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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crude Palm Oil 3rd-month futures dropped RM 30 on July 27

27/7 The local crude palm oil 3rd-month futures dropped RM30 to RM2,092 per ton at 11am Monday

27/7 FBM KLCI down 1.86 pts to 1,154.02 at 9.10am while the region's bourses incl Tokyo's Nikkei 225 and Taipei's Taiex Index were up

24/7 At 5pm, Bursa Malaysia rose 3.73 points or 0.32 pct to 1,155.88 on Fri; Gainers incl Nestle, BAT, MPI, PPB Group and Ann Joo

24/7 At 3.20pm, CPO 3-month futures fell RM18 to RM2,082 per tonne while Nymex crude oil was 0.5 cents lower at USD67.11 a barrel

24/7 The FBM KLCI down 0.34 points or 0.03 pct to 1,151.81; IOI Corp -12 sen to RM4.86, TNB -15 sen to RM8.05 and Bursa +15 sen to RM7.55

24/7 European markets up in morning trade with London's FTSE 100 Index rose 0.75 pct and Franfurt's Dax Index added 0.71 pct

24/7 The local bourse gains 6.23 points, or 0.54 pct to 1,152.15 at the opening

Thursday, July 23, 2009

stocks to watch for week starting July 20, 2009

股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價
1.沙布拉浪峰(SAPCRES) 8575 1.66 0.61 1.40 1.64 1.62 1.61 1.51
2.金務大(GAMUDA) 5398 3.16 1.82 2.65 3.16 3.06 3.06 2.78
3.WCT公司(WCT) 9679 2.51 0.925 2.05 2.51 2.42 2.47 2.20
4.國家能源(TENAGA) 5347 8.30 5.60 7.55 8.30 7.95 8.20 7.78
5.大馬交易所(BURSA) 1818 7.50 4.36 6.70 7.40 7.30 7.25 6.99

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

17/7 The Dow surged a further 95.61 points, or 1.11 pct to 8,711.82 in overnight session.

17/7 At 11.30am, CPO 3-month futures rose RM50 to RM2,050 while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade fell 40 cents to US$61.62 per barrel

17/7 The FBM KLCI is up 3.63 points, or 0.33 pct at 1,112.51

17/7 The Dow surged a further 95.61 points, or 1.11 pct to 8,711.82 in overnight session; Crude oil gained 48 cents to USD62.02 a barrel

17/7 At 5pm, the FBM KLCI rose 12.02pts to 1,120.90; BCHB up 25 sen to RM9.95, TNB added 20 sen to RM8.20 and Genting rose 15 sen to RM5.75

17/7 At 4.10pm, the FBM KLCI rose 9.33pts to 1,118.42; BCHB up 25 sen to RM9.95, TNB added 20 sen to RM8.20 and Genting rose 15 sen to RM5.75

17/7 At 3.40pm, CPO 3-month futures rose RM50 to RM2,070 while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade fell 39 cents to US$61.63 per barrel

17/7 At 12.30pm, the FBM KLCI rose 6.25pts to 1,115.13; BCHB up 20 sen to RM9.90, BHIC added 18 sen to RM4.60 and EON Cap rose 16 sen to RM4.80

6/7 At 5pm, the FBM KLCI closed 6.9pts down at 1065.8.Maybank lost 10c to RM5.65, IOI Corp fell 8c to RM4.66 while Hartalega rose 12c to RM4.18

6/7 At 12.30pm, the FBM KLCI lost 6.8pts at 1,065.9.Maybank fell 10c to RM5.65 and IOI Corp lost 6c to RM4.68. CPO shed RM45/tonne at RM2,130

6/7 At 11.35am, the FBM KLCI was down by 8.7 pts at 1,064. Bursa and Genting fell 10c each to RM6.85 and RM5.70 respectively

6/7 FBM KLCI kicks off the week flat at 1072.69

6/7 At 5.17pm, the 3-month CPO futures lost RM43/tonne to RM2,132. Oil fell 3.8% to US64.21 per barrel.

7/7 At 5.20pm, CPO for Oct delivery fell RM58/tonne to RM2,078. Crude oil was slightly up at US$64.42 per barrel.

7/7 At 5pm, the FBM KLCI closed 0.5pt higher at 1,066.4pts; Top Glove rose 35c to RM6.80, Astro added 20c to RM3.38 and BCHB lost 25c to RM9.25

7/7 At 4.15pm, the FBM KLCI was up 2.26pts at 1,068.1; Astro up 18c at RM3.36, Measat rose 11c to RM1.84 and BCHB lost 15c to RM9.35.

7/7 3.47pm, 3-mth CPO futures lost RM56 per tonne to RM2,073.

7/7 At 11.15am, the FBM KLCI lost 0.01pt to 1,065.8pts. PBBank rose 15c to RM9.25 and PBB-foreign up 10c at RM9.20 and BCHB fell 15c to RM9.35

7/7 Bursa Malaysia rebounds 0.3 of a point, or 0.03 pct to 1065.83 in initial trading

7/7 The Dow recovered 44.13 points, or 0.53 pct to 8,324.87 but crude oil futures declined USD2.68 to USD64.05 a barrel in overnight trading

8/7 At 5pm, FBM KLCI closed slightly lower by 0.9pt to 1,065.5. Top Glove rose 20c to RM7, Supermax added 18c to RM1.85, IOI lost 6c to RM4.60

8/7 At 12.30pm, the FBM KLCI lost 5.96 pts to 1,060.4; IOI Corp fell 6c to RM4.60, KLK shed 20c to RM11.70 while Measat rose 8c to RM1.93.

