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Thursday, July 31, 2008

KLCI closed up 3.15 points to 1163.09

31/7 KLCI closed at 1163.09 up 3.15. There are 252 counters up and 313 counters down. Volume traded is recorded at 423 mil valued at 678 mil.

30/7 KLCI closed up 9.14 points to 1,159.90. CPO eroded RM 17 to RM 2,956. Maybank jumped 35 sen to RM 7.90, Bursa rose 25 sen to RM 7.40, PBBank shot up 20 sen to RM 10.50, Axis dropped 60 sen to 0.35.

30/7 Axis Inc. queried by Bursa over unusual market activity, says unaware of factors for selldown. Axis eroded 57.5 sen to 37.5 sen at 4pm.

31/7 Axis Inc said it is unable to submit audited financial results by today’s deadline due to unresolved issues raised by external auditors.

30/7 Star Publications second quarter net profit is RM 43.97 m vs RM 36.18 m a year ago. Revenue is recorded at RM 211.75 m vs RM 198m. It Declared a 7.5 sen dividend, 3 sen special tax exempt.

31/7 Hwang-DBS calls off joint venture to set up stockbroking firm in Vietnam with Prudential Vietnam Assurance.

31/7 Aturmaju hits limit down, falls 30 sen to 39.5 sen midday, says unaware of unusual market activity following query from Bursa Securities.

30/7 Cycle & Carriage second quarter net profit RM29.9m vs RM 3.62m a year ago. Declared special dividend RM 1.35 per share, interim dividend 5 sen per share.

30/7 Vehicle sales may fall 17 % in second half to 232,099 from 277,973 in first half due to surge in oil price, inflation, says MAA. June vehicle sales 48,990.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

KLCI closed down 3.29 points to 1,150.80

29/7 KLCI closed down 3.29 points to 1,150.80. CPO dropped RM 85 to RM 2,416. Oil is recorded at US $125.38. Sealink dropped 16 sen to RM 1.09, Axis eroded 40 sen to 95 sen and Allianz slipped 32 sen to RM 3.38.

29/7 Hang Seng Index dropped 537 points or 2.37 % to 22,149 noon, Nikkei 225 slid 2.11% to 13,072.68, Shanghai A Share slipped 2.47% to 2,970.3, Singapore STI eroded 1.19%.

29/7 Newly-listed Sealink sees 19.2 m shares done off- market at RM 24.19 m or RM 1.26 each. At 4.05pm, it was down 13 sen to RM 1.12.

29/7 Bank Negara cancels nod for Maybank to acquire remaining stake in PT Bank Internasional due to Jakarta’s new takeover rule encated June 30.

29/7 Oilcorp says Horwath withdraws conditional consent to be nominated as auditor. No professional clearance given by previous auditor.

29/7 Temasek Holdings invests another US$900 m in Merrill Lynch. It invested US $5b in Merrill in December, says reports.

29/7 Another new listing, Uzma Bhd opens at Rm 1.70, down 20 sen against its IPO price of RM 1.90.

Monday, July 28, 2008

KLCI closed up 12.3 points to 1154 on Monday

28/7 KLCI closed up 12.3 points to 1,154. CPO eroded RM 5 to RM 3,065 off high RM 3,162. DiGi jumped 40 sen to RM 24.30, Allianz shot up 30 sen to RM 3.70, Tenaga 25sen to RM 8.35.

28/7 KLCI rose 11.97 points 1,153.7 at 11.19 am. CPO increased RM 64 to RM 3,134. DiGi rose 60 sen to RM 24.50, KLK jumped 40 sen to RM 13.50, Bursa shot up 25 sen to RM 7.15, Tenaga jumped 25sen.

28/7 Equine Capital audited net loss RM28.8m for FY March 31, 2008 from un-audited RM 24.36m due to additional provision. But the shares rose 23 sen to 68 sen.

