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Monday, December 22, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

KLCI closed 4.10 point up to 876.40

19/12 KLCI closed 4.10points to 876.40 with RM 584mil worth of shares traded; Sime Darby and TNB lost 20 sen each, while Telekom dropped 11 sen.

19/12 KLCI is down 2.54 points at 877.96 at midday; some Asian markets reverse early declines, with stocks higher in Seoul, Sydney and Singapore.

19/12 Government will continue the floating mechanism to determine fuel prices, consumers won't have to pay more than RM 2.70 if prices rise, says Shahrir Samad.

4/12 Perodua sees 6% sales drop next year due to weaker economy. Up to Octobe, sold 142,000 cars and year target 167,000.



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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

KLCI up 9.5 points at noon

17/12 KLCI was up 9.5 points 864.34 at noon.CPO rose RM 25 to RM 1570.

17/12 Furniture maker Signature International in talks for RM 100m projects. Current book order RM 132 m, enough for next 2-3 years.

17/12 Hua Yang targets to undertake property projects with GDV of RM 1.1b over next 8 years in Perak, Johor, Klang Valley, Seremban.

17/12 Banks here have approved RM 122.6 bil in personal loans from Jan-Oct 2008, 26.7 pc more than in same period last year: Deputy Finance Minister.

16/12 Government is looking to sell bonds to upgrade water industry after consolidating water assets, says Energy, Water Communications Minister.

16/12 Gamuda is going ahead with Vietnam ventures, says group MD. Work on waterfront retail, office block will start in 6 months.

Fed further slash interest rates on Tuesday

A surprised Wall Street bolted higher Tuesday after the Federal Reserve's historic decision to further slash interest rates and pledge broad support to revive the troubled US economy.

The Dow Jones industrials surged to 359.61 and closed at 8924.14, or 4.2 percent, and broader indexes jumped more than 5 percent after the central bank said it will use "all available tools" to jump-start the economy. It also set its target for the rate at which banks lend to each other to a range of zero to 0.25 percent, the lowest level on record.

Demand for long-term government bonds increased and pushed yields to record lows.

The promise of further government action and a Swiss-army-knife approach for mending the economy damped concerns that policymakers were running low on tools to fan the economy by further lowering interest rates.

The idea that the Fed will likely proceed with plans to snap up government and mortgage debt made it easier for investors to place bets that the central bank will do what is necessary to help bring an end to the longest recession in a quarter-century.

For the first time in its history, the Federal Reserve has set a target for short term interest rates as low as zero percent. The moves signals that the central bank has entered a new phase in its campaign to revive a battered U.S. economy.
If the interest rates go to zero, does it mean that everyone get to borrow money for free?
No. Pushing the federal funds rate down to zero doesn’t mean everything comes with zero-percent financing. It means banks can now raise cash — for very short periods — without paying interest.
Think of the Fed's target as the wholesale price of money. Banks and other lenders will still charge more than zero interest when they lend it to you and me. That’s how banks make money. But borrowers with very good credit will be able to get a great deal on a short-term loan.
The problem is that with the economy shrinking, businesses cutting back and banks worried about getting their money back, lenders have become stingier about providing credit. To get the economy moving again, the Fed typically cuts the cost of money to encourage more borrowing.

If it can’t cut rates below zero, what does the Fed do now?
It shifts gears. Plan B involves flooding the economy with trillions of dollars in cash, which the Fed began doing in September. Through a variety of special “facilities” the Fed has been buying up debt that no one else wants to buy. It’s already bought more than $1 trillion worth and says it plans to buy more.
This is called “quantitative easing.” It means the Fed makes money easier to get by providing it in vast quantities. The hope is that now that battered banks have been pulling back from the aggressive lending that got us into this mess, all this money sloshing around in the system will find its way into the hands of businesses and consumers that are having trouble getting loans.

Friday, December 12, 2008

KLCI closed down 8.41 to 852.27 on Friday

12/12 KLCI closed down 8.41 to 852.27. Oil fell USD 2.41 to USD 45.57. CPO lost RM 64 to RM 1,580. BAT was down RM 1.25 to RM 42.25, SCGM eroded 27c to 52c.

12/12 KLCI falls 12.2pt to 848.48 midday.

12/12 BTOTO second quarter net profit is recorded at RM 113.74m vs RM 89.47m a year ago. Revenue is RM 941.8 m vs RM 792.5m. It declared a 7c dividend. EPS is 9.06c vs 7.09c.

12/12 US Senate rejects USD 14 b bailout for auto industry after talks fail, sends Asian markets lower at midday, according news reports.

12/12 US Senate fails to pass the US 14 bil emergency bailout for US automakers, talks collapse over union wage cuts.

12/12 UN report ranks Malaysia the 3rd in Asia, behind India and China, in number of effort put into reducing carbon-emission.

12/12 Asia Bioenergy Technologies Bhd debuts at 28 sen, up 2.2 sen against its IPO price of 25.8 sen; the CI eases 3.75 points to 856.93.

12/12 Overnight Dow closed at 8565.09, down 196.33. Crude oil jumped USD 4.46 to USD 47.98 a barrel.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008



(吉隆坡讯) 时值全球股市低靡和经济衰退之际,惟有在实战经验中的创新思维,才能帮助我们异军突起并冲破困境。







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Friday, December 5, 2008

International Reserves of BNM as at 28 November 2008

International Reserves of BNM as at 28 November 2008
The international reserves of Bank Negara Malaysia amounted to RM336.4 billion (equivalent to USD97.7 billion) as at 28 November 2008. The reserves position is sufficient to finance 7.9 months of retained imports and is 3.5 times the short-term external debt.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

KLCI closed up 1.78 to 847.53

3/12 KLCI closed up 1.78 to 847.53. CPO fell RM 36 to RM 1567. DiGi jumped 80 c to RM 21.40, Kulim-WB increased 21 c to RM 2.69, Lii Hen rose 16 c to 50 c, BAT dropped 75 c to 45.25.

Crude oil ended at USD 46.96, down USD 2.32.

2/12 YTL Power purchasing 100pct of PowerSeraya from Temasek at enterprise value of 3.8b Singapore dollars, including 200 mil dollar net debt.

2/12 Fuel prices down 10 sen effective midnight tonight, RON 97 petrol at RM 1.90 per litre, diesel and RON92 petrol at RM 1.80 per litre: PM's office.

1/12 KLCI closed down 17.7points to 848. CPO fell RM 20 to RM 1612.

3/12 MMC says Zelan board lets contract of CEO Albert Chang to lapse Jan 31 at his request. MMC will pick ED to spearhead company with current COO.

3/12 MMC says plans to grow 39% owned Zelan into regional engineering, procurement, construction and commission power plant contractor.

2/12 US President-elect Barack Obama has nominated former rival Hillary Clinton as his secretary of state.

1/12 Tenaga in proposed JV with Felda Palam Industries, Electric Power Devt for 10MW Jenka biomass power project in Pahang, Tenaga to own 24.5%.

3/12 Petronas shuts down indefinitely processing plants in Kertih including JV plants in Kuantan due to low demand, says chairman.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

US market closed up 270 points

The market remains uncertain about what might lie ahead, from how long the recession might last to more troubles in the struggling financial sector. Wall Street this week is wary about a number of reports due to be released, primarily Friday’s jobs report that is widely considered the most important economic reading of the month.

According to preliminary calculations, the Dow Jones industrial average closed up 270 points, or 3.31 percent, to 8,419.09 after falling nearly 680 points on Monday.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index rose 32.61, or 4 percent, to 848.82, while the Nasdaq composite index gained 51.73, or 3.70 percent, to 1,449.80.

The Russell 2000 index of smaller companies rose 15.62, or 3.75 percent, to 432.69.

On Dec 2,KLCI closed at 845.75

Friday, November 28, 2008

KLCI closed 3.84 point down to 866.14

KLCI eroded 3.84 to close at 866.14. Gainers 255, losers 408 and there 207 counters untraded. Volume is recorded at 5.82 mil shares.

