans to open 3 to 4 stores. Each store will cost RM 10 m to RM 15 m.

Tenaga quarter 2 net profit stands at RM 1.06 b vs RM 1.55b a year ago. EPS stands at 24.5 sen vs 36.3 sen. Revenue is RM 6.1b vs RM 5.68b.

Monday, April 14, 2008

KLCI was down on Monday

KLCI closed down 13.36 points at 1233.43. There were 355 m shares traded, down counters 470 and up counters 172

KLK was down 50 sen to RM 16, IOICorp also slip 30 sen to RM7, Sime was also down 25 sen to RM 8.85.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Malaysia market might not perform in view of poor showing for Wall Street on Friday

The US market stumbled Friday after a disappointing first-quarter report from General Electric Co. surprised the market and stoked concern about the health of both corporate profits and the wider economy.

The major indexes fell more than 2 percent, with the Dow Jones industrials giving up more than 250 points.

Normally the poor showing in the US will affect the performance of our market on Monday.

Friday, April 11, 2008

KLCI dropped slightly

KLCI closed down 1.4 point to 1246.79. Volume traded is 494 m. TM was down 20 sen to RM 10.60. Public Bank-f was lower by 20 sen to Rm 11.20. However, Sime is up by 20 sen to RM 9.10, MISC rose 25 sen to Rm 9.25.

Nomad Group, formerly KL City Corp, plans to buy hotel in George Town; also seeks to expand serviced office, residences in 4 Asean nations.

Pos Malaysia has postponed the rounding mechanism at its offices; it is only an agent for collection, not yet authorized to round up payment.

Goldman Sachs sold 2.95 m RCE Capital from April 2 to 7, cuts stake to 38.23 m or 5.38%.

Petra Perdana secures RM 100m loan from Hwang DBS Investment Bank, UOB Malaysia for working capital.

VADS wants systems integration services contribution to revenue from 15% to 25% in 2 years. Order book RM 400m now and will increase to RM 450 m.

Perisai Petroleum ED Tengku Daud Shaifuddin sold 4 m Perisai shares on April 4, cutting its stake to 4.45 m or 2.14 %

US Scientists say they have developed a drug which may help healthy cells survive radiation to make radiotherapy safer for people with cancer.

TRC Synergy Bhd unit secures RM 202m project to extend the runway and upgrade Kuala Terengganu airport.

Salcon-Danish JV gets RM221 m water treatment plant project in Sri Lanka. Salcon has 40% stake in the project.

Online One Corp unit Ace Edible oil ventures into palm based premium oil for cold climate, developed by MPOB. The company plans to build a RM 8 m plant in Klang.

TM International Bhd shares to list on April 28, says TM statement to Bursa.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

fund buying into KLCI

Some fund buying of big capitalised stocks including Public Bank, Telekom and Bursa lifted the KLCI in the morning session while the ringgit hit a high of RM3.1510 against the US dollar, the highest since it was de-pegged.

At midday, the KLCI was up 6.15 points to 1,233.89; the FBM Emas added 42.2 points to 8,346.24 while the FBM Second Board lost 35.14 points to 5,719.54.

At the end of the day, KLCI was up 20.45 points to 1248.19.

Turnover was 640.107 million shares valued at RM1.40 billion. There were 483 gainers, 194 losers while 245 counters were unchanged.

Major Asian markets were mostly lower, with Japan’s Nikkei 225 sliding 132.76 points or 1.01% to 12,079.13; Singapore’s Straits Times Index lost 0.52% to 3,073.63 while Shanghai’s A Share Index gave up 0.21% to 3,574.11. However, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index rose 0.22% to 24,036.87.

Light crude oil futures were trading at US$110.85 (RM353) per barrel, while crude palm oil futures rose RM66 to RM3,391 per tonne.

At Bursa Malaysia, Telekom rose 20 sen each to RM10.80 while Bursa added 25 sen to RM8.70. DiGi and Tanjong added 10 sen and 70 sen each to RM23.70 and RM16.40 respectively.

Litrak rose 14 sen to RM3.88 on its RM1 cash distribution per share plan. Its major shareholder Gamuda added 26 sen to RM3.36.

Asian currencies hit record highs against US dollars. Ringgit is at 3.15 against the dollar which is the strongest since de-peg, Singapore is at 1.362 to a dollar and yuan is at 6.9916.