8/7 At 9.45am,the FBM KLCI fell 6.06pts to 1,060.3;DJIA in overnight trade lost 1.9% and oil in electronic trading was lower at US$62.15/barrel

9/7 The local bourse opens down 1 point, or 0.09 pct to 1064.47

9/7 vernight Dow gained 14.81 points, or 0.18 pct to 8,178.41 but crude oil prices shed USD2.79 to USD60.14 per barrel

9/7 At 5pm, the FBM KLCI was 0.2pt higher at 1,065.7; Top Glove added 25c to RM7.25,Hartalega rose 14c to RM4.38 and IOI Corp fell 6c to RM4.54

9/7 The FBM KLCI fell 5.36pts to 1,060.1 before mid-day break. IOI Corp shed 8c to RM4.52, KLK lost 40c to RM11.40 and PPB fell 20c to RM11.70.

10/7 At 12.30pm, the FBM KLCI rose 2.3pts to 1,068; Xingquan added 13c to RM1.84, TNB gained 20c to RM7.80 while Maybank lost 10c to RM5.70.

10/7 Xingquan Intl Sports Hldgs Ltd debuts at RM1.83, up 12 sen against its IPO price of RM1.71; The CI eases 0.98 point to 1064.70

10/7 At 5.32pm, the CPO futures fell RM6 per tonne to RM2,041; oil was slightly down at US$60.04 per barrel.

10/7 At 5pm, the FBM KLCI rose 2.1pts at 1,067.7; Xingquan added 7c to RM1.78, TNB rose 30c to RM7.90 and PBBank up 15c to RM9.35.

10/7 At 4.07pm, the CPO futures fell RM5/tonne to RM2,042; oil in electronic trading fell below US$60/barrel.

13/7 At 5.25pm, CPO futures was down by RM21 per tonne at RM1,989.

13/7 At 5pm, the FBM KLCI lost 4.1pts to 1,063.6; YTL Corp fell 15c to RM6.85, TNB and Genting lost 5c to RM7.85 and RM5.50 respectively.

13/7 At 3.45pm, CPO futures fell RM39 per tonne to RM1,971, reversing gains made earlier in the day. Oil lower at US$59.28/barrel.

13/7 At 2.49pm, CPO futures rose RM8 per tonne to RM2,018; oil in electronic trading was lower at US$59 per barrel.

13/7 At 12.30pm, FBM KLCI fell 1.9pts to 1,065.9; UEMLand lost 3c to RM1.39, Konsortium Logistik rose 16c to RM1.47, Supermax up 13c at RM2.09.

13/7 At 11.47am, CPO futures rose RM16 per tonne to RM2,026. Oil in electronic trading in Singapore was lower at US$59.48 per barrel

13/7 Bursa Malaysia opens the week down 0.75 point, or 0.07 pct to 1067.01

14/7 At 11.24am, CPO 3-month futures rose RM46 per tonne to RM2,036 while crude oil in electronic trade was 37 cent higher at US$60.06 a barrel

14/7 The FBM KLCI recovers 7.43 points, or 0.7 pct to 1071.09 in early business

14/7 Overnight Dow rebounded 185.16 points, or 2.27 pct to 8,331.68; Crude oil eased 20 cents to USD59.69 per barrel

14/7 At 5pm, the FBM KLCI closed unchanged at 1,079.63pts. Kulim rose 45sen to RM6.85; BCHB and PBBank up 30 to RM9.50 and RM9.70 respectively

14/7 At 4.17pm, CPO 3-month futures rose RM61 to RM2,052 while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade was 77 cents higher at US$60.46 per barrel

14/7 At 3.35pm, FBM KLCI rose 10.91pts to 1,074.57; BCHB up 30sen to RM9.50, Kulim rose 30sen to RM6.70 and Nestle added 25sen to RM32

14/7 At 2.45pm, CPO 3-month futures rose RM52 to RM2,042 while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade was 67 cents higher at US$60.36 per barrel

14/7 At 12.30pm, FBM KLCI is up 9.72pts to 1,073.38; Kulim rose 25sen to RM6.65, Guocoland lost 17.5sen to 92.5sen, KNM up 1sen to 72.5sen.

15/7 At 12.30pm, FBM KLCI is up 10.52pts to 1,090.15. BCHB rose 20sen to RM9.70, PPB was up 20sen to RM12 and KNM was 5.5 sen higher at 80.5 sen

15/7 At 11.27am, CPO 3-month futures rose RM41 to RM2,077 while crude oil in electronic trade was 54 cents higher at US$60.06 per barrel

15/7 The local bourse opens up 3.53 points, or 0.33 pct to 1083.16

15/7 Wall Street gained 27.81 points, or 0.33 pct to 8,359.49 in overnight trading; Crude oil declined 17 cents to USD59.52 a barrel

15/7 At 5pm, the FBM KLCI closed 17.61 points higher to 1097.24. Maybank and Bursa rose 25 sen each to RM5.90 and RM7.25 respectively