20/11 MISC second quarter net profit fell 29% to RM 450m from RM 639m a year ago due to losses in liner business. Revenue is recorded at RM 4.45b vs RM 3.17 b a year ago. It declared a 15 c dividends.

19/11 Allianze Malaysia calls off talks with Idaman Unggul over its proposed acqusition of the entire stake in Tahan Insurance Malaysia.

19/11 The EU is urging South-East Asia to speed up trade negotiations between the two blocs to minimise impact of global financial crisis.

19/11 Sime Darby is making foray into China's downstream palm oil business via JV with Chinese government-linked company Dongguan Sinograin Oils & Grains.

19/11 BNP Paribas, Natixis Transport Finance seal USD 336 m sharia financing for AirAsia 8 Airbus 320-200 aircraft.

18/11 The cabinet has agreed in principle to give land to asli for housing and agriculture, says Rural and Regional Minister Muhammad Mat Taib.

18/11 overnight Dow settled 223.73 points down to close at 8273.58.

17/11 Plus third quarter net profit fell to RM 241.7m from RM 286.2m a year ago, due to lower toll collection followintg increase in fuel price on June 5.

17/11 Tan Chong Motor third quarter net profit surged to RM 95.4m from RM 33.17m a year ago, boost from new models, greater cost efficiency. Revenue is recorded at Rm 1 b.

17/11 Moody's has negative outlook for all three shipping sectors of dry bulk, tankers, and liners in Asia Pacific over the next 12-18 months.

17/11 Government has paid out RM 2.5 bil in petrol rebate from June 14 to Oct 31 to 5.66 mil motorists, says the Deputy Finance Minister.

16/11 Bank Negara Governor Dr Zeti Aziz and economist Jomo Sundaram appointed to UN taskforce to examine possible reforms of global financial system.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

KLCI closed 13.61 points up to 869.98

27/11 KLCI rose 13.61 to close at 869.98. Other markets also perform quite well.
United States Stock Market Dow closed at 8726.61, up 247.14,
Nasdaq closed at 1532.10, up 67.37, S & P 500 887.68, jumped 30.29,Nikkei closed at
8373.39, rose 160.17, Hang Seng closed at 13552.06, up 182.61, Shanghai closed at
1917.86, up 19.97, Singapore Stock Market Straits closed at 1710.52, -0.61
Jakarta Stock Exchange Jakarta closed at 1202.07, 8.92

Ramunia eroded 0.145 c to close at 0.465.

24/11 KLCI fell 11.49 points to 855.39 at close. CPO rose RM 15 to RM 1,475. Oil at USD 49.

24/11 Bonia will focus on expanding export markets, especially Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. It will seek higher contribution from Singapore also.

24/11 Amanah Saham Nasional announces income distribution of 7 c per unit for ASN 3 Imbang for FY ended Nov 30. NAV of ASN 3 at 94 c on Nov 21.

24/11 US will invest USD 20 b in Citigroup, back by USD 306 b loan pool. US will also use all resources to preserve banking institutions, says wire report.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ramunia hit limit down

26/11 KLCI was down 9.46 points to 850.72 at noon. CPO rose RM 23 to RM 1543. Ramaunia erode 39 c to 91c, PPB was down 35 c to RM 8.30, MISC-F slide 35 c to RM 7.95, Ramunia-WA was down 30 c to 70c.

Why Ramunia hit limit down? This is because MISC says it has terminated sale and purchase deal with Ramunia due to unsatisfactory due diligence findings.

26/11 The Dow gained a further 36.08 points to 8,479.47 in overnight trading; Crude oil settled down USD 3.73 to USD 50.77.

26/11 Temasek holdings becomes substantial shareholder in WCT Bhd after buying 38.89m shares or 5.04% on Nov 20, according to Bursa filing.

26/11 FFM president says measures taken to cut costs include shorter working hours, longer leave periods. No retrenchment yet among 2,300 members.

25/11 AirAsia X announces KL-London RM 499 one-way fare for travel March 11 to Oct 4, 2009, 5 flights a week, online bookings begin 8 pm tonight.

25/11 IJM Corp second quarter net profit is recorded at RM 88m, down 4.5% from RM 92m a year ago. Declare 25 c dividend. IJM Plant second quarter net profit is RM 36.9m. IJM Land second quarter profit is RM 5.1m.

25/11 KLCI closed up 4.79points to 860.18. CPO rose RM 44 to RM 1,532. Cepco improved 38c to RM 2.38, BKawan increased 35c to RM 7.35, PetDag jumped 35 c to RM 7.05, KFC rose 30 c.

25/11 CIMB Bank, CIMB Islamic Bank cut BLR, base financing rate by 25 basis points to 6.5% from Dec 1 to pass on benefit of OPR cut to borrowers.

25/11 HSBC Malaysia CEO Doerner says no grounds for concern over job cuts in Malaysia. HSBC targets to grow Islamic assets by 20% in 2 years.

25/11 Overnight Dow ended 396.97 points higher, or 4.93pct to 8443.39; Nymex crude oil settled at USD 54.50, up USD 4.57.

25/11 MMC says there is no plans to take Zelan private nor inject MMC Engineering into Zelan. However, MMC says it is committed to work with Zelan.

24/11 UMW third quarter net profit is recorded at RM 152.6m vs RM 140m a year ago, boost by higher sales of Toyota vehicles despite higher income tax. It declared a 10 c dividend.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday Dow jumped 494 points

Wall Street put a stop to a terrifying decline and stormed higher Friday as President-elect Barack Obama appeared ready to tap the chief of the New York Federal Reserve as the next treasury secretary and hand him the herculean task of righting the US financial system.

The Dow Jones industrial average, which had broken even for the day until news of the nomination leaked about an hour before the close, raced upward and finished 494 points higher, a rally of more than 6 1/2 percent. The Dow finished at 8046.

21/11 KLCI closed 1.56 points up to 866.88. CPO falls RM 14 to RM 1,454. DiGi rose 30 c to RM 20.20, TMI increased 22 c to RM 4.20, PBBank jumped 20 c to RM 8.50, IJM shot up 15 c.

21/11 Bank Negara international reserves fell to RM 343.8 b (USD 99.7b) as at Nov 14 from RM 345.5b (USD 100.2b) on Oct 31.

21/11 Overnight Wall Street settled down 444.99 points, or 5.56 pct to 7552.29; Crude Oil is recorded at USD 49.62, losing USD 4 a barrel.

20/11 YTL Power first quarter net profit is recorded at RM 180.4m vs RM 235m a year ago due to one-off tax payment by power unit. Revenue is RM 1.05b, dividend declared is 4.5c.

KC Goh will give his market outlook on Nov 23 at Popular Tebrau City, JB

KC Goh,the author of a stock market book, will talk about market outlook on Nov 23 (Sunday) at Popular Book store, Tebrau City, JB, from 4 pm to 6 pm. All are welcome

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

KLCI closed down 12.33 pt to 865.32

20/11 KLCI closed down 12.33 points to 865.32. CPO fell RM 33 to RM 1447, oil down USD 1.05 to USD $52.57. LKT erode 31 c to RM 2.48, EON Cap dropped 26 c to RM 3.24.

20/11 October car sales fell to 33,418 units from 39,198 units a year due to low consumer confidence caused by global financial woes.

20/11 Perwaja says amount due to vessel operator Swissmarine Services for transporting steel from Mexico to Terengganu at USD 6 m only.

20/11 Goldman Sach ceases to be substantial shareholder of Pelikan International after selling 7 m shares on Nov 12, cut stake to 10.6m shares.

20/11 MAS extends Idris Jala contract as managing director for another three years, effective from Dec 1 this year to Nov 30, 2011.

20/11 PBBank-F falls 25 c to RM 8.35 at midday, Shell erode 25c to RM 9.25, EON Cap dropped 22 c to RM 3.28, PB Bank slide 20 c to RM 8.30, BHIC slipped 16 c to RM 2.84.

20/11 Iskander Malaysia project moving forward despite economic slowdown with investments totaling RM 40.25 bil since 2006: Johore MB.