Wah Seong unit Petro-Pipe (Sabab) gets RM 390 m contract to supply pipes for Sabab-Sarawak gas pipeline.

Singapore’s GDP surged an annualized 16.9% in first quarter, boosted by drug firms, after shrinking 4.8% in quarter, the wire reported.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

KLCI closed at 1227.74 up 2.03

KLCI rose 2.03 points to 1227.74 today. Volume is 431 million. Top Glove rises 44 sen to RM 4.50; Sime is unchanged at RM 8.70. Oil is priced at US 108.70。 Ringgit is 3.182 to a dollar.

China stocks may fall 21% from October record due to lower share values on corporate profits, says Citigroup. Shanghai A fell 5.5% today.

TRC Synergy gets RM 196.5 m contract from Majlis Amanah Rakyat to build new campus for Universiti KL’s branch in Pasir Gudang.

Infra Bumitek serves conditional take-over for remaining 114.91m shares in Sunway Infrastructure or 63.84% stake at 17 sen per share.

Bank Negara raids Pan Phoenix Dina Sdn Bhd, related firms in Kota Baru, KL over illegal deposit taking, money laundering.

8/4 KLCI closes 4.64 pt up at 1225.7. Most Asian markets fell. KLK was up 40 sen to RM 15.80; IOI Corp rose 20 sen to RM 6.85. CPO futures rose RM 14 to RM 3396.

All cheques, both local and outstation, are to be cleared in a day by early next year under Bank Negara’s new cheque processing system.

Aras Kreatif emerges as substantial shareholder in RCE Capital with 79.4m shares or 11.17 as at April 1.

RCE Capital’s 20 m shares done off-market at RM 10.6m or 53 sen each at 12.05pm. The share was up 1 sen to 54 sen at midday.

OCBC Capital owned 99.7% of Pacific Mas shares when take-over offer closed at 5 pm on Tuesday.

Dubai Investment Group sold 28.28m PECD shares or 5.56% stake in open market, ceased to be substantial shareholder as at March 26.

Dubai Group invests RM158m for 30% stake in Malaysia’s GBD Investment, which own biodiesel plant with capacity of 500,000 tonnes per year.

BNM international reserves fell to RM 384.66 b at March 31, down RM 8.55b from RM 393.21 b on March 14. In US dollars, reserves fell US $1.2b.

SC files civil suit against 8 foreign parties, 2 Malaysian--Tan Mong Sing, Low Thiam Hock--over manipulation, rigging of Iris shares.

Foreigners in SC suit over Iris fraud--Aeneas Capital and MD Richard Cohen, Priam Holdings,Aeneas Capital managing partner Grossman.

But why civil suit? very strange.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Market up 4.64 on April 8

KLCI was up 4.64 to 1225.71.There were 471 m shares changed valued at RM 1.051 billion. Riser 305 and loser 302.

Monday, April 7, 2008

KLCI closed down 0.91

KLCI closes 0.91 pt down at 1221.07. There are 428 m shares changed hand valued at 859 m. There are 254 counters rise and 343 counters down. Bursa is down 25 sen to Rm 8.65, Tenaga also is down by 15 sen to RM 7.15. However, TM is up 20 sens to RM 10.70.

Goldman Sachs sold 1.8 m RCE Capital shares from March 28-April 1, cut stake 41.48m or 5.79%.

Trading of Sin Chew, Nanyang Shares are to be suspended from 9am this Thursday for share exchange in Ming Pao Enterprise.

Software giant Microsoft has given Yahoo till April 26 to respond to its offer to buy out the Internet company for RM 142 bil.

Friday, April 4, 2008

KLCI closed 3.6 points down

KLCI closes 3.6 points down at 1221.98. Tanjong is down by 40 sen to RM 15.90, BCHB dropped 35 sen to RM 9.95;but MISC-F rose 20 sen to RM 9; Bernas is up 21 sens to RM2.08.

Lityan proposes 8-into-1 share capital reduction under debt revamp by canceling 87.5 sen from par value of RM 1 share each.

Ranhill’s 15.02m shares or 2.51% stake done off-market at nearly RM 20 m or RM 1.33 a piece at 12.28pm. Ranhill fell 1 sen to RM 1.48 midday.