15/7 At 3.30pm, FBM KLCI is up 17.54pts to 1,097.17. PPB up 40 sen to RM12.20, BCHB rose 35sen to RM9.85, Maybank up 20 sen to RM5.85

16/7 At 12.30pm, FBM KLCI is up 19.32pts to 1,116.56; PPB jumped 50 sen to RM12.50, MPI rose 35 sen to RM5.50 and Axiata up 21 sen to RM2.91

16/7 At 11.35am, 3-month futures unchanged at RM2,085 per tonne while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade fell 5 cents to US$61.49 a barrel

16/7 Bursa Malaysia gains 14.81 points, or 1.35 pct to 1112.05 in initial trade

16/7 Overnight Dow jumped 256.72 points, or 3.07 pct to 8,616.21; Crude oil surged USD2.02 a barrel to USD61.54

16/7 At 5pm, FBM KLCI is up 11.64pts to 1,108.88; PPB jumped 50 sen to RM12.50, MPI rose 20 sen to RM5.35 and Axiata up 15 sen to RM2.85

16/7 At 3.50pm, FBM KLCI is up 11.43pts to 1,108.67; PPB jumped 50 sen to RM12.50, MPI rose 30 sen to RM5.45 and BAT up 25 sen to RM45

16/7 At 2.45pm, 3-month CPO futures fell RM1 to RM2,084 a tonne while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade was up 9 cents to US$61.63 a barrel

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goldman Sachs’ winning formula works again

Goldman Sachs’ winning formula works again
The highly connected investment bank again posts a huge profit
The Associated Press
updated 7:18 p.m. ET July 14, 2009

NEW YORK - Another financial quarter, another period of blowout profits for Goldman Sachs. With some of the other big banks still losing money, many may wonder: How does Goldman do it?

Gutsy trading and talented employees have helped. But Wall Street's largest remaining investment bank has also benefited from billions in taxpayer-funded bailouts, as well as a sharp drop in the number of competitors.

Even as the recession drags on, the 140-year-old firm is having a very, very good year. The latest evidence: Goldman on Tuesday reported second-quarter profits of $2.7 billion, off a stunning $13.8 billion in revenue. That's a 65 percent profit jump over the same quarter last year.

Other big banks like Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Bank of America are set to report earnings in the coming days, but analysts predict they won't be as strong as Goldman's.

Here are some questions and answers about how the investment bank manages to thrive when the financial sector — and the economy as a whole — are struggling.

Q: What exactly does Goldman Sachs do?

A: Founded in 1869, Goldman started out trading short-term corporate debt. Today, it buys and sells securities and financial products including stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities like oil. It also underwrites securities offered by other firms, and advises on billion-dollar mergers and acquisition deals. In addition, the firm sells research and helps rich clients manage their investments.

Q: Doesn't it seem like Goldman always makes more money than other big Wall Street firms?

A: Goldman has long had a reputation as one of the world's top investment banks. It's known for stacking its ranks with the best and the brightest and rewarding them with huge paydays.

The strategy seems to have worked. The firm has had just a single money-losing quarter since going public in 1999, and its stock is up a whopping 77 percent this year. In contrast, the S&P 500 index — a good measure of where the overall market stands — is down 0.2 percent.

Q: But what does Goldman do that others don't?

A: Many experts believe Goldman's success is rooted in its savvy, high-octane trading style. The bank took in a record $6.8 billion in revenue from fixed income, currency and commodities trading during the second quarter. Other firms haven't been as aggressive with the type of trading they're willing to do, limiting their risk exposure but also their profit potential.

Goldman has also made a mint underwriting securities. As investor optimism has increased, companies have flooded back into financial markets, selling new shares of debt and stocks to raise badly needed capital. Goldman takes a cut of each share offering it handles.

Q: How has Goldman benefited from government bailouts?

A: Goldman took $10 billion at the height of the crisis last fall as part of the government's $700 billion bank rescue. Last month, it became one of the first banks to repay the money, freeing it from onerous restrictions on executive pay and hiring.

But the bank has benefited from other federal aid. It was among several U.S. and foreign banks that were paid a chunk of the $182.5 billion in federal aid used so far to rescue crippled insurer American International Group. The money went to cover banks' losses on complex mortgage investments, as well as for collateral needed for other transactions. Goldman's cut: $12.9 billion.

Goldman also took advantage of a Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. program that guarantees banks' newly issued debt. That backstop has allowed Goldman to raise capital at lower interest rates, increasing its rate of return on that money.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

stocks to watch for week starting July 13, 2009


股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價
1.前研科技集團(FRONTKN) 0128 0.37 0.19 0.23 0.37 0.255 0.255 0.25

2.吉隆坡甲洞(KLK) 2445 12.50 8.95 10.90 12.50 11.50 11.90 11.93

3.怡保工程(IJM) 3336 5.95 2.80 4.58 5.95 5.45 5.60 5.62

4.速伯瑪(SUPERMX) 7106 1.97 0.78 1.63 1.97 1.89 1.96 1.71

5.艾力斯(IRIS) 0010 0.225 0.075 0.115 0.225 0.165 0.165 0.17

Thursday, July 9, 2009

News in brief - Business and Finance

1/7 KLCI closed at the day's high, up 4.16pts to 1,079.4; Losers led risers 219 to 388 with 203 counters flat; Turnover was RM886mil