20/11 APEC nations will push for a quick conclusion to stalled WTO talks to help fix global financial crisis, says Muhyiddin Yassin in Lima.

20/11 Overnight Dow finished down 427.47 points, or 5.07 pct to 7997.28; Crude oil is priced at USD 53.62, easing 77 cents a barrel.

19/11 Petronas Gas posts RM 207.24 m net profit in second quarter, down from RM 246.6m net profit a year ago due to higher costs. It declared a 15 c dividend.

19/11 Esso Malaysia posts a net loss of RM 133.25 m in third quarter vs net profit of RM 15.5m a year ago due to inventory losses from plunge in crude, product prices.

KC Goh was invited by Penang Gurney Plaza Popular to talk about stock market on Nov 16, 2008

KC Goh was analysing the stock market outlook on Nov 16, 2008 at Gurney Plaza Penang Popular Bookstore. He will be talking again at Tebrau City Popular Bookstore Johore Baru on Nov 23, 2008 on the same subject. All are welcome.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

19/11 KLCI closed down 5.44 to 877.65. CPO rose RM 43 to RM 1,479, Ekovest-WA dropped 30 c to 30 c, Nestle erode 25 c to Rm 27.50, superlon dropped 24 c to 53c.

19/11 North American semiconductor equipment industry posts USD 843m orders in October, based on 3-month average. Book-to-bill ratio at 0.93.

19/11 Wall Street closed up 151.17 points, or 1.83 pct to 8,424.75; Nymex crude oil at USD 54.39, down 56 cents a barrel.

18/11 Affin Holdings third quarter net profit is recorded at RM 53.9m vs RM 60m a year ago. Revenue is RM 516.6m vs RM 576.8m. EPS is 3.61c vs 4.67c. Declared dividend 5 c per share.

18/11 AmBank invested RM 30m to buy 600 self-service machines, including ATMs to be installed nationwide by mid-2009 to boost consumer banking biz.

18/11 All highway concessionaires except Maju Expressway have consented to make their agreements public: Works Minister Mohd Zin.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

KLCI closed 0.97 point down to 883.09

18/11 KLCI fell 0.97 point to 883.09 at closing.

18/11 Obama & McCain pledged a "new era of reform" to solve the US economic crisis, transform energy policy & safeguard national security.

18/11 KLCI fell 1.3 points to 882.7 noon. CPO fell RM 10 to RM 1,425. UEM Land rose 11c to 66 c but Utd Plantation dropped 30 c to RM 10.10, KLK erode 15 c to RM 8.25, WCT droppped 12 c.

18/11 UEM Land to raise RM 850 m bank loan from five local banks via Islamic financing. Expect to finalise by March 2009, says MD.

18/11 Pavilion Residences, with GDV of RM 610m fully sold out, completion early 2009. Each condominium cost RM 1.8m and above.
18/11 Government had stopped subsidising pertrol at the beginning of November because of low global prices, says Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister.

18/11 Light vehicles will enjoy 10 pc toll discount on North-South and Elite highways between midnight and 7am beginning next year: Plus.

17/11 Utd Plantations third quarter earnings increased 58 % to RM 89.9m from RM 56.7m a year ago, boost from higher CPO prices. Declared dividend 15 c net per share.

17/11 KLCI closed 2.4 points up to 884. Oil dropped US $ 1.03 to USD$ 56.00. CPO slid RM 30 to RM 1430, BAT rose 50 c to RM 43.25, Nestle improved 25 c to RM 27.75, KFC jumped 20 c to RM 7.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Najib:30% bumi equity can open it to other during difficult economy time

12/11 The DPM Najib said:30% bumi equity remains but, in view of the current economy, companies unable to find suitable bumiputeras can open it to others.

12/11 Shell Refining posted the third quarter net loss of RM 286.54m compared with net profit of RM 128.83 a year ago, due to stockholding loss of RM 254m, lower production.

12/11 International Trade and Industry Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to announce incentive package on Friday to promote investments in country.

12/11 The Dow closed down 176.58 points or 2 pct to 8,693.96; Crude oil settled at USD$59.33 a barrel, dropped 3.08 in overnight session.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

KLCI eroded 2 points to 893.9 on Friday

7/11 KLCI eroded 2 points to 893.9. YTL slipped 30 c to RM 6.20, Dutaland- LA dropped 16 c to 24 c, Cepco slid 15 c to RM 2.35, MISC-F soften 15 c to RM 8.35, sime eroded 15 c to RM 6.20.

7/11 Bank Negara international reserves fell to RM 345.55 bil (US 100.2) as at Oct 31, down from RM 361.76 b on Oct 15 and Rm 379.35 b on Sept 30.

7/11 IOI Corp first quarter net profit is recorded at RM 290.5 m vs RM 451 m a year ago. Realized forex loss of RM 100 m, unrealized translation loss on USD loans of RM 212.2m.

7/11 Asian markets pare losses by noon. KLCI was down 6.56 point to 889.39. CPO rose RM 23 to RM 1622.

7/11 US-based Emerging Markets Growth Fund sold 7m IJM Corp shares on Nov 4, ceases to be substantial shareholder.

7/11 DJIA fell 443 points or 4.9 % to close at 8,695 after jobless claims rose, companies posted weaker earnings. Oil fell 47 c to USD 60.30.

31/10 Maybank CFO Aminuddin Md Desa to helm insurance arm, while Telekom Malaysia ex-chief strategy officer Khairussaleh Ramli takes over as CFO.

31/10 Auditors of OCI say unable to form opinion on accounts of company, subsidiaries due missing accounts, financial details.

31/10 Fitch says Malaysian banks resilient in first half 2008 but sees weaker earnings due to worsening global economic outlook especially in 2009.

31/10 Finland's Populus Mutual Fund sold 3.428m Adventa shares on Wednesday, cuts stake to 5.57m and ceases to be substantial shareholder.

30/10 US Fed cuts interest rate by 50 basis points to 1 % to avert economic downturn, but sees downside risks to growth remaining.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

KLCI closed 19.29 points down to 895.95

6/11 KLCI closed down 19.29 to 895.95.

6/11 Malaysia will study policies of newly-elected President Obama before deciding whether to resume FTA talks with US:Finance Minister Najib.

6/11 World leaders hailed Barack Obama's triumph as the dawn of a new era and called for the global superpower to change the way it does business.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

KLCI closed 9.66 points up to 915.24

5/11 KLCI rose 9.66 points to 915.24. Bursa jumped 5 c to 5.75, KLK flied 30 c to 8.50, IOICorp went up 18c to 3.30.

5/11 second Finance Minister says funding RM 7 B stimulus plan will come from reduction in provision of fuel subsidy, partly from domestic bonds.

5/11 September exports rose to RM 62.41 b from RM 54.15b a year ago and from RM 59.62 b in August. Imports RM 47.77 b versus RM 42.68b a year ago, RM 47b in August.

5/11 MMC unit, Saudi binladin group and Chalco HK Ltd sign letter of intent with CPI Power plant for 2400 MW power plant for Jazan City smelter.

5/11 Dow Jones industrial average closed up 305pt or 3.28% to 9625.28 as Americans voted for a new president. Oil fell 67 c to USD 69.80.

3/11 Land premium for charitable organizations including religious bodies in Perak will be at a flat rate of RM 1000; quit rent will be RM 40 a year.

3/11 KFCH hopes to maintain 2008 sales next year despite higher raw materials, plans to launch new products.

3/11 UBS chief economist sees Bank Negara cutting overnight policy rate by 50 basis points to 3% by end-November to offset slowing growth.

3/11 US-based National Instruments to invest initial RM 280m in Bayan Lepas, Penang. Work to start next year and create 1500 jobs when completed.

3/11 Malaysians must be united and have the determination to face economic challenges, say PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

1/11 A new rebate system will be introduced next year to replace the RM 625 fuel subsidy given to motorists now, Shahrir Samad said.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

KLCI closed 6.23 points up to 905.58

4/11 KLCI rose 6.23 to close at 905.58.