S-fund FMR LLC’s nominees bought 4.09 m Gamuda shares, sold 1.81m shares on March 28. Total stake at 222.55 m shares or 11.11%.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

KLCi down again

KLCI closes 14 pt down at 1225.58. There are 201 counters up and 463 counters down. Digi fell 50 sen to RM 23.70; Sime fell 30 sen to RM 8.60.

CPO futures is up RM 124 to RM 3294.

Octagon Consolidated ‘s 6 m shares or 3.55% stake done off-market at RM 5.7 m or 95 sen each. Shares were untraded at 93.5 sen at 3.15pm.

MTD Capital raises stake in Metacorp to 79.27% or 538.42m shares after buying 4.18m shares on March 26 from the open market.

Dijaya Group CEO Tan Chee Sing’s total stake in Sunrise rose to 31 m shares or 6.9% after Phoenixflex bought 8m shares on March 26.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Most Asian Markets up but we are down

Most Asian markets are up but KLCI closes 10.76 points lower at 1239.65. Sime fell 25 sen to RM 8.90, Maybank fell 20 sen to Rm 8.25, MMC dropped 18 sen to RM 3.14.

Some people said many people are watching the political development in Malaysia because now our Ex-PM is starting a new campaign against our present PM requesting the former to resign.

Sime to invest 34 m euros in Unimills plant in the Netherlands to strengthen position in oils, fats downstream business in Europe.

Standard Chartered Bank targets RM 860 m in deposits by year-end from newsly-launched Business Saver current account for SMEs.

Regulatory framework to merge Main and Second Boards to be completed within 6-12 months, says Bursa CEO.

Bursa targets higher revenue from derivatives segment, up from 15 % last year, as equities expected to contribute smaller percentage.

EB Cap tumbles 25.5 sen or 73 % to 9.5 sen at 9.28am ahead of suspension on April 9 for failing to submit revamp plan.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Market last minute rebound

KLCI closes at 1250.4, up 2.89 points because of last minute buying. BCHB is up 35 sen to RM 10.30; IOICorp down 30 sen to RM 6.80. CPO futures fell RM 299 to RM 3096.

Eden, Hong Leong Islamic Bank call off proposed RM 120 m sukuk ijarah issuance programme.

EB Capital shares to be suspended from 9am on April 9 after failing to submit revamp plan. Shares rose 5 sen to 0.35 today.

Media Prima declares special dividend of 9 sen per share totaling RM 56.4 m after sale of property. Ex-date is April 15, 2008.

UBS AG writes down US$ 19b (RM 60.6b) more arising from sub-prime on US real estate, real assets, causing net loss of US$12 b in quarter 1.

KLCI fell 3.42 points to 1244.10 midday. KLK is down by 40 sen to RM 15.80; IOICorp is down 25 sen to RM 6.85. CPO futures slip by RM 322 to RM 3073.

Plantation stocks got hit.

However, EONCap is up 28 sen to RM 4.86.

There are 186 counters up and 333 counters down.

US market is up

updated 4:22 p.m. ET March 31, 2008
Wall Street closed a dismal first quarter with a moderate gain Monday, rising after a reading on regional manufacturing came in better than expected.

It has been a difficult quarter on Wall Street, with financial companies’ continuing credit market losses and the flagging economy wiping out investors’ appetite for stocks. While the market has seen a number of up days during the quarter, overall the first-quarter trend was sharply lower.

Investors also examined a government plan to overhaul the way Wall Street is regulated. Wall Street appeared unmoved by a speech from Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on the plan to reorganize oversight of Wall Street; details of the 218-page plan have been widely reported in recent days. It would give the Federal Reserve increased power to protect the stability of the entire financial system while merging day-to-day supervision of banks into one agency, down from five under the existing system.

According to preliminary calculations, the Dow rose 46.49, or 0.38 percent, to 12,262.89.

Broader stock indicators also rose. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index advanced 7.48, or 0.57 percent, to 1,322.70, and the Nasdaq composite index rose 17.92, or 0.79 percent, to 2,279.10.

Advancing issues outnumbered decliners by about 3 to 2 on the New York Stock Exchange, where volume came to 1.58 billion shares compared with 1.35 billion shares traded Friday.

The dollar rose against several other major currencies, easing pressure on commodities such as oil and gold. Light, sweet crude fell $4.92 to $100.70 on the New York Mercantile Exchange, while gold also declined.

Bond prices rose. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note, which moves opposite its price, fell to 3.41 percent from 3.45 percent late Friday.

The Asian markets are expected to perform today.