1/7 KLCI eased 1.19pts to 1,074.05 at midday; Most active stocks Time -1.5sen, KNM -2.5sen, UEM Land -9sen; Market turnover was valued RM387mil

1/7 The CI opens down 0.11 of a point, or 0.01 pct at 1075.13

1/7 Overnight Wall Street shed 82.38 points, or 0.97 pct to 8,447.00; Crude oil futures declined USD1.60 to USD69.89 a barrel

2/7 European stocks opened lower, while US stock futures pointed to a weak start on Wall Street ahead of monthly US jobs data release

2/7 KLCI closed 0.69pts lower to 1,078.71pts; Losing stocks overwhelmed gainers 204 to 405 on volume of 906m shares worth RM1.16bil

2/7 KLCI fell 1.97pts to 1,077.43 at midday; Losing stocks edged risers 269 to 193 with 196 counters flat; Shares worth RM455mil changed hands

2/7 Crude palm oil futures fell RM57 to RM2,202 per tonne; The ringgit advanced to a three weeks high at 3.5167 against the US dollar

2/7 Bursa Malaysia recovers 1.48 points, or 0.14 pct to 1080.88 at the starting bell

3/7 The 102-strong KLCI ended 6.02pts lower at 1,072.69pts; Rising counters edged losers 284 to 280; Volume was 1.1bil shares worth RM983m

3/7 Crude palm oil futures slumped as much as 4.1%, hitting RM2,086 on Bursa Derivatives; The contract is down RM58 at RM2,117 as at 4.35pm

3/7 KLCI fell 4.61pts to 1,074.10 at noon; Market breadth was negative, with 299 losers against 131 risers; Volume was 559m shares (RM375m)

3/7 CPO futures most active contract fell RM29 to a three-month low of RM2,149 per tonne; Shares in Sime Darby, IOI Corp and KLK under pressure
3/7 The local bourse opens down 8.46 points, or 0.78 pct to 1070.25

3/7 Overnight Dow plunged 223.32 points, or 2.63 pct to 8,280.74; Crude oil prices declined USD2.58 to USD66.73 per barrel

1/6 CPO 3rd-month futures closed up RM65 to RM2,625 per tonne

1/6 The KLCI rose 17.69pts to close at 1,061.80. Gainers incl MISC-foreign, Maybank, Shell, BAT and PPB. Losers incl Sime, DiGi and TNB

1/6 Cargo surveyor SGS estimated Monday that palm oil exports rose 5.1% to 1.22mil in May compared to Apr. CPO was up RM58 to RM2,618 per tonne

1/6 The KLCI was up 15.82pts to 1,059.93 at 12.30pm. Gainers incl BCHB, HL Bank, Maybank, MISC, PPB, DiGi and BAT

2/6 The KLCI closed marginally up at 1,063.62. PPB +20c to RM11.30, KLK +20c to RM11.90, Maybank +20c to RM5.50 and TNB -20c to RM7.70

2/6 European markets were mostly in the red while Asian markets closed mostly in negative territory. London's FTSE 100 Index down 1.24%

2/6 CPO 3rd-month futures added RM15 to RM2,640 per tonne at 3.15pm while Nymex crude oil retreated 92 cents to US$67.66 per barrel

2/6 The KLCI added 0.30% to end 1st session at 1,065. Maybank, PBBank, HLBank, PBBank-foreign, KLK, MISC, IOI and Genting among gainers.

2/6 Goldman Sachs Grp Inc raised US$1.91b by selling shares in Ind & Comm Bank of China Ltd as part of effort to return US$10b to US govt

2/6 The local bourse gains 9 points, or 0.85 pct to 1070.80 at the opening

2/6 Wall Street jumped 221.11 points, or 2.6 pct to 8,721.44 in overnight session; Crude oil advanced USD2.27 to USD68.58 a barrel

3/6 The KLCI fell 2.76pts to 1,060.86 at 12.30pm. DiGi -RM1.40 to RM21.50, Sime -5c to RM6.95, TNB -5c to RM7.65 and BCHB -5c to RM8.60

3/6 The CI opens up 0.17 of a point, or 0.02 pct at 1063.79

3/6 Overnight Wall Street surged 19.43 points, or 0.22 pct to 8,740.87; Crude oil however declined 3 cents to USD68.55 a barrel

3/6 The KLCI closed 8.22pts lower at 1,055.40. KNM -1.5c to 98.5c, Astro +19c to RM3.16, PBBank-foreign -15c to RM8.65 and TNB -15c to RM7.55

4/6 The KLCI added 8.57pts to close at 1,063.97. Measat +64c to RM1.85, PBBank-foreign +25c to RM8.90 and TNB +25c to RM7.80
4/6 The KLCI ended 1st session up 4.11pts to 1,059.51. Measat +37c to RM1.58, Dialog +6c to RM1.23 and Astro +30c to RM3.46

4/6 Bursa Malaysia is up 1.26 points, or 0.12 pct to 1056.66 in initial trade

4/6 Overnight Dow eased 65.63 points, or 0.75 pct to 8,675.24; Crude oil futures plunged USD2.43 to USD66.12 a barrel

5/6 KLCI +11.53pt to 1,075.50 at 5pm. Lafarge Malayan +RM1.50 to RM6.50, Genting +30c to RM6, BCHB +30c to RM8.95 and MISC-F -20c to RM8.40