Blogger: This is what many people do not understand why a company loss RM 28 m but its share still will rise. Is it because they thought the worst is over?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

潘俭伟国会议员(YB Tony Pua)在其部落格的自我介绍

潘俭伟国会议员(YB Tony Pua)在其部落格的自我介绍

作为民主行动党 秘书长经济顾问,我有责任协助民主行动党从全球角度分析马来西亚的经济,并制定财务与经济政策。除此之外,我亦受委民主行动党英文版《火箭报》执行编辑一职。

在 此之前,我是马来西亚一家在新加坡交易所上市的电子商务咨询公司总执行长。这家公司是我恰好在1997年3月创立,亦即泰铢币值狂跌前3个月。那是一段非 常艰苦的时期,不过我们安然度过了亚洲金融危机,并在2001年8月让公司挂牌上市。当时,我以29岁之龄成为新加坡挂牌公司最年轻的总裁。





Friday, July 25, 2008

KLCI closed 0.16 point up to 1141.65

25/7 KLCI closed 0.16 point up to 1141.75. CPO fell RM 33 to RM 3,080. Ranhill rose 30.5 sen to RM 1.27, BJLand –LB jumped 28 sen to RM 4.08, BCHB shot up 25 sen to RM 8.60.

25/7 YTL power-WB rose 4 sen to 58.5 sen, YTL power rose 4 sen to RM 1.87 very active trade, stock trading trailing PE 7.52 times. 52 week low RM 1.70 on July 4.

25/7 MAS extends Munir Majid’s contract as chairman for another 2 years from Aug 1, 2008 to July 31, 2010.

25/7 Pacific Mas gets Bank Negara nod to start talks with OSK Holdings to sell its unit Pacific Insurance.

25/7 Bank Negara decides to maintain the Overnight Policy Rate at 3.5% ; immediate concern is to avoid economic slowdown.

24/7 KLCI closed 2.18 points higher at 1,141.59 led by Maybank +25 sen and MAS +22 sen. CPO is up RM 73 to Rm 3100 while crude oil is flat at US$124.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KLCI closed up 29.84 point to 1139.41

23/7 KLCI closed up 29.84 points to 1,139.41. Oil is down by US $ 1.92 to US $126.55, CPO eroded RM 161 to RM 3,091. Tanjong rose 50 sen, Bursa jumped 50 sen, BCHB shot up 50sen and Sime move up 25 sen.

Inflation in June 2008 was up 7.7% compared with June last year, also 3.9% higher than last month, says the Statistics Department.

CPI for June is up 7.7% on year, up 3.9 % on month, fuelled by substantial rise in the price of petrol, diesel.

Kencana deputy chairman Chong Hin Loon bought 25m Kencana shares or 2.77% on July 16 from major shareholder Khasera Baru.

DIGI reduces capex forecast for 2008 at RM 850m to RM 950m from earlier RM 850m to RM 950m from earlier Rm 850m to RM 1.1b due to higher visibility for 3G, mobile broadband.

JT International plans capital repayment of RM 196m or 75c for each share,via share capital reduction from RM 1 to 25c for every share.

22/7 KLCI closed 6 points to 1109.57. CPO closed at RM 3,265. DLady rose 40 sen to RM 12.20, DIGI jumped 30 sen to RM 23.60, Kulim shot up 25 sen to RM 8, Sime moved up 25 sen to Rm 7.85.

22/7 DIGI posts second quarter net profit RM 298.4m vs RM 250.32m a year ago. Revenue is recorded at RM 1.2b vs Rm 1.05b. Declared interim dividend of 57 sen per share.

22/7 Lembaga Tabung Haji bought 14.23m Ramunia shares from July 10-16, raised stake to 99.7m Ramunia shares or 18.06%.

22/7 US fund Liberty Square Asset Mgmt sold 3.46m MK Land shares in open market on July 16, cut MK Land stake to 4.88% or 58.79m shares.

22/7 Bosnian Serb wartime president Radovan Karadzic, one of Europe’s most wanted men, has been arrested in Serbia after 11 years on the run.

Monday, July 21, 2008

KLCI closed 1.56 point down to 1103.48

21/7 KLCI closes down 1.56 point to 1103.48. CPO eroded RM 113 to RM 3279. BAT slid 50 sen to RM 40.75, DIGI dropped 40 sen to RM 23.30, KLK slipped 30 sen to RM 13.50, SOP was down 25 sen to RM 5.40.

21/7 34 new sukuk deals valued at RM 14.5b successfully closed in first half this year, less than half a year ago, says RAM Ratings.

OSK Holdings gets Cambodian government nod to set up OSK Indochina Bank, plans commercial banking operations by Oct 31.

MRCB buys 13,533 sq metres land in Batu Feringghi, Penang from MBSB for RM 26m, plans luxurious service apartments.

Oilcorp shareholders voted to replace current auditors Baker Tilly Monterio Heng as external auditors. It was near unanimous decision.

