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Friday, October 31, 2008

KLCI closed 10.05 points up to 863.61

31/10 KLCI closed 10.05 points up at 863.61. CPO fell RM 35 to RM 1525. Tanjong rose RM 1 to RM 11.80, YTL jumped 50c to RM 6.20, Genting climbed 32 c to RM 4.52.

31/10 Petrol and diesel prices down by 15 sen from 12.01 am Saturday. New price RON 97: RM 2.15 per litre, RON 92: RM 2.05, diesel: RM 2.05.

31/10 Plenitude hopes to keep pre-tax profit margins at 31% for FY09 on unbilled sales of RM 216 mil, says executive director.

31/10 Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Dell recalling 100,000 laptop batteries made by Sony after incidents of overheating; Sony's Vaio PCs is not affected.

31/10 Wall Street rose 189.73 points or 2.11 % to 9180.69; Nymex crude oil is recorded at US$65.96, down US$1.54 a barrel.

30/10 Kencana's 60 % owned Kencana Mermaid Drilling gets US$235m contract from Petronas Carigali to provide offshore drilling services.

30/10 Nestle third quarter net profit slips to RM 87.54 m vs RM 115.96m a year ago due to higher raw material prices. Revenue RM 961.8m vs RM 861.4m. EPS is recorded at 37.33c.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

KLCI closed 24.15 points up to 853.56

30/10 KLCI closed 24.15 points up to 853.56. Volume surged to 973m shares. CPO rose RM 119 to RM 1554. KLK jumped 95c to RM 8.10, IOI Corp shot up 49 c to RM 2.74.

30/10 KLCI was up 18.4 points to 847.82 noon. CPO rose RM 71 to RM 71 to RM 1,506, KLK went up 45 c to RM 7.60, IOI jumped 38c to RM 2.63, Foreign fund bought 29.33 shares last Friday. IOI said forex loss was RM 100m. Hang Seng rose 10.11% or 1283 points to 13986.

30/10 Timber-based Limahsoon extends decline, falls 4.5c to 13c with 653,000 shares done at 10.38 am. Yesterday, it plunged 32.5c to 17.5c.

30/10 CIMB Private Equity, Alam Maritim in RM 252m JV to buy, operate offshore support vessels for oil, gas industry.s

30/10 Top Glove sees sales growing 20% in FY9-FY 10 on firm demand, cost efficient, says chairman. Capex RM 80 m for FY09.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

KLCI closed 3.03 points down to 829.41

29/10 KLCI closed 3.03 points down to 829.41. CPO was down RM 35 to RM 1,424. DiGi eroded RM 1.70 to RM 19.20, Utd Plt dropped 60 c to RM 8.50, Kulim -WB slid 40 c to RM 1.60, IJM slipped 34 c to 2.45.

29/10 Bursa queries Limahsoon over sharp fall in share price. Price plunged 32.5c to 17.5 c with 513,300 shares done.

29/10 Hai-O sees 5% rise in sales for FY 09, driven by multi-level marketing of Chinese healthcare products, says MD.

29/10 Teo Seng Capital Bhd opens flat at RM 0.45 on listing; The CI is + 17.81 points at 850.25.

29/10 Overnight Dow closed +889.35 points, or 10.91 % to 9065.12; Oil is priced at US 62.73, dropped 0.49 c a barrel.

28/10 Overnight Wall Street ended -203.18 points, or 2.42 % to 8175.77; Nymex crude oil dropped 0.93 to US $63.22 per barrel.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KLCI closed 26.67 points down to 832.44

28/10 KLCI closed 26.67 points down to 832.44. KLCI was down to as low 801.27 (-57.84).

28/10 YNH Property says no delay in selling 50% stake of YNH Tower to Kuwait Finance House, also not in hurry to sell second block.

28/10 Melewar Group gets 55.18% of M3nergy shares, says Tunku Yaacob. Shareholders have until Nov 7 to accept Melewar takeover at RM 1.20.

28/10 Property developer Sunrise expects RM 1.36b unbilled sales sufficient for next 2 to 3 years despite sluggish economic situation.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oct 29 is a crucial date

Oct 29 is a crucial date. You may be able to make big buck. Watch out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The KLCI was down 13.88 points to 904.28

22/10 The KLCI closed 13.88 points lower at 904.28;losses led by Tanjong (-40c), DIGI (-40c), Bumiputra-Commerce(-30c) & IOICorp(-16c).

The KLCI was down 7.38 points to 910.78 at midday; top losers were Bumiputra-commerce(-30c), IOIProp(-24c) and Tanjong(-20sen)

KLCI rosed 8.65 to close at 918.16

21/10 KLCI rose 8.65 to close at 918.16 today. There are 357 counters up and 235 counters down. 541 mil shares changed hand valued at RM 960 mil.