5/6 KLCI 4.42pt to 1,068.21 at 12.30pm. BCHB +30c to RM8.95, KLK +20c to RM12.00, Astro +10c to RM3.28 and YTL Corp -10c to RM6.70

5/6 Reports say U.S. lenders are raising at least US$100.2bil to fill capital gaps found by government stress tests

5/6 The local bourse gains 2.93 points, or 0.28 pct to 1066.90 in early business

5/6 Wall Street rebounded 74.96 points, or 0.86 pct to 8,750.24 and Crude oil futures surged USD2.69 to USD68.81 a barrel in overnight trading

8/6 Dialog Group plans to invest over USD1b to build the 1st independent deepwater petroleum terminal facility in Johor

8/6 The KLCI closed 2.65 pts lower at 1,072; SAAG -0.02c to 35c, KNM -0.02c to RM1.04 and PetGas +20c to RM9.90

8/6 European markets were in the red in early trade. At 4.16pm London's FTSE 100 Index down 1.46 pct and Frankfurt's Dax Index down 1.79 pct

8/6 The KLCI was up 2.14pts to 1,077.64 at 12.30pm; Gainers incl Nestle, Shell, MPI, Sime, F&N, Berjaya Land and Transmile

8/6 IATA revised its airline financial forecast for 2009 to a global loss of USD9b against USD4.7b estimated in March

8/6 Bursa Malaysia kicks off the week on a steadier platform, gaining 4.92 points, or 0.46 pct to 1080.42

9/6 The KLCI closed 1.06 pts lower at 1,071.79; KNM -1c to RM1.03, Maybank -15c to RM5.45, Digi -30c to RM21.60 and Sime +5c to RM7.00

9/6 Stocks in Europe were up in morning trade with London's FTSE 100 Index up 0.68 pct and Frankfurt's Dax Index rising 0.81 pct

9/6 KLCI fell 3.34 pts to 1,069.51 at 12.30pm; BAT -50c to RM43.50, MTD -18c to RM1.81, PetGas - 15c to RM9.75 and KLK -10c to RM11.90

9/6 Sony Corp to sell USD2.2b in corporate bonds to seek funds as it heads into the 1st back-to-back annual net loss

9/6 The local bourse recovers 3.44 points, or 0.32 pct to 1076.29 at the opening

9/6 Overnight Dow gained 1.36 points, or 0.02 pct to 8,764.49; Crude oil futures shed 35 cents to USD68.09 a barrel

10/6 The KLCI was up 4.29 pts to 1,076.08 at 12.30pm; Gainers incl Measat, Transmile, KPS, Asia File, Maybank, Berjaya Land and DKSH

10/6 Reuters reported Wed that Genting paid US$100m for a 3.2% stake in US Casino operator MGM Mirage. At 11.10am, Genting shares -5c to RM5.95

10/6 Bursa Malaysia opens up 0.90 of a point, or 0.08 pct to 1072.69

10/6 Overnight Wall Street eased 1.43 points, or 0.02 pct to 8,763.06 but crude oil futures jumped USD1.92 to USD70.01 a barrel

10/6 The KLCI rose 11.18 pts to close at 1,082.97; Gainers incl Measat, Asia File, Transmile, Golden Plus, Digi and Berjaya Land

11/6 The KLCI rose 5.99 pts, or 0.55 pct to 1088.96 at 5pm; Gainers incl BAT, DIGI, UMW, Lafarge Malayan, Puncak, SP Setia and Ta Ann

11/6 European markets are fluctuated in morning trade with London's FTSE 100 Index down 0.39 pct while Frankfurt's Dax Index up 0.04 pct

11/6 Hong Kong closes all primary schools and kindergartens over H1N1 scares

11/6 The local bourse was up 1.13 pts or 0.10 pct to 1,084.10 at 12.30pm; Gainers incl Puncak, SP Setia, UMW, Ta Ann and Tanjong

11/6 The CI gains 1.16 points, or 0.11 pct to 1084.13 in initial trade

11/6 Wall Street declined 24.04 points, or 0.27 pct to 8,739.02; In stark contrast, crude oil rallied another USD1.32 a barrel to USD71.33

12/6 The local bourse was up 1.19 points, or 0.11% to close at 1,090.15 on Fri; Gainers incl EONCAP, Nestle, Maybank, KPS and Tanjong

12/6 European markets down in morning trade, London's FTSE 100 Index dropped 0.3 pct and Franfurt's Dax Index shed 0.22 pct

12/6 MAS said in a briefing Fri that it posted a net loss of RM695mil in its Q1 mainly due to fuel hedging contracts

12/6 The KLCI rose 2.71 points to 1091.67 at 12.30pm; EONCAP +58c to RM4.70, Maybank +20c to RM5.90, KLK -10c to RM11.90, Genting -10c to RM5.80

12/6 The local bourse gains 5.64 points, or 0.52 pct to 1,094.60 at the opening

12/6 Overnight Dow gained 31.90 pts, or 0.37 pct to 8,770.92; Crude oil futures rose another USD1.35 to USD72.68 a barrel

15/6 Crude palm oil 3-month futures fell RM65 to close at RM2,400 per tonne; Nymex crude oil lost 84 cents to US$71.20 per barrel

15/6 KLCI +1.02pt to 1,091.17 at 5pm; BAT +75c to RM45, PPB +30c to RM11.50, Lafarge +20c to RM6 and Maybank +15c to RM6.10