Bank Rakyat profit before tax, zakat for first half 2008, up 42.8% to RM 515m. Gross income up 19.1% to RM 1.54b.

Perwaja is slated for Main Board listing on Aug 20. Market cap will reach RM 1.6b on listing.

Amanah Raya Nominees sells 2m TM shares on July 14, cut stake to 295.89 shares or 8.27%. EPF buys 3m TM shares, sells 2.08m shares between July 10 to July 17.

Friday, July 18, 2008

KLCI is 16.13 points down to close at 1105

KLCI is 16.13 points down to close at 1105. CPO eroded RM 47 to RM 3,388. KLK slid RM 1.40 to RM 13.80, BKawan slipped 70 sen to RM 9.05.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

EU filed fresh charges against Intel

18/7 EU regulators file fresh charges against Intel over alleged abuse of its dominant market position; Intel has 8 weeks to respond to allegations.

Blogger: They said who don’t have problem. You just have to solve it. The PM Abdullah has his problems. The PKR de facto leader Anwar has his problems. Even Intel, who has dominant market position, also faces a problem.

KLCI closed 1.75 points up to 1121.17 on Thursday

17/7 Last minute buying saw KLCI recorded up 1.75 points to 1121.17. PetGas rose 20 sen to RM 10.20, PBBank-F jumped 20 sen to RM 10.50, TMI shot up 15 sen to RM 6.25. CPO eroded RM 27 to RM 3,439.

17/7 Public Bank second quarter net profit up 13.2 % to RM593.5m from RM 524.1m a year ago. Revenue is up 3.8% to RM 2.5 b from RM 2.4b. Interim dividend is 30 sen per share.

17/7 MIER cuts GDP forecast for 2008 to 4.6% from 5.4% earlier due to political uncertainties affecting sentiment and tourism sector.

17/7 Bursa Malaysia second quarter profit is recorded at RM28.64m vs RM 65m a year ago. In the first half, profit is recorded at RM 70.7 m vs RM 135m a year ago. Declared dividend is 16.5 per share.

17/7 Tanjong prepared to enter into talks with Tenaga on renegotiations over power purchase agreement, once IPPs windfall tax resolved.

17/7 Tanjong says the estimated impact of windfall tax on IPPs is about RM 70m per
Annum for Tanjong based on current year earnings.

17/7 Bumi Raya Intl Holding launches takeover offer for Harrisons Holdings, seeks to buy the remaining 36.26 m shares or 57.46% at RM 1.20 each.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

KLCI closed 8.18 points down to 1119.40

KLCI closed 8.18 points down to 1119.40 . CPO eroded RM 83 to RM 3,477. Asiatic slid 25 sen to RM 6.70, IOI Corp slipped 25 sen to RM 6.25, BCHB dropped 20 sen to RM 7.50, Astro was down 18 sen.

Muhibbah Engineering secures RM 245m contract from Jasa Merin Malaysia to build two more anchor handling tug supply ships.

Halifax Capital to be removed from Bursa Securities list at 9am on July 25 after its appeal against delisting was rejected.

EPF Board bought 3.13m AirAsia shares in open market on July 9, raised stake to 153.35m or 6.45%.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

KLCI closed 16.40 down to 1127.60

KLCI closed 16.40 points down to 1127.60. Digi eroded 30 sen to RM 23.60, Genting slipped 25 sen to Rm 5.30, IJM dropped 24 sen to RM 4.96, KFC slid 20 sen to RM 5.80, Tenaga was down 20 sen to RM 7.95.

Petronas Chief says MISC’s proposed reverse takeover of Ramunia expected to be completed in fourth quarter this year.

Monday, July 14, 2008

KLCI down on Monday

14/7 KLCI closes 6.39 points lower at 1144.00. CPO eroded RM42 to RM 3,533. Bursa was down 20 sen to RM 6.70, PBBank dropped 20 sen to RM 10.30, Sime eroded 20 sen to RM 8.25.

14/7 SC approves Maybank’s US$1b subordinated bonds. Maybank also gets BNM nod to qualify for Tier 2 capital for capital adequacy regulation.

14/7 RHB Cap gets SC nod for proposed RM 600m hybrid capital securities, tenor for up to 60 years, to be used for general working purposes.

11/7 Tanjung Offshore awards RM 100m contract to Grade one marine shipyard to build 2anchor handling tug and supply vessels.