15/10 Goldman Sachs ceases to be SAAG substantial shareholder after selling 1.5 m shares on Oct 13. It earlier sold 6.15 m shares Oct 3 to 8.

9/10 The Dow ended down 189.01 points or 2 % to 9258.10; Crude oil was down US$1.11 to US $88.95 a barrel.

8/10 US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and 4 other central banks lower interest rates, Fed cut benchmark rate by half point to 1.5%.

8/10 UK government will invest 50bil pounds (US$87 bil ) in an unprecedented move to prevent collapse of the UK banking system, says news report.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The government will inject RM 5 bil to double the size of ValueCap Sdn Bhd to invest in undervalued companies.

20/10 Najib says government will inject RM 5 bil to double the size of ValueCap Sdn Bhd, set up in 2003 to invest in undervalued companies.

Blogger: I think the government should stimulate domestic consumption, move our project fast instead of delay some projects. The government should withdraw the windfall tax and to sustain the CPO prices as what the Minister suggested.

20/10 MAS aims to reduce operating cost by RM 1 bil this year, CEO Datuk Idris Jala said; it saved RM 738 mil last year and cut RM 665 mil in 2006.

20/10 Berjaya Land may put on hold property projects due to weak demand but confident of selling RM 350 mil properties by April, 2009, says CEO.

20/10 Naza will triple car exports to Thailand to 1,500 units by year end. Models are Kia Picanto, Bistari, Forza, says CEO.

8/10 UK announces 50 bil-pound bailout, will use taxpayers money to buy shares in 8 largest bank and building societies.

8/10 August exports up 10.6 % at RM 59.58b from RM 53.86 b a year ago, but down 5.89% from RM 63.3 b in July due to lower E&E exports to US, EU.

7/10 Tune Air mulls potential privatisation of Air Asia at indicative price of about RM 1.35 per share. No decision yet.

7/10 Khazanah ropes in Global Transit International Sdn Bhd (GTI) to strengthen Time dotcom operations. GTI part of group in Japan-US undersea cable job.

Friday, October 17, 2008

KLCI down 14.79 points

17/10 KLCI closed 14.79 points down at 905.23. Tanjong eroded 60 c to RM 10.50, F&N slipped 45 c to RM 8.10, Maybank was down 35 c to RM 5.10, Gamuda slid 31 c to RM 1.54.

17/10 KLCI +3.5pt to 925.5 at 9.26am. MPI +30c to RM6.65, TgOff-WB +24.5c to 25c, Tanjong +20c to RM11.30m TMI +15c to RM5.15, IJM +12c to RM4.22/STAR

17/10 Bursa Malaysia opens +5.89 points, or 0.64 pct to 925.91/STAR

17/10 Overnight Wall Street +401.35 points, or 4.68 pct to 8,979.26; Light sweet crude –US$4.69 to US$69.85 per barrel/STAR

17/10 Genting ventures into renewable energy, buys 1 m shares of US-based Synthetic Genomics, Inc for US $8m or RM 28.2 m from its founder.

16/10 Govt to fully guarantee all ringgit, foreign currency deposits in banks until December 2010 via Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia/STAR

16/10 With immediate effect all ringgit, foreign currency deposits with commercial, Islamic and investment banks are fully guaranteed, says BNM/STAR

16/10 Tenaga Q4 losses due to higher coal prices, weaker RM vs US¿ and yen. Sees significant challenge to commissioning 1,400MW Jimah plant/STAR

16/10 Tenaga Q4 net loss RM282.9m vs net profit RM168.4m yr ago. FY ended Aug 2008, net profit RM2.59b vs net profit RM4.06b yr ago. 10c dividend/STAR

16/10 KLCI closed -30pt to 920. CPO -RM127 to RM1,621. KNM off lows, down 0.5c to 68.5c, IOI Corp -34c to RM3.02, KLK -50c to RM8.05, BCHB -40c/STAR

16/10 UEM Group, which is taking over Opus, bought 6.05m Opus shares on Oct 7-8, ups stake to 76.48% or 359.4 m shares.

16/10 The Dow finished down 733.08 points or 7.87 % to 8577.91; Nymex crude oil eroded US$ 4.09 to US$ 74.54 a barrel in overnight trading.

15/10 Putera Capital failed in second appeal against SC decision to reject its revamp plan, to be suspended from trading on Oct 23.

15/10 MMC will not raise offer for Aliran Ihsan at 90c each despite independent adviser recommending shareholders reject offer as it was too low.

15/10 PM asks consumers to use their purchasing power to force down price of goods which have remained high despite petrol reduction.

