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Monday, December 22, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

KLCI closed 4.10 point up to 876.40

19/12 KLCI closed 4.10points to 876.40 with RM 584mil worth of shares traded; Sime Darby and TNB lost 20 sen each, while Telekom dropped 11 sen.

19/12 KLCI is down 2.54 points at 877.96 at midday; some Asian markets reverse early declines, with stocks higher in Seoul, Sydney and Singapore.

19/12 Government will continue the floating mechanism to determine fuel prices, consumers won't have to pay more than RM 2.70 if prices rise, says Shahrir Samad.

4/12 Perodua sees 6% sales drop next year due to weaker economy. Up to Octobe, sold 142,000 cars and year target 167,000.



(吉隆坡讯) 为了倡导正统的易经应用之学,SCS易经河洛理数研究中心特开办为期一天的奇门遁甲旺字研习课程,谨订于今年12月28日(星期日) 2:00pm-6:00pm,在吉隆坡马来亚大酒店正式开课。





Tuesday, December 16, 2008

KLCI up 9.5 points at noon

17/12 KLCI was up 9.5 points 864.34 at noon.CPO rose RM 25 to RM 1570.

17/12 Furniture maker Signature International in talks for RM 100m projects. Current book order RM 132 m, enough for next 2-3 years.

17/12 Hua Yang targets to undertake property projects with GDV of RM 1.1b over next 8 years in Perak, Johor, Klang Valley, Seremban.

17/12 Banks here have approved RM 122.6 bil in personal loans from Jan-Oct 2008, 26.7 pc more than in same period last year: Deputy Finance Minister.

16/12 Government is looking to sell bonds to upgrade water industry after consolidating water assets, says Energy, Water Communications Minister.

16/12 Gamuda is going ahead with Vietnam ventures, says group MD. Work on waterfront retail, office block will start in 6 months.

Fed further slash interest rates on Tuesday

A surprised Wall Street bolted higher Tuesday after the Federal Reserve's historic decision to further slash interest rates and pledge broad support to revive the troubled US economy.

The Dow Jones industrials surged to 359.61 and closed at 8924.14, or 4.2 percent, and broader indexes jumped more than 5 percent after the central bank said it will use "all available tools" to jump-start the economy. It also set its target for the rate at which banks lend to each other to a range of zero to 0.25 percent, the lowest level on record.

Demand for long-term government bonds increased and pushed yields to record lows.

The promise of further government action and a Swiss-army-knife approach for mending the economy damped concerns that policymakers were running low on tools to fan the economy by further lowering interest rates.

The idea that the Fed will likely proceed with plans to snap up government and mortgage debt made it easier for investors to place bets that the central bank will do what is necessary to help bring an end to the longest recession in a quarter-century.

For the first time in its history, the Federal Reserve has set a target for short term interest rates as low as zero percent. The moves signals that the central bank has entered a new phase in its campaign to revive a battered U.S. economy.
If the interest rates go to zero, does it mean that everyone get to borrow money for free?
No. Pushing the federal funds rate down to zero doesn’t mean everything comes with zero-percent financing. It means banks can now raise cash — for very short periods — without paying interest.
Think of the Fed's target as the wholesale price of money. Banks and other lenders will still charge more than zero interest when they lend it to you and me. That’s how banks make money. But borrowers with very good credit will be able to get a great deal on a short-term loan.
The problem is that with the economy shrinking, businesses cutting back and banks worried about getting their money back, lenders have become stingier about providing credit. To get the economy moving again, the Fed typically cuts the cost of money to encourage more borrowing.

If it can’t cut rates below zero, what does the Fed do now?
It shifts gears. Plan B involves flooding the economy with trillions of dollars in cash, which the Fed began doing in September. Through a variety of special “facilities” the Fed has been buying up debt that no one else wants to buy. It’s already bought more than $1 trillion worth and says it plans to buy more.
This is called “quantitative easing.” It means the Fed makes money easier to get by providing it in vast quantities. The hope is that now that battered banks have been pulling back from the aggressive lending that got us into this mess, all this money sloshing around in the system will find its way into the hands of businesses and consumers that are having trouble getting loans.