4/11 Finance Minister Najib said that GDP will grow next year by 3.5 % while inflation rate expected to be around 3 to 4 %. The government will inject 7 bil into the economy despite economic slowdown to strengthen economy and boost confidence within private sector.

4/11 DJIA closed just 5.18 points or 0.06 % down at 9,319.80 as investors stayed cautious ahead of presidential polls. Oil eased 6 c to USD $63.85.

4/11 US-based Emerging Markets Growth Fund sold 1.95m IJM Corp shares from Oct 28 to 30, reduced stake to 46.3m IJM shares or 5.4%.

3/11 CIMB said TPG Capital will invest up to US$150 mil in Bumiputra-Commerce Holdings Bhd by subscribing to bond-warrants in a private offer.

Monday, November 3, 2008

KLCI closed 35.74 points up to 899.35

3/11 KLCI closes 35.74 points up to 899.35. CPO rose RM 130 to RM 1649.00 Oil eroded 91 c to USD $66.91. DiGI jumped 90 c to RM 19.30, Tanjong went up 60 c to RM 12.40, Maybank shot up 50 c to 5.85.

Friday, October 31, 2008

KLCI closed 10.05 points up to 863.61

31/10 KLCI closed 10.05 points up at 863.61. CPO fell RM 35 to RM 1525. Tanjong rose RM 1 to RM 11.80, YTL jumped 50c to RM 6.20, Genting climbed 32 c to RM 4.52.

31/10 Petrol and diesel prices down by 15 sen from 12.01 am Saturday. New price RON 97: RM 2.15 per litre, RON 92: RM 2.05, diesel: RM 2.05.

31/10 Plenitude hopes to keep pre-tax profit margins at 31% for FY09 on unbilled sales of RM 216 mil, says executive director.

31/10 Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Dell recalling 100,000 laptop batteries made by Sony after incidents of overheating; Sony's Vaio PCs is not affected.

31/10 Wall Street rose 189.73 points or 2.11 % to 9180.69; Nymex crude oil is recorded at US$65.96, down US$1.54 a barrel.

30/10 Kencana's 60 % owned Kencana Mermaid Drilling gets US$235m contract from Petronas Carigali to provide offshore drilling services.

30/10 Nestle third quarter net profit slips to RM 87.54 m vs RM 115.96m a year ago due to higher raw material prices. Revenue RM 961.8m vs RM 861.4m. EPS is recorded at 37.33c.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

KLCI closed 24.15 points up to 853.56

30/10 KLCI closed 24.15 points up to 853.56. Volume surged to 973m shares. CPO rose RM 119 to RM 1554. KLK jumped 95c to RM 8.10, IOI Corp shot up 49 c to RM 2.74.

30/10 KLCI was up 18.4 points to 847.82 noon. CPO rose RM 71 to RM 71 to RM 1,506, KLK went up 45 c to RM 7.60, IOI jumped 38c to RM 2.63, Foreign fund bought 29.33 shares last Friday. IOI said forex loss was RM 100m. Hang Seng rose 10.11% or 1283 points to 13986.

30/10 Timber-based Limahsoon extends decline, falls 4.5c to 13c with 653,000 shares done at 10.38 am. Yesterday, it plunged 32.5c to 17.5c.

30/10 CIMB Private Equity, Alam Maritim in RM 252m JV to buy, operate offshore support vessels for oil, gas industry.s

30/10 Top Glove sees sales growing 20% in FY9-FY 10 on firm demand, cost efficient, says chairman. Capex RM 80 m for FY09.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

KLCI closed 3.03 points down to 829.41

29/10 KLCI closed 3.03 points down to 829.41. CPO was down RM 35 to RM 1,424. DiGi eroded RM 1.70 to RM 19.20, Utd Plt dropped 60 c to RM 8.50, Kulim -WB slid 40 c to RM 1.60, IJM slipped 34 c to 2.45.

29/10 Bursa queries Limahsoon over sharp fall in share price. Price plunged 32.5c to 17.5 c with 513,300 shares done.

29/10 Hai-O sees 5% rise in sales for FY 09, driven by multi-level marketing of Chinese healthcare products, says MD.

29/10 Teo Seng Capital Bhd opens flat at RM 0.45 on listing; The CI is + 17.81 points at 850.25.

29/10 Overnight Dow closed +889.35 points, or 10.91 % to 9065.12; Oil is priced at US 62.73, dropped 0.49 c a barrel.

28/10 Overnight Wall Street ended -203.18 points, or 2.42 % to 8175.77; Nymex crude oil dropped 0.93 to US $63.22 per barrel.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KLCI closed 26.67 points down to 832.44

28/10 KLCI closed 26.67 points down to 832.44. KLCI was down to as low 801.27 (-57.84).

28/10 YNH Property says no delay in selling 50% stake of YNH Tower to Kuwait Finance House, also not in hurry to sell second block.

28/10 Melewar Group gets 55.18% of M3nergy shares, says Tunku Yaacob. Shareholders have until Nov 7 to accept Melewar takeover at RM 1.20.

28/10 Property developer Sunrise expects RM 1.36b unbilled sales sufficient for next 2 to 3 years despite sluggish economic situation.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oct 29 is a crucial date

Oct 29 is a crucial date. You may be able to make big buck. Watch out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The KLCI was down 13.88 points to 904.28

22/10 The KLCI closed 13.88 points lower at 904.28;losses led by Tanjong (-40c), DIGI (-40c), Bumiputra-Commerce(-30c) & IOICorp(-16c).

The KLCI was down 7.38 points to 910.78 at midday; top losers were Bumiputra-commerce(-30c), IOIProp(-24c) and Tanjong(-20sen)

KLCI rosed 8.65 to close at 918.16

21/10 KLCI rose 8.65 to close at 918.16 today. There are 357 counters up and 235 counters down. 541 mil shares changed hand valued at RM 960 mil.

15/10 Goldman Sachs ceases to be SAAG substantial shareholder after selling 1.5 m shares on Oct 13. It earlier sold 6.15 m shares Oct 3 to 8.

9/10 The Dow ended down 189.01 points or 2 % to 9258.10; Crude oil was down US$1.11 to US $88.95 a barrel.

8/10 US Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and 4 other central banks lower interest rates, Fed cut benchmark rate by half point to 1.5%.

8/10 UK government will invest 50bil pounds (US$87 bil ) in an unprecedented move to prevent collapse of the UK banking system, says news report.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The government will inject RM 5 bil to double the size of ValueCap Sdn Bhd to invest in undervalued companies.

20/10 Najib says government will inject RM 5 bil to double the size of ValueCap Sdn Bhd, set up in 2003 to invest in undervalued companies.

Blogger: I think the government should stimulate domestic consumption, move our project fast instead of delay some projects. The government should withdraw the windfall tax and to sustain the CPO prices as what the Minister suggested.

20/10 MAS aims to reduce operating cost by RM 1 bil this year, CEO Datuk Idris Jala said; it saved RM 738 mil last year and cut RM 665 mil in 2006.

20/10 Berjaya Land may put on hold property projects due to weak demand but confident of selling RM 350 mil properties by April, 2009, says CEO.

20/10 Naza will triple car exports to Thailand to 1,500 units by year end. Models are Kia Picanto, Bistari, Forza, says CEO.

8/10 UK announces 50 bil-pound bailout, will use taxpayers money to buy shares in 8 largest bank and building societies.

8/10 August exports up 10.6 % at RM 59.58b from RM 53.86 b a year ago, but down 5.89% from RM 63.3 b in July due to lower E&E exports to US, EU.

7/10 Tune Air mulls potential privatisation of Air Asia at indicative price of about RM 1.35 per share. No decision yet.

7/10 Khazanah ropes in Global Transit International Sdn Bhd (GTI) to strengthen Time dotcom operations. GTI part of group in Japan-US undersea cable job.

Friday, October 17, 2008

KLCI down 14.79 points

17/10 KLCI closed 14.79 points down at 905.23. Tanjong eroded 60 c to RM 10.50, F&N slipped 45 c to RM 8.10, Maybank was down 35 c to RM 5.10, Gamuda slid 31 c to RM 1.54.