11/7 Dialog group unit gets RM 132mil contracts from Malaysian Refining Company to provide mechanical, maintenance services for Melaka Refinery.

11/7 KLCI closed 14.9 points up to 1150.40. PBBank-F rose 40 sen to RM 10.40, Kulim jumped 35 sen to RM 8.50, PBBank shot up 30 sen to RM 10.50, TMI rose 30 sen to RM 6.45. CPO rose RM 58.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

From July 1, Industries to get 70% discount on gas

11/7 From July 1, industries to get 70 % discount on market price of gas; to be reduced over 11 years by 5% to 10 % until it reaches market price.

11/7 May IPI increased 2.5% on year to year basis, manufacturing was up 4%, electricity rose 2.6%, IPI jumped 1.7% on month to month basis, manufacturing rose 1.3% due to vehicles production, CPO.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

US fund sold MK Land shares

US-based fund Liberty Square Asset Mgmt sold 4.29m MK Land shares from July 6 to 7, cut stake to 6.27% or 75.7m shares.

Cocoaland, which price hit 2-year low of 56 sen on July 4, saw ED Liew Fook Meng buying 2.04 m shares to up direct sake to 9.17m or 7.6%.

KLCI closed at 1139.81, up 18.56 points

KLCI closed 18.56 points up at 1139.81. Tanjong rose 60 sen to RM 12.80, MISC-F jumped 50 sen to RM 8.40, Tenaga climbed 40 sen to RM 8.15, Genting ran 35 sen to RM 5.70, IJM rose 35 sen to RM 5.25.

Inflation in June may exceed 6%, says Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz; BNM to assess slower growth, rising inflation at July 25 meeting.

Malaysia June palm oil stocks up 9.8% to 2.1m tonnes, highest in 25 years, says Reuters poll. Palm oil output up 4.9 % to 2.53m tonnes in June.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

KLCI closed 6.01 points down

KLCI closes near its day’s low 1121.25, down 6.01 points. Gamuda rose 3 sen to RM 2.50 but KLK eroded 90 sen to RM 15.40, Utd Plantation slid 60 sen to RM 12.20, Asiatic slipped 50 sen to RM 7.05.

Tenaga files RM 11.47m claim from MTD ACPI Engineering over alleged damage to underground cable at Taman Len Seng, KL. MTD denies liability.

Gamuda says it is unaware of plans by substantial shareholders, with the help from Middle Eastern funds, to take the company private.

KLCC property sees earnings resilient as properties in niche area of KL. Demand for office space will be strong, now it is 99% occupancy.

Jaring Metal Industries chairman Ng Lam San @Ng Kok Kar ups Foremost Holdings stake to 15.26% or 8.02m shares.

Monday, July 7, 2008

KLCI dropped 6.88

KLCI closes 6.88 point down to 1127.26. Tanjong eroded 60 sen to RM 12.20, KLK slid 50 sen to RM 16.30, PPB slipped 45 sen to RM 9.95. CPO fell RM 82 to RM 3,548. Oil is recorded at US $143.29 per barrel.

Cyber cafes will be closed by midnight under the new guidelines to be enforced soon, says the Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Hamzah Zainuddin.

Bornel Oil falls 5.5 sen to16.5sen (8.6m) at 11:40am. Forensic accounting firm refused to amend audited accounts over RM 100m contract value.

7/7 Independent power producers concerned that the windfall profit levy will impact investor confidence, affect rating of their RM 20b bond obligations.

They want the government to review, defer imposition of windfall profit levy pending the study of wider economic impact.

Friday, July 4, 2008

KLCI closed 19.56 points down to 1134.14 lowest since March 2007

4/7 KLCI closes 19.56 points down to 1134.14 lowest since March 2007. Volume is recorded at 594 m. Kulim dropped 50 sen to RM 8.70, Asiatic eroded 40 sen to RM 7.55, Bursa is down 40 sen to RM 6.45.

4/7 Exports in May surged 22% to RM60.6b from RM 49.67 b a year ago, imports rose 7.9 % to RM 45b vs RM 41.7 b. E&E accounted for RM 24.45 b of exports.

4/7 Kuok Brothers bought 500,000 Transmile shares from June 30 to June 2, ups stake to 48.6m or 17.9%.

4/7 US fund Thamelise Capital ceased to be substantial shareholder of recently listed Innity Corp, sold 1.98m shares, cut stake to 5.49m shares.