15/6 KLCI -1.40pt to 1,088.75 at 4.17pm; Bursa -20c to RM7.20, MAHB -12c to RM3.54, KNM -4c to RM1 and MAS -10c to RM3.16

15/6 KLCI +2.97pt to 1,093.12 at 12.30pm; Nestle +50c to RM31.75, LPI +20c to RM11.10, Tanjong +20c to RM13.50, Farmbest +19c to 69.5c

15/6 KLCI reversed losses to rise 1.96pt to 1,092.11 at 11am; Nestle +25c to RM31.50, KYM +20.5c to 99.5c, Measat +12c to RM2.12

15/6 The local bourse is up 2.89 points, or 0.27 pct to 1093.04 at the start of the week

16/6 KLCI -15.53pt to 1,075.64 at 12.30pm; Ta Ann -24c to RM4.30, Maybank -20c to RM5.90, PPB -20c to RM11.30, SP Setia -22c to RM4.38

16/6 KLCI -11.65pt to 1,079.52 at 11.10am;BAT -50c to RM44.50,DiGi -20c to RM21.70,Maybank -15c to RM5.95,Berjaya Sports Toto +24c to RM5.20

16/6 Bursa Malaysia opens down 7.58 points, or 0.69 pct to 1083.59 amid dearth of fresh market-stimulating leads on the horizon

16/6 Wall Street shed 187.13 points, or 2.13 pct to 8,612.13 and crude oil futures declined USD1.42 a barrel to USD70.62 in overnight trading

16/6 Nymex crude oil added US$1.04 to US$71.66 per barrel after falling below US$70 earlier in the day and rising above US$73 last week

16/6 KLCI -17.05pt to 1,074.12 at 5pm; BAT -50c to RM44.50, Maybank -25c to RM5.85, PPB -20c to RM11.30, Sime -20c to RM6.85

16/6 KLCI -16.08pt to 1,075.09 at 3.30pm; Maybank -20c to RM5.90, Sime -15c to RM6.90, Kossan -18c to RM3.62, Ta Ann -26c to RM4.28

17/6 KLCI -3.22pt to 1,070.90 at 5pm;MAHB -26c to RM3.34, Genting -25c to RM5.55, RHB Capital -10c to RM4.12 and HLFG -10c to RM5

17/6 KLCI -0.01pt to 1,074.11 at 3.30pm; Genting -15c to RM5.65, Astro -12c to RM2.84, BAT +50c to RM45, Tanjong +20c to RM13.70

17/6 KLCI -5.54pt to 1,068.58 at 12.30pm;MAHB -22c to RM3.38,Genting -15c to RM5.65,Astro -14c to RM2.82 and KLK -10c to RM11.90

17/6 The CI is down 2.13 points, or 0.2 pct at 1071.99 in early business

17/6 Overnight Dow closed down 107.46 points, or 1.25 pct to 8,504.67; Nymex crude oil eased 15 cents to USD70.47 a barrel

18/6 KLCI -16.49pt to 1,054.41 at 5pm; Maybank -25c to RM5.65, UEM Land -24c to RM1.59, Nestle -25c to RM31.25, BCHB -20c to RM8.95

18/6 KLCI -13.02pt to 1,057.88 at 12.30pm; Maybank -20c to RM5.70, BAT -25c to RM45, IJM -20c to RM5.45 and UEM Land -12c to RM1.71

18/6 KLCI -10.18pt to 1,060.72 at 11.15am; BCHB -15c to RM9, Bursa -15c to RM7, IJM -15c to RM5.50 and Maybank - 15c to RM5.75

18/6 The local bourse opens down 0.91 of a point, or 0.08 pct to 1069.99

18/6 Overnight Wall Street eased 7.49 points, or 0.09 pct to 8,497.18 but Light sweet crude futures gained 56 cents to USD71.03 a barrel

19/6 KLCI +5.09pt to 1,059.50 at 5pm; BCHB +30c to RM9.25, Petronas Dagangan +20c to RM8.35, Sime +20c to RM7 and Parkson +14c to RM4.84

19/6 KLCI +10.16pt to 1,064.57 at 3pm; BCHB +20c to RM9.15, Lafarge +20c to RM6.10, Top Glove +15c to RM6.25 and SP Setia -16c to RM4.12

19/6 KLCI +8pt to 1,062.41 at 12.30pm;Petronas Dagangan +35c to RM8.50, Nestle +25c to RM31.50, DiGi +20c to RM22 and KPS +16c to RM2.25

19/6 KLCI +2.63pt to 1,057.04 at 11.16am; Genting +15c to RM5.50, KPS +15c to RM2.24, BCHB +10c to RM9.05 and Maybank +10c to RM5.75

19/6 Bursa Malaysia recovers 4.49 points, or 0.43 pct to 1058.90 at the opening

19/6 Overnight Dow rebounded 58.42 points, or 0.69 pct to 8,555.60; Crude oil advanced 34 cents to USD71.37 a barrel

22/6 KLCI down 0.73% to 1,051.75 at midday break. BCHB -20c to RM9.05, Maybank -10c to RM5.60, TNB -10c to RM7.45 and Sime -5c to RM6.95

22/6 The local bourse opens the week on a steadier note, up 2.38 points, or 0.22 pct to 1061.88