17/10 KLCI +3.5pt to 925.5 at 9.26am. MPI +30c to RM6.65, TgOff-WB +24.5c to 25c, Tanjong +20c to RM11.30m TMI +15c to RM5.15, IJM +12c to RM4.22/STAR

17/10 Bursa Malaysia opens +5.89 points, or 0.64 pct to 925.91/STAR

17/10 Overnight Wall Street +401.35 points, or 4.68 pct to 8,979.26; Light sweet crude –US$4.69 to US$69.85 per barrel/STAR

17/10 Genting ventures into renewable energy, buys 1 m shares of US-based Synthetic Genomics, Inc for US $8m or RM 28.2 m from its founder.

16/10 Govt to fully guarantee all ringgit, foreign currency deposits in banks until December 2010 via Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia/STAR

16/10 With immediate effect all ringgit, foreign currency deposits with commercial, Islamic and investment banks are fully guaranteed, says BNM/STAR

16/10 Tenaga Q4 losses due to higher coal prices, weaker RM vs US¿ and yen. Sees significant challenge to commissioning 1,400MW Jimah plant/STAR

16/10 Tenaga Q4 net loss RM282.9m vs net profit RM168.4m yr ago. FY ended Aug 2008, net profit RM2.59b vs net profit RM4.06b yr ago. 10c dividend/STAR

16/10 KLCI closed -30pt to 920. CPO -RM127 to RM1,621. KNM off lows, down 0.5c to 68.5c, IOI Corp -34c to RM3.02, KLK -50c to RM8.05, BCHB -40c/STAR

16/10 UEM Group, which is taking over Opus, bought 6.05m Opus shares on Oct 7-8, ups stake to 76.48% or 359.4 m shares.

16/10 The Dow finished down 733.08 points or 7.87 % to 8577.91; Nymex crude oil eroded US$ 4.09 to US$ 74.54 a barrel in overnight trading.

15/10 Putera Capital failed in second appeal against SC decision to reject its revamp plan, to be suspended from trading on Oct 23.

15/10 MMC will not raise offer for Aliran Ihsan at 90c each despite independent adviser recommending shareholders reject offer as it was too low.

15/10 PM asks consumers to use their purchasing power to force down price of goods which have remained high despite petrol reduction.

15/10 PM Abdullah says some projects, including those in economic corridors, might have to be reviewed in view of the global economic slowdown.

15/10 Trading in Loh & Loh will not be suspended from Thursday as its public shareholding spread has increased to 10.05%, says Bursa.

15/10 JT Intl says to maintain dividend policy of 60%, unsure of impact of higher excise duties but expects financial performance better this FY.

15/10 Singapore’s Mercury Pacific Marine holds 29.34% or 86.4m shares of Perisai Petroleum in exchange for selling its SJR Marine stake.

14/10 There is sufficient liquidity in banking system;hence no need to impose bank guarantees on deposits at this points, says Finance Minister.

14/10 Government will announce measures to strengthen economy on Monday, says Finance Minister Najib Tun Razak.

14/10 Bank Negara says local financial system can weather current global financial turmoil. However, it is ready to provide liquidity to financial institutions.

14/10 Public Bank rose 20 c to RM 9 at noon. Its chairman sees local economy soften in quarter 4 and 2009 but predicts that Public Bank will maintain its earnings growth despite challenging operating environment.

14/10 Public Bank third quarter net profit is recorded at RM 616.34m vs RM 543.63m a year ago, revenue is RM 2.79b vs RM 2.41b, EPS 18.37c vs 16.21c, 9-month profit is recorded at RM 1.927b.

9/10 Country’s economy is stable despite the financial crisis faced by global community, says DPM Najib Tun Razak.

9/10 Asia’s insurance industry strong enough to survive current market turmoil, but profits significantly eroded over next year, says S&P.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Malaysia is not slipping into recession

13/10 When responding to a question about Singapore announcement of anti-recession measures, Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah says that Malaysia is not slipping into recession and can weather global economic storm.

13/10 Sime Darby may review forecast earnings for current FY due to weaker CPO prices. However, expects year-on-year yield to improve 5 %.

Goldman Sach dispose 6.15 m shares of SAAG

14/10 Goldman Sach disposes of 6.15 m shares in SAAG from Oct 3 to 8, cuts stake to 32.13m shares or 5.17% stake.

14/10 IOI Corp to postpone launch of Sentosa Cove projects due to fragile residential property market in Singapore, says Citigroup Research.

Dow rebound, our market also follows

14/10 The Dow settled + 936.42 points or 11.08% to 9387.61; Nymex crude oil rose US 3.49 to US 81.19 per barrel.

At 11:33 am, KLCI went up 15.15 to 965.91.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

KLCI up slightly

7/10 KLCI closed 0.39 points up at 997.23. CPO is up RM 10 to RM 1830, Oil rose 1.30 to $89.14. Tenaga rose 30 c to RM 6.90, DiGi jumped 20 c to RM 23.10.

7/10 Asian markets recover, KLCI up 1.21 point to 998.97 noon. CPO jumped RM 51 to RM 1,871. Oil rose $1.82 to $89.63. Tenaga was up 25t c to RM 6.85.

7/10 The Dow ended down 369.88 points, or 3.58% to 9955.50; Crude oil also down US$6.07 to US $87.81 a barrel in overnight trading.

7/10 Australia's central bank cut benchmark interest rate by one percentage point to 6%, the most since recession in 1992, spurs Asian stock.

7/10 CapitalLand says it is not involved in talks to buy Ipoh Parade, Klang Parade, and Seremban Parade from TMW Asia Property Fund.

7/10 Japan, Australia central banks pumped more than US$100 b into money markets today to ease near-record borrowing costs, says Bloomberg report.

7/10 Avonsleigh Invest Corp buys into Envair Holdings, acquires 8.95m shares or 8.31% on Sept 29 from shareholder Wong Peng Yew.

6/10 Astro files notice of arbitration in Singapore, names PT Direct Vision, 2 others as respondents. It is seeking RM 905m compensation.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

TM International appoiints Don Price as Group CTO

6/10 TM International appoints Don Price as group chief technology officer, Yap Wai Yip as group financial controllers.

6/10 German government and country's banks, insurers agree on US$68b rescue package for property lender Hypo Real Estate Holdings, says news report.

6/10 France's largest bank, BNP Paribas to take control of Fortis units in Belgium and Luxembourg, says news report.

28/9 US Congressional leaders and Bush administration reach US$700 bil bailout deal using taxpayers money; House and senate to vote on it Mon-Tues.

29/9 UK Government seizes Bradford & Bingley plc, the biggest tender to landlords after credit crisis shut off funding, news report says.

29/9 Thung Hup Holdings, which holds 53.26% of Th Group, plans capital repayment of 75c cash per share under move to take it private.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Khazanah buys more UEM world's shares

26/9 Khazanah Nasional buys 11.44m UEM World shares from open market on Sept 18-19, ups stake to 923.5 m shares or 66.53%.

26/9 Bank Negara reassessing BII deal due to current financial turmoil, concern over post acquisition financial projections on Maybank. It wants Maybank to obtain new agreement on purchase price for BII deal to ensure no substantial impairment.

26/9 The Dow ended at 11,022.06, up 196.89 points in overnight session; Crude oil rose US$2.29 to US$ 108.02 a barrel.

22/9 Government will not re-peg the ringgit and is committed to allowing the market to determine value of the ringgit, says Finance Minister Najib.

22/9 Selangor government reviewing Kannalter’s broadband network concession deal valued RM 400m, may reduce sites installation, says exec chairman.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

KLCI down 3.66 to close at 1024.74

25/9 KLCI closed down 3.66 points to 1024.74. CPO was down RM 38 to RM 2280, SPO-WA eroded 45 c to RM 1.60, Tenaga slipped 30 c to RM 6.70, Parkson slid 18 c to RM 3.94, Nestle dropped RM 1.

25/9 SC approves Nomura application to set up stock-broking operations. Nomura is to promote intermediation of funds from Middle-East to Malaysia.