5/7 Karambunai, Landlovers Korea mull Korean resort JV in Karambunai peninsular, Sabah. To buy 66.32 acres land for RM 86.6m or RM 30 per sq ft.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

No trading for Thursday because of technical glitches

3/7 PM wants no more technical glitches causing suspension of trade in Bursa Malaysia, denies that problem was due to current political climate.

3/7 20:19:07(8:19pm)
Later, Bursa was quoted as saying it did not suffer losses as no trading today. But if in terms of opportunity losses, can be RM 450,000 based on RM 1 b average trading value.

3/7 18:44:14(6:44pm)
Bursa Malaysia sustained RM 450,000 losses from trading suspension today, trading will resume tomorrow.

3/7 09:93:02 Bursa Malaysia says trading suspended for at least the morning trading session from 9am-12:30pm following a multi-hardware failure.

3/7 13:31:00(1:31pm)
Bursa Malaysia says trading on equities market to resume at 2:30pm. Probing into trading system failure still ongoing.

3/7 14:39:48(2:39pm)
Equity trading on the Bursa Malaysia securities will not resume trading at 2.30pm as notified earlier, says Bursa.

3/7 16:05:54(4:05pm)
Trading on Bursa Malaysia will continue to be suspended until end of today due to

3/7 15:48:07(3:48pm)
Bursa Malaysia CEO Yusli will hold a PC at 5:30pm today on steps being taken to resolve trading suspension, steps to resolve it.

World equity markets lost US $3 trillion in June as declines which begin mid-May picked up pace, says Standard & Poor’s.

Crude oil rose to record above US$144 per barrel in US trade after US government report that inventories showed unexpected decline.

General Motors share hit fell 15 % to US$9.98, lowest since 1954, on report GM may need to raise US $15b, may face possible bankruptcy.

Tanjung Offshore gets RM 185m contracts from Petronas Carigali to provide 4 offshore support vessels.

Market closed 21.13 down to 1153.7 on Wednesday

2/7 KLCI closed 21.13 points down to 1153.7. There were 113 stock up and 620 stocks down. Tanjong eroded 70 sen to RM 13.10, Parkson dropped 42 sen to RM 4.54, IOI Corp dropped 35 sen to RM 7.05.

2/7 KLCI falls bellow March 10 level, down 17.84 points to 1, 156.99 at 11:30am. Nestle dropped 50 sen to RM 28.50, KFCH eroded 40 sen to RM 5.96, Bursa was down 25 sen to RM 6.90.

2/7 Starbucks Corp will close 600 US underperforming coffee-shops, cut 12,000 jobs or 7% of workforce worldwide after overexpansion, says reports.

2/7 Lembaga Tabung Haji bought 2m Muhibah Engineering shares on June 24, ups stake to 20.27m or 5.32%.

2/7 SP Setia sells 30.5 acres Setia Alam township to Greenhill Resources for RM 119.5m. SP Setia in JV to build RM 750 m retail mall there.

2/7 VADS gets RM 143 m professional services contract from TM to handle Streamyx and Non-Streamyx phone and non-voice duties over 3 years.

2/7 Top Glove third quarter net profit is recorded at Rm 26.09m vs RM 25.9m a year ago. Revenue is recorded at RM 356.14 vs RM 301.5m. EPS is 8.67 sen. It declared a dividend of 5 sen.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

KLCI falls 11.74 points on Tuesday

1/7 KLCI falls 11.74 points(1%) to 1174.84. BAT dropped RM 1.25 to RM 43, KNM slid 45 sen to RM 5.90, BCHB slipped 40 sen to RM 7.60, Bursa eroded 30 sen to RM 7.15. CPO dropped RM 22 to RM 3,576.

Favelle Favco gets 5 contracts valued at RM 82.7m to supply cranes; Press Metal seeks 600MW from Sarawak Energy over 25-yr for Mukah plant.

Insas, Tan & Tan selling combined 50% stake in Gleneagles Hospital KL Sdn Bhd to Pantai Irama Ventures for RM 171.63.

Global chips sales is recorded at US$21.8b in May, up 7.5% on year and up 2.9% on month, says Semiconductor Industry Association.

SapuraCrest plans US$200m capital expenditure over 2 years to buy supply vessels, drilling rigs. Capex financed from own funds and borrowings

British Virgin Islands-registered Bestempire bought 5.73m Envair shares or 5.85% on June 24, ups stake to 17.84.