Friday, December 12, 2008

KLCI closed down 8.41 to 852.27 on Friday

12/12 KLCI closed down 8.41 to 852.27. Oil fell USD 2.41 to USD 45.57. CPO lost RM 64 to RM 1,580. BAT was down RM 1.25 to RM 42.25, SCGM eroded 27c to 52c.

12/12 KLCI falls 12.2pt to 848.48 midday.

12/12 BTOTO second quarter net profit is recorded at RM 113.74m vs RM 89.47m a year ago. Revenue is RM 941.8 m vs RM 792.5m. It declared a 7c dividend. EPS is 9.06c vs 7.09c.

12/12 US Senate rejects USD 14 b bailout for auto industry after talks fail, sends Asian markets lower at midday, according news reports.

12/12 US Senate fails to pass the US 14 bil emergency bailout for US automakers, talks collapse over union wage cuts.

12/12 UN report ranks Malaysia the 3rd in Asia, behind India and China, in number of effort put into reducing carbon-emission.

12/12 Asia Bioenergy Technologies Bhd debuts at 28 sen, up 2.2 sen against its IPO price of 25.8 sen; the CI eases 3.75 points to 856.93.

12/12 Overnight Dow closed at 8565.09, down 196.33. Crude oil jumped USD 4.46 to USD 47.98 a barrel.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008



(吉隆坡讯) 时值全球股市低靡和经济衰退之际,惟有在实战经验中的创新思维,才能帮助我们异军突起并冲破困境。







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Friday, December 5, 2008

International Reserves of BNM as at 28 November 2008

International Reserves of BNM as at 28 November 2008
The international reserves of Bank Negara Malaysia amounted to RM336.4 billion (equivalent to USD97.7 billion) as at 28 November 2008. The reserves position is sufficient to finance 7.9 months of retained imports and is 3.5 times the short-term external debt.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

KLCI closed up 1.78 to 847.53

3/12 KLCI closed up 1.78 to 847.53. CPO fell RM 36 to RM 1567. DiGi jumped 80 c to RM 21.40, Kulim-WB increased 21 c to RM 2.69, Lii Hen rose 16 c to 50 c, BAT dropped 75 c to 45.25.

Crude oil ended at USD 46.96, down USD 2.32.

2/12 YTL Power purchasing 100pct of PowerSeraya from Temasek at enterprise value of 3.8b Singapore dollars, including 200 mil dollar net debt.

2/12 Fuel prices down 10 sen effective midnight tonight, RON 97 petrol at RM 1.90 per litre, diesel and RON92 petrol at RM 1.80 per litre: PM's office.

1/12 KLCI closed down 17.7points to 848. CPO fell RM 20 to RM 1612.

3/12 MMC says Zelan board lets contract of CEO Albert Chang to lapse Jan 31 at his request. MMC will pick ED to spearhead company with current COO.

3/12 MMC says plans to grow 39% owned Zelan into regional engineering, procurement, construction and commission power plant contractor.

2/12 US President-elect Barack Obama has nominated former rival Hillary Clinton as his secretary of state.

1/12 Tenaga in proposed JV with Felda Palam Industries, Electric Power Devt for 10MW Jenka biomass power project in Pahang, Tenaga to own 24.5%.

3/12 Petronas shuts down indefinitely processing plants in Kertih including JV plants in Kuantan due to low demand, says chairman.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

US market closed up 270 points

The market remains uncertain about what might lie ahead, from how long the recession might last to more troubles in the struggling financial sector. Wall Street this week is wary about a number of reports due to be released, primarily Friday’s jobs report that is widely considered the most important economic reading of the month.

According to preliminary calculations, the Dow Jones industrial average closed up 270 points, or 3.31 percent, to 8,419.09 after falling nearly 680 points on Monday.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 32.61, or 4 percent, to 848.82, while the Nasdaq composite index gained 51.73, or 3.70 percent, to 1,449.80.

The Russell 2000 index of smaller companies rose 15.62, or 3.75 percent, to 432.69.

On Dec 2,KLCI closed at 845.75