25/9 Berjaya Corp first quarter earnings is recorded at RM 33m vs Rm 136.47m a year ago due to absence of one-off gains, revenue RM 1.49m vs RM 565m, EPF is 0.86c vs 4.2c.

25/9 SP Setia third quarter net profit slips to RM 40.86m from RM 53.77m a year ago, revenue is recorded at RM 302.4m vs RM 294.64. EPS is 4.02c vs 5.33 c.

25/9 Encorp gets RM 130.8m contract from Ircon International of India to build stations for electrified double track project from Seremban to Gemas.

24/9 Gamuda net profit RM 325 m for FY ended July 31, up from RM 185.4m a year ago. Revenue is recorded at RM 2.4 b vs RM 1.5b. EPS is 16.27 c vs 10.86c. Fourth quarter profit is RM 70 m.

24/9 Petra Enercy secures RM 1.1b contract from Shell to provide maintenance for offshore oil and gas facilities off Sabah, Sarawak.

24/9 August CPI rose 8.5% from a year ago and it was also higher by 0.2% from July, says government.

24/9 BCHB holds 18.97 % or 15.4m shares of Foremost Holdings after debt equity conversion by CIMB.

24/9 Overnight Dow was down 161.52 points to 10854.17; Light sweet crude for Nov delivery at US$106.61, down US$2.76 a barrel.

23/9 Malaysia’s current account balance showed RM 37 bil surplus and overall balance of + RM 26 bil in the second quarter; ( RM 24 bil, RM 49bil in the first quarter respectively.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stock:TSH Resources buys Sinora shares

25/9 TSH Resources buys 12.5m Sinora Industries shares or 12.5% stake via restricted issue on Sept 15, ups stake to 22.5m shares.

25/9 Overnight Wall street was down 29 points to 10,825.17; Crude oil on Nymex at US $105.73, down 88 cents.

Friday, September 19, 2008

KLCI made a come back

19/9 KLCI closed 34.04 points up to 1025.70. Tenaga rose 65 c to RM 6.90, TMI jumped 60 c to RM 6.55, BCHB flied 50 c to RM 7.60, Tanjong jumped 40 c to RM 12.80.

19/9 AIG group GM at Singapore life insurance unit, Mark O’Dell has resigned. Resignation not linked to recent developments at AIG, insurer said.

19/9 Wall Street rose 410.03 to 11,019.69; Light sweet crude is quoted at US$97.88, up 72 cents.

19/9 MISC secures USD 85m to USD 100m contract from Petronas Carigali to provide bareboat charter, maintenance floating storage in Dulang field.

19/9 Acoustech in final talk with several car manufacturers to supply speaker units, expects this to be next growth area, says Acoustech director.

19/9 Karpal Singh files RM 10 mil defamation suit against Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd for allegedly misquoting him in statement about Islam at DAP Congress.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AIG gets $85B loan from US government

17/9 AIG averts financial collapse after accepting $85b loan from US govt, which will take up 79.9% stake, AIG senior manager, CEO to resign.

17/9 Wall Street was up 141.51 points to 11,059.02; Crude oil at US$91.15, eroded US $4.56 a barrel.

16/9 Bank Negara reinstates nod to Maybank to buy Bank Internasional Indonesia provided Bapepam agrees to sell-down rule.

16/9 Maybank says Bapepam informed of possible extension of timeframe for 20% refloat after buying Bank Internasional Indonesia.

16/9 SapuraCrest Petroleum second quarter net profit RM32.1m vs RM 11.2m a year ago, revenue RM 903m vs Rm 570.5m, boost from drilling, marine services. EPS 2.73c

16/9 Securities Commission rejects Kzen Solutions proposed acquisition of Izzinet for RM 150m waiver for MGO, share placement.

Friday, September 12, 2008

KLCI is up 2.96 to close at 1044.03

12/9 KLCI is up 2.96 to close at 1044.03. CPO rose RM 66 to RM 2,375. Oil is up $1.16 to $102. Tanjong jumped 40 c to RM 13.40, Tenaga-LA rose 22.5c to RM 1.03 but Tenaga dropped 70 c to 7.20.

12/9 DJIA closed higher by 164.79pt or 1.46%to 11433.71as Lehman Brothers shopped itself to possible suitors.  Oil fell to $101.33.

12/9 Vastalux dropped 15 c to 60 c at 11am. Executive Director unfazed by weak debut, sees recovery when market picks up due to good fundamentals, prospects.

12/9 Arisaig Asean Fund Ltd sold 7.7m Pelikan shares on Sept 5, ceased to be substantial shareholder. Stake reduced to 13.23m

12/9 Bursa Securities reprimads Thong Guan Industries, Pentamaster, ordered their external auditors to review quarterly reports for fourth quarters.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

KLCI closed 1041.07 down 21.63

KLCI is down by 21.63 to close at 1041.07.Oil dropped 94c $101.64, Kulim slipped 65 c to RM 5.95, Kulim-WB eroded 62 c to RM 3.90, Parkson dropped 40 c to 4.20.

11/9 Cabinet suspends power purchase agreement renegotiations, pending study into revamp of power supply industry.

11/9 Cabinet discontinues windfall profit levy on IPPs with immediate effect, instead IPPs will have to make a one-off payment equivalent to one year.

11/9 Vastalux Energy, whose public offer was under-subscribed and due to list on Friday, is given until March to comply with public shareholding.

11/9 US based Laureate Education, via Future Perspective, bought all the 34.35m Inti shares traded Wednesday at RM 1.20 each, ups stake to 67.7%.

11/9 Harrisons minority shareholders reject revised RM 1.45 offer from Bumi Raya, seek revised offer of between Rm 4 to RM 5.

11/9 Astro posts RM 247.32m net loss in second quarter on revenue of RM 742m. First half net loss is recorded at RM 249.9m on revenue of RM 1.45b.

11/9 MetTube launches takesover of Metrod, seeks to buy the remaining 48.6% at RM2.90 per share. Share price jumped 28 c to close at RM2.99.

11/9 IJM Land in talks with parties for mixed property development in China in second-tier cities, expects China to contribute to earning in 3 to 5 years.

11/9 Lehman Brothers posted biggest loss in 158-year history with US $3.9 b loss in third quarter after writing-down of US $ 5.6 bil. Analyst forecast US$2.2 b loss.

11/9 DJIA closed up 38.19 points or 0.34 % at 11,268.92, boost from energy shares, positive outlook from Texas instrument. Oil fell 49 c to $103.07.

10/9 Key West subsidiary Times Telecom filed draft listing application with Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange. Shareholders to get 90 m TTI shares.

9/9 NW Multi expects RM100m sales from Shah Alam Memorial Park this year, sees 10% increase in net profit.

4/9 TA Enterprise buys Coast Whistler Hotel in Canada for RM 107m, financed by loan, own funds. It is hoping to get visitors for 2010 Winter Olympics.

4/9 EPF ends talks with potential buyers for part of its RHB Cap stake after share price fell, Bloomberg quotes EPF CEO Azlan as saying.

3/9 EPF reports RM 5.2b investment income in second quarter up 26.3% from previous quarter. Bulk of income from equities is recorded at RM 2.1b, up from RM RM 1b.

2/9 TM accepts letter of award from government to carry out high speed broadband project. TM is to invest RM 8.9b and the government is to invest RM 2.4b.

2/9 Bursa Securities allows Wonderful Wire & Cable until Nov 30 to submit regularization plan or face delisting.

2/9 Ranhill fell 13.5 c to 89.5 c with 6.3m shares at 11am after RM 720m net loss in fourth quarter on provision fro Melut Oil Basin totaling RM 556m.