22/6 The KLCI closed 1.28% down to 1,045.97. Sime -15c to RM6.85, TNB -20c to RM7.35, BCHB -20c to RM9.05 and Maybank -10c to RM5.60

23/6 The KLCI closed down 0.14% to 1,044.48. BCHB -30c to RM8.75, Sime -10c to RM6.75, PBBank -5c to RM8.75 and IOI -2c to RM4.52

23/6 The KLCI ended 1st session down 0.93% to 1,036.25. BCHB -30c to RM8.75, Sime -10c to RM6.75, IOI -6c to RM4.48 and Maybank -5c to RM5.55

23/6 Samchem Hldgs Bhd debuts at 69 sen, down 2 sen against its IPO price of 71 sen; The CI eases 10.01 points or 0.96 pct to 1035.96

23/6 Overnight Wall Street slumped 200.72 points, or 2.35 pct to 8,339.01; Crude oil futures plunged USD2.62 a barrel to USD66.93

24/6 The KLCI advanced 1.28% to close at 1,057.85. Genting +30c to RM5.70, Maybank +15c to RM5.75, Axiata +9c to RM2.29 and TNB +15c to RM7.55

24/6 The KLCI rose 1.10% to 1,055.98 at 12.30pm. Genting +25c to RM5.65, TNB +20c to RM7.60, Sime +10c to RM6.85 and IOI +8c to RM4.60

24/6 Bursa Malaysia rebounds 1.73 points, or 0.17 pct to 1046.21 in initial deal

24/6 The Dow declined 16.10 points, or 0.19 pct to 8,322.91 in overnight trading but Crude oil prices rebounded USD1.74 to USD69.24 a barrel

25/6 The KLCI rose 1.54% to close at 1,074.11. TNB +25c to RM7.80, Maybank +15c to RM5.90, Genting +20c to RM5.90 and BCHB +15c to RM8.95

25/6 The KLCI extended morning gains rising 1.42% to 1,072.90. TNB +25c to RM7.80, Maybank +10c to RM5.85 and Sime +10c to RM6.90

25/6 Petronas net profit down 13.93% to RM52.5b for FYE Mar 31, 2009 compared to same period last year on lower oil prices and higher costs

25/6 Intertek said CPO exports rose 3.9% to 1.01m tonnes from June 1 to 25 compared to same period in May. CPO 3rd-mo futures up RM43 to RM2,293

25/6 The CI opens up 6.92 points, or 0.65 pct at 1064.77

25/6 Overnight Wall Street declined 23.05 points, or 0.28 pct to 8,299.86; Crude oil eased 57 cents to USD68.67 a barrel

26/6 The KLCI added 0.15% to close at 1,075.77. BCHB +15c to RM9.10, Astro +18c to RM3.22, Sime +5c to RM6.90 and PBBank +10c to RM8.90

26/6 The KLCI reverses morning gains to end 1st session down 0.15% at 1,072.55. Maybank, Genting, PetDag, TNB, Plus, IOI and PetGas declined

26/6 The local bourse gains 7.53 points, or 0.7 pct to 1081.64 at the opening bell

26/6 The Dow recovered 172.54 points, or 2.08 pct to 8,472.40 and crude oil futures jumped USD1.56 to USD70.23 a barrel in overnight trading

29/6 The KLCI closed up 0.01% to 1,075.84. Sime +15c to RM7.05, Maybank +5c to RM5.85, PBBank +10c to RM9 and PBBank-foreign +15c to RM9

29/6 A (H1N1): 20 new cases - 16 imported, 4 local - taking total confirmed cases to 144, says Health DG

29/6 The KLCI added 0.14% to 1,077.31 at 12.30pm. Sime +10c to RM7, Maybank +5c to RM5.85, MISC +10c to RM8.65 and PBBank +10c to RM9

29/6 Bursa Malaysia opens the week up 2.75 points, or 0.26 pct at 1078.52

30/6 At 5pm, the KLCI was marginally down by 0.6pts to 1,075. Tanjong lost 40c to RM14.40, Nestle fell 25c to RM31.25 & KPS shed 18c to RM2.11.
30/6 A(H1N1): 14 new cases, 11 imported and 3 locally transmitted, 11 of them are Malaysians, says Health DG

30/6 The local bourse gains 2.40 points, or 0.22 pct to 1078.24 in early trade

30/6 Overnight Dow rebounded 90.99 points, or 1.08 pct to 8,529.38; Crude oil advanced USD2.33 a barrel to USD71.47

25/5 For first quarter ended March 31, UEM Land posted net profit of RM2.6mil on revenue of RM56.5mil.

25/5 At 5pm, the KLCI closed 7.88 pts higher at 1,053; Genting rose 35c to RM5.55, Resorts up 21c at RM2.79 and Boustead added 30c to RM4.46.

25/5 At 5.02pm, price of CPO for August delivery was down RM13 per tonne at RM2,508.

25/5 KLCI +5.43pt to 1,050.69 at 12.30pm. Genting +20c to RM5.40, AMMB Holdings +16c to RM3.40, TNB +10c to RM7.75 and Maybank -5c to RM5.15

25/5 The CI gains 2.14 points, or 0.2 pct to 1047.40 at the start of the new week

26/5 At 5pm, the KLCI closed down 1.5pts at 1,051.6. KLK lost 30c to 11.70, Telekom fell 12c to RM3.80 and MAS shed 14c to RM3.14.