15/10 PM Abdullah says some projects, including those in economic corridors, might have to be reviewed in view of the global economic slowdown.

15/10 Trading in Loh & Loh will not be suspended from Thursday as its public shareholding spread has increased to 10.05%, says Bursa.

15/10 JT Intl says to maintain dividend policy of 60%, unsure of impact of higher excise duties but expects financial performance better this FY.

15/10 Singapore’s Mercury Pacific Marine holds 29.34% or 86.4m shares of Perisai Petroleum in exchange for selling its SJR Marine stake.

14/10 There is sufficient liquidity in banking system;hence no need to impose bank guarantees on deposits at this points, says Finance Minister.

14/10 Government will announce measures to strengthen economy on Monday, says Finance Minister Najib Tun Razak.

14/10 Bank Negara says local financial system can weather current global financial turmoil. However, it is ready to provide liquidity to financial institutions.

14/10 Public Bank rose 20 c to RM 9 at noon. Its chairman sees local economy soften in quarter 4 and 2009 but predicts that Public Bank will maintain its earnings growth despite challenging operating environment.

14/10 Public Bank third quarter net profit is recorded at RM 616.34m vs RM 543.63m a year ago, revenue is RM 2.79b vs RM 2.41b, EPS 18.37c vs 16.21c, 9-month profit is recorded at RM 1.927b.

9/10 Country’s economy is stable despite the financial crisis faced by global community, says DPM Najib Tun Razak.

9/10 Asia’s insurance industry strong enough to survive current market turmoil, but profits significantly eroded over next year, says S&P.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Malaysia is not slipping into recession

13/10 When responding to a question about Singapore announcement of anti-recession measures, Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah says that Malaysia is not slipping into recession and can weather global economic storm.

13/10 Sime Darby may review forecast earnings for current FY due to weaker CPO prices. However, expects year-on-year yield to improve 5 %.

Goldman Sach dispose 6.15 m shares of SAAG

14/10 Goldman Sach disposes of 6.15 m shares in SAAG from Oct 3 to 8, cuts stake to 32.13m shares or 5.17% stake.

14/10 IOI Corp to postpone launch of Sentosa Cove projects due to fragile residential property market in Singapore, says Citigroup Research.

Dow rebound, our market also follows

14/10 The Dow settled + 936.42 points or 11.08% to 9387.61; Nymex crude oil rose US 3.49 to US 81.19 per barrel.

At 11:33 am, KLCI went up 15.15 to 965.91.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

KLCI up slightly

7/10 KLCI closed 0.39 points up at 997.23. CPO is up RM 10 to RM 1830, Oil rose 1.30 to $89.14. Tenaga rose 30 c to RM 6.90, DiGi jumped 20 c to RM 23.10.

7/10 Asian markets recover, KLCI up 1.21 point to 998.97 noon. CPO jumped RM 51 to RM 1,871. Oil rose $1.82 to $89.63. Tenaga was up 25t c to RM 6.85.

7/10 The Dow ended down 369.88 points, or 3.58% to 9955.50; Crude oil also down US$6.07 to US $87.81 a barrel in overnight trading.

7/10 Australia's central bank cut benchmark interest rate by one percentage point to 6%, the most since recession in 1992, spurs Asian stock.

7/10 CapitalLand says it is not involved in talks to buy Ipoh Parade, Klang Parade, and Seremban Parade from TMW Asia Property Fund.

7/10 Japan, Australia central banks pumped more than US$100 b into money markets today to ease near-record borrowing costs, says Bloomberg report.

7/10 Avonsleigh Invest Corp buys into Envair Holdings, acquires 8.95m shares or 8.31% on Sept 29 from shareholder Wong Peng Yew.

6/10 Astro files notice of arbitration in Singapore, names PT Direct Vision, 2 others as respondents. It is seeking RM 905m compensation.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

TM International appoiints Don Price as Group CTO

6/10 TM International appoints Don Price as group chief technology officer, Yap Wai Yip as group financial controllers.

6/10 German government and country's banks, insurers agree on US$68b rescue package for property lender Hypo Real Estate Holdings, says news report.

6/10 France's largest bank, BNP Paribas to take control of Fortis units in Belgium and Luxembourg, says news report.

28/9 US Congressional leaders and Bush administration reach US$700 bil bailout deal using taxpayers money; House and senate to vote on it Mon-Tues.

29/9 UK Government seizes Bradford & Bingley plc, the biggest tender to landlords after credit crisis shut off funding, news report says.

29/9 Thung Hup Holdings, which holds 53.26% of Th Group, plans capital repayment of 75c cash per share under move to take it private.