Monday, September 8, 2008






























美國政府已經制定一個拯救Fannie Mae及Freddie Mac的計劃及方案。



Friday, September 5, 2008







































新奧爾良(NEW ORLEANS)也面對台風的威脅,美國警方計劃挨家挨戶去叫民眾疏散。


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

KLCI was down by 13.5 points to close at 1,086.99

2/9 KLCI closed -13.5pt to 1,086.99. Crude oil -$9.41 to $106, CPO -RM159 to RM2,461. Ranhill -13.5c to 89.5c. KLK -50c to RM11.40, PPB -40c/STARBIZ

2/9 Bursa Securities allows Wonderful Wire & Cable until Nov 30 to submit regularisation plan or face delisting。

2/9 TM accepts letter of award from govt to carry out high speed broadband project. TM to invest RM8.9b, govt RM2.4b/STARBIZ

2/9 Light crude oil falls $5.69 to $109.77 at 3.10pm. CPO -RM105 to RM2,517. KLCI -12pt or 1.09% to 1,088.5, Thai SETI -1.8% to 663/STARBIZ

2/9 S&P puts B corporate rating of Ranhill on credit watch, negative implications after RM620m loss. Ranhill -13.5c to 89.5c at 3.04pm/STARBIZ

Friday, August 29, 2008

2009 budget highlights

29/8 Government will pay one month bonus to civil servants, minimum of RM1000 to be paid in 2 installments in September and December.

29/8 Government will reduce tax rate on dividends for REITs received by individuals reduced to 10% from 15%.

29/8 Government will reduce tax rate on dividends for REITs received by foreign institutional investors to from 20% to 10%.

29/8 No import duty and sales tax on solar photovoltaic system equipment, insulation materials, locally produced solar equipment, air-cons, fridges.

29/8 Government will provide tax exemption on fees received by domestic intermediaries who list foreign firms, foreign investment products on Bursa.

29/8 Government will reduces highest marginal income tax for individuals from 28% to 27% effective 2009. Marginal tax rate cut to 12% from 13 %.

29/8 Excise duty on cigarettes will be raised by 3 sen from 15 sen per stick to 18 sen. As such, duty for a 20-pack cigarettes will be increased by 60 sen.

29/8 RM 35 bil is allocated for between 2009 and 2014 to improve public transportation, including upgrading rail services, new tracks and more buses.

29/8 Tax exemption will be given to employees for interest subsidies on housing, motor vehicles and education loans up to a total of RM 300,000.

29/8 Government proposes venture capital companies that invest at least 30 % of funds in start-up, early stage, will get 5-year tax exemptions.

29/8 Government will cut toll charges by 50 % for buses, except border points, for 2 years from Sept 15. Government will compensate toll operators RM 45m yearly.

29/8 Road tax on private passenger vehicles with diesel engines will be the same as those with petrol engines from September 1 2008.

29/8 Interest income will be exempt from tax to reduce burden of those dependent on interest income from savings.
29/8 Travel allowance for commuting to work provided by companies will be given full tax deduction. Tax exemption for staff is allowed up to RM 2400 per year.

29/8 Eligibility criteria for welfare and based on household income, raised from RM 400 to RM 720 in peninsula, RM 830 in Sarawak and RM 960 in Sabah.

29/8 Government proposes tax rebate increase to RM 400 from RM 350 for those with taxable income of RM 35,000 and below.

29/8 Retired civil servants with 25 years service will get pensions of not less than RM
720 per month, effective Jan 1, 2009. 75,000 retirees will benefit from this scheme.

29/8 GDP will grow 5.4% next year, Services 6.9 %, manufacturing 4.3%, construction 3.1% agriculture 3.7 %, mining 3.4 %.

29/8 GDP will grow 5.7 % this year, Agriculture 5.7%, mining 3.6%, manufacturing 4.7%, construction 4%, services 7.1%.

Budget 2009 highlights

29/8 Sabah will get RM 580 million for upgrading of power, water and rural roads, Sarawak is allocated RM 420 million.

29/9 Government will reduce import duties on various consumer durable from between 10% and 60% to between 5% and 30%.

29/8 Current tax rebate of RM 350 per person raised to RM 400 for those with taxable income of RM 35,000 and below, 100,000 to be out of tax net.

29/8 To improve public transportation, RM 35b will be spent from 2009-2014, including improving rail tracks.

29/8 Government proposes 50% stamp duty exemption to loan agreements for medium cost houses up to RM 250,000. Now this is only for low-cost houses.

29/8 Government servants will get free airfares to home states between peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak yearly, effective Jan 1, 2009.

29/8 Civil servants will get bonus of one-month salary, subject to a minimum of RM 1000, to be paid in two installments – in Sept and Dec 2008.

29/8 Toll charges for all buses to be cut by 50%, except at border entry points for a period of two years, effective 15 Sept 2008.

29/8 Government proposes venture capital companies that invest at least 30% of funds in start-up, early stage, to get 5-year tax exemption.

29/8 Exemption of 100% import duty and 50% excise duty on new hybrid CBU cars below 2000 given to franchise importers for two years.

29/8 Fate of Maybank’s takeover of Bank International Indonesia is in Malaysia’s hand, says Indonesian regulator, and will not make exceptions.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

KLCI closed up 2.8 points to 1,070.46

28/8 KLCI closed +2.8pt to 1,070.46. CPO +RM2 to RM2,500. Orient +25c to RM5.50, Tanjong +20c to RM12.80, Btoto +16c to RM4.60, MSC -35c/STARBIZ

28/8 KLCI +4.15pt to 3.32pm. Oil $119.14, CPO +RM42 to RM2,542. BAT +25c to RM39.50, Tanjong +20c to RM12.80, Bursa +15c to RM6.75/STARBIZ

28/8 Muhibbah Engineering 2Q net profit RM21.53m vs RM18m year ago. Revenue RM454.4m vs RM347.3m. EPS 5.64c vs 4.81c/STARBIZ

28/8 PPB Group spent RM130m in 1H out of RM313m capex for 2008. For next year, capex to be around RM200m to RM300m/STARBIZ

28/8 KLCI +3.78pt to 1,071.43 noon. CPO +RM3 to RM2,505. Oil $118.95. BAT +25c to RM39.50, Tanjong +20c to RM12.80, Ann Joo +14c to RM3.30/STARBIZ

28/8 KLCI +2.73pt to 1,070.38 at 9.09am. Tanjong +20c to RM12.80, PacMas +12c to RM4.70, Kulim +10c to RM7.65, KLK +10c to RM11.60/STARBIZ

28/8 The Dow +89.64 points to 11,502.51; Light sweet crude at US$118.15, +US$1.88 a barrel/STARBIZ

27/8 Proton in the black with 1Q net profit RM58.7m vs net loss RM48.84m yr ago due to domestics sale volume growth. Revenue 1.7b vs RM1.4b/STARBIZ

27/8 Proton turns around with 1Q net profit RM52m vs net loss RM46.7m yr ago due to domestic sales growth. Revenue 1.7b vs RM1.4b/STARBIZ

27/8 Proton in the black with 1Q net profit RM58.7m vs net loss RM48.84m yr ago due to domestics sale volume growth. Revenue 1.7b vs RM1.4b/STARBIZ

27/8 Liqua Health to lodge report with police, SC against several persons named in investigative due diligence report in 2007 distribution deal/STARBIZ

27/8 Maybank 4Q net profit RM703.2m vs RM1.05b yr ago due to RM483m provision. Proposed dividend 20c. FY08 net profit RM2.93b vs RM3.18b/STARBIZ

27/8 Maybank 4Q net profit RM703.2m vs RM1.05b yr ago due to RM483m provision. Proposed dividend 14.41c. FY08 net profit RM2.93b vs RM3.18b/STARBIZ

27/8 KLCI closed -2.85pt to 1,067.65. CPO +RM20 to RM2,429. Sime +15c to RM6.60 but DiGi -50c to RM22.90, KLK -30c to RM11.50, Maybank -20c/STARBIZ

28/8 UEM World 2Q net profit falls to RM19.6m from RM498m yr ago due to land sale to Khazanah in June 07. Revenue RM1.43b vs RM2.87b. EPS 1.41c/STARBIZ

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

KLCI closed 8.23 points down to 1070.50

26/8 KLCI is down by 8.23 to close at 1070.50.