26/5 European bourses opened lower today, investors on consolidation mode.

26/5 AEON Malaysia plans to spend about RM200mil for expansion this year, says business support senior general manager.

26/5 Pandan Umno chief Abd Ghani Ismail pleads not guilty in KL Sessions Court to 10 counts of corruption involving total of RM210,012

26/5 At 1pm,CPO price for Aug delivery fell RM7/tonne to RM2,438.Crude oil in Singapore electronic trading was slightly down at US$60.94/barrel.

26/5 At 12.30pm, KLCI rose almost 1 point to 1,054.1. Maybank up 15c to RM5.30, Alam Maritim added 10c to RM1.32 while TNB fell 10c to RM7.65.

26/5 Bursa Malaysia opens up 0.47 of a point, or 0.04 pct to 1053.61

26/5 Overnight US markets were closed for a public holiday

27/5 At 5pm, the KLCI closed down 3.95pts at 1,047.7; Tanjong and PPB lost 30c each to RM13.70 and RM10.80 respectively; KLK up 20c to RM11.90.

27/5 European stocks opened higher in trading, buoyed by Wall St's overnight gains and improved sentiment.Asian bourses are also trading higher.

27/5 CPO for Aug delivery rose RM51/tonne to RM2,481 after two days of decline. Crude oil was higher at US$62.52/barrel in Singapore.

27/5 At 12.30pm, KLCI fell 0.81pt to 1,050.8;Genting and Top Glove lost 25c each to RM5.25 and 5.80 respectively and Tanjong fell 20c to RM13.80

27/5 The CI is up 6.30 points, or 0.6 pct to 1057.93 in early trade

27/5 Overnight Dow jumped 196.17 points, or 2.37 pct to 8,473.49 on resumption of business; Crude oil gained 78 cents to USD62.45 a barrel

28/5 At 12.30pm, the KLCI fell 7.15 pts to 1,040.5; KLK lost 40c to RM11.50, Tanjong plc down 20c at RM13.50 while Astro rose 9c to RM2.90.

28/5 The CI opens down 4.57 points, or 0.44 pct to 1043.11

28/5 Wall Street shed 173.47 points, or 2.05 pct to 8,300.02 in overnight trading; Crude oil however was up USD1 to USD63.45 a barrel

28/5 AirAsia's Q1 performance improved with operating profit of RM166mil on revenue of RM714mil thanks to higher passenger growth – CEO

28/5 At 5pm, the KLCI closed 6.4pts lower at 1,041.2; KLK lost 40c to RM11.50, Tanjong plc fell 20c to RM13.50 and PBBank shed 15c to RM8.60.

28/5 At 5pm, the KLCI closed 6.4pts lower at 1,041.2; KLK lost 40c to RM11.50, Tanjong plc fell 20c to RM13.50 and PBBank shed 15c to RM8.60.

29/5 Alam Maritim net profit +138.7% to RM26.7mil for Q109 from higher contribution from offshore support vessels and underwater services

29/5 At 7pm, crude palm oil 3-month futures were up RM55 to RM2,650; Nymex crude oil rose US$1.08 to US$66.16

29/5 KLCI +2.87pt to 1,044.11 at 5pm; Tenaga +55sen to RM8.15, Sime +45sen to RM7.20, Parkson +40sen to RM5.20 and DiGi +30sen to RM23.20

29/5 The KLCI +2.85pt to 1,044.09 at 12.30pm; Tenaga +20sen to RM7.80, KLK +20sen to RM11.70, Tanjong +10sen to RM13.60, TM -8sen to RM2.65

29/5 The local bourse recovers 5.56 points, or 0.53 pct to 1046.80 at the starting bell

29/5 Overnight Dow rebounded 103.78 points, or 1.25 pct to 8,403.80; Nymex crude oil futures advanced USD1.63 to USD65.08 a barrel

31/5 69 residents from 12 houses behind collapsed Jaya Supermarket in PJ were evacuated to a nearby hotel paid for by the demolition contractors

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

stock to watch

股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價

1.森那美(SIME) 4197 7.30 5.20 6.70 7.30 7.10 7.25 6.94

2.大眾銀行(PBBANK) 1295 9.25 7.00 8.70 9.25 9.05 9.15 8.91

3.土著聯昌(COMMERZ) 1023 9.55 5.90 8.70 9.55 9.45 9.50 9.10

4.雲頂大馬(GENM) 4715 2.93 1.84 2.49 2.93 2.66 2.78 2.69

5.百盛(PARKSON) 5657 5.30 3.02 4.64 5.30 4.98 4.92 4.90

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

stocks to watch for week starting June 29, 2009

股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價
1.雪州柏朗桑(KPS) 5843 2.48 1.27 2.02 2.48 2.38 2.28 2.14

2.商業高峰(PUNCAK) 6807 3.42 2.40 3.06 3.42 3.38 3.30 3.11

3.吳萬發(GBH) 3611 1.36 0.94 1.00 1.36 1.21 1.23 0.99

4.友力森(UNISEM) 5005 1.44 0.45 1.10 1.14 1.28 1.27 1.28

5.必達(PETRA) 7108 3.14 1.20 2.38 3.14 2.76 2.69 2.75