26/8 IOI Corp -22c to RM4.78 at 10.40am. IOI Corp won bid to buy Menara Citibank. Pending pricing details, analysts slightly negative on deal/STARBIZ

26/8 Gek Seng Assets Ltd bought 5.4m Inti Universal shares from open market on Aug 21, ups stake to 15.9m shares or 7.73%/STARBIZ

26/8 Hap Seng Consolidated 2Q net profit jumped to RM145mil or 25.8sen per share vs RM41mil (7.1sen) a year ago; Revenue at RM921mil vs RM572mil/STARBIZ

26/8 KNM Group 2Q net profit up RM96.3mil or 9sen per share vs RM37.08mil (3.58sen) a year ago; Revenue RM599mil vs RM262mil on acquisition/STARBIZ

26/8 KLCI -10.5 pt to 1,068.23 noon. CPO -RM120 to RM2,480. BJLand-LB -46c to RM3.90 (100 shares), Tenaga -25c to RM7.95, BCHB -25c to RM7.90/STARBIZ

5/8 Bank Negara leaves overnight policy rate unchanged at 3.5%, sees domestic inflation to remain high for rest of 2008, early 2009/STARBIZ

Friday, August 22, 2008

Market rebound

22/8 KLCI closed up 14.71 points to 1085.60. CPO increased RM 60 to RM 2,713. Oil is recorded at $120.7, Ringgit 3.3415 to US$1. KLK jumped 50 sen to RM 12.20, IOI Corp increased 31 sen to RM 5.15.

22/8 July inflation rate surged 8.5% on year, fastest in more than 26 years, due to higher food, fuel and electricity costs.

22/8 US-based Level Global Oversea Master Fund sold 15m Johstreet shares in the open market on Aug 15, 2008, ceased to be substantial shareholder.

21/8 PLUS toll revenue up 29.6% to RM 738m in second quarter ended June 30, includes RM 180m toll compensation. But second quarter net profit fell 14 % to RM 266m.

21/8 KLCI closed down 1.78 point to 1071.43. CPO increased RM 57 to RM 2,648. Seacera dropped 27 sen to 28 sen, Edaran slid 26 sen to 53.5 sen, DiGi dropped 20 sen to RM 23.60, MAS slipped 16 sen to RM 3.38.

21/8 SC now allows up to 70 % foreign shareholding in REIT management companies from 49% since 2005, more flexibility to manage portfolio mix.

21/8 Panasonic Malaysia will boost R&D, quality control for manufacture of small household appliances.

22/8 RM 1.75 bil Kajang-Saremban Highway to be open from 6am tomorrow, free use until Oct 4, toll rate will be announced after Cabinet approval.

Monday, August 18, 2008

KLCI fell 14.96 points to 1069.40

19/8 The KLCI fell 14.96 points to 1,069.40 at midday with 193 million shares traded; top losers DiGi (-50sen), Glenealy(-28sen), BAT(-25 sen)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

KLCI closed 3.10 points down to 1109.43

KLCI closed 3.10 points down to 1109.43. Oil is priced at US $117.12. CPO rose RM 88 to RM 2636. BCHB eroded 45 sen to RM 8.10, DiGi dropped 20 sen to RM 23.80, TMI slipped 15 sen to RM 6.20.

Shell Refining second quarter earnings is recorded at RM 357 vs RM 168m a year ago. Earning boost from after-tax stockholding gain of RM 281m. Revenue is recorded at RM 3.9 b vs RM 2.89b.

Independent power producers said would pay first month installment of more than RM 40 m due to government today under windfall tax.

BCHB second quarter net profit is recorded at RM 650.14m vs RM 660.34 a year ago. Revenue is RM 2.157 b vs RM 2.465b. It sees ROE for 2008 at 16%, lower than earlier 18% target.

Perisai Petroleum MD Nagendran Nadarajah bought 2.6m Perisai shares on Aug 12, ups stake to 22.9% or 47.67m shares.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

KLCI fell 6.25 points to close at 1112.50

13/8 KLCI closed 6.25 points down to 1112.50. CPO rose RM 21 to RM2,582. DiGi eroded 60 sen to RM 24, BAT slipped 25 sen to RM 39.75, BCHB slid 25 sen to RM 8.55, Tanjong jumped 20 sen to RM 13.10.

13/8 The KLCI fell 10.38 points to 1,108.40 at midday; top losers were DiGi (60 sen), Bumiputra-Commerce(25sen) and KFC(25 sen).

13/8 AsiaEP COO Lee Suet Hong sold 3m AsiaEP shares from Aug 5 to 12 ranging from 10.5sen to 11.5sen. Cut stake to 19.29% or 46.66m shares.

11/8 Zeti: US dollar strengthening against major currencies. BNM will only intervene to maintain orderly market conditions. RM 3.3175 to US 1 at 11:25am.

KLCI closed down 8.68 points to 1118.78

12/8 KLCI closed down 8.68 points at 1,118.78. CPO fell RM 110 to RM 2,561. Oil fell $ 1.39 to $113. Tanjong eroded 40 sen, KLK is down 30 sen, Asiatic dropped 25 sen, EON Cap down 16 sen.

12/8 KLCI falls 8.33points to 1,119 noon. CPO eroded RM 16 to RM 2,655. Oil is recorded at US $113.95. Tanjong is down 20 sen to RM 13.10, KLK slid 20 sen to RM 11.80, Maybank slipped 15 sen to RM 7.65.

AMMB first quarter net profit up 12 % to RM 203m vs RM 181m a yer ago. Revenue is recorded at RM 1.4b vs RM 1.46b. Net lending up 10.6% on annualized basis.

Boustead Heavy Industries second quarter net profit is recorded at RM 34.44 vs only RM 1.5m a year ago. Revenue is RM 111.4m vs Rm 27.5m, boost from shipbuilding. EPS 13.87sen.

UMW subsidiary secures RM 565 m contract to supply drilling rig off Sarawak to JV of Petronas Carigali, Petrovietnam, Pertamina.

SC agrees Oilcorp accounts fro FY 2007 to be-audited by another auditor to determine cost, profitability of project.

Monday, August 11, 2008

KLCI closes up 7.17 points to 1127.46

11/8 KLCI closes up 7.15 points to 1,127.46. Ringgit is down to 3.316 to US$1. CPO is down RM 105 to RM 2,674. DiGi rose 30 sen to RM 24.60, Maybank jumped 25 sen to RM 7.80, BCHB shot up 25 sen to RM 8.85.

11/8 JAKS secures additional RM 195m project for submarine pipeline from Beaufort water treatment plant to Labuan.

11/8 China Three Gorges Project Corp. completed comprehensive review of design for Murum dam project and implementation, says Sarawak Energy.

11/8 Zeti says inflation to moderate in second half of 2009, Bank Negara monitoring second round impact of inflation.

Friday, August 8, 2008

KLCI closed down 9.25 points to 1,120.31

8/8 KLCI closed down 9.25 points to 1,120.31. CPO eroded RM 24 to RM 2,821. Oil slipped US$1.81 to US $118.21. KLK dropped 40 sen to RM 12, DiGi slid 30 sen to RM 24.30, BCHB dropped 30 sen to RM 8.60.

8/8 Malaysian Rating Corp ups inflation forecast to 5.8% for this year from earlier 5%. Sees increasing risk of higher overnight policy rate.

Restricted offer of 101.47m Perwaja shares to Kinsteel shareholders oversubscribed by 24.5% received applications for 126.37 m shares.

US dollar surges to 5-month against euro, 17-month high vs pound as global slowdown weighs on currencies. US dollar is recorded at RM 3.295

NPC major shareholder Koh Kin Lip ups Daya Materials stake to 42.71 m or 8.68% after buying 15m Daya shares at 36 sen each on Aug 5, 2008.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim pleaded not guilty on sodomy charge

Anwar Ibrahim has pleaded not guilty in the KL Sessions court to a charge of sodomising former aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan on June 26, 2008.

Anwar Ibrahim released on personal bond of Rm 20,000 without surety, case set for mention on Sept 10, pending transfer to High Court.

Roadblocks cause massive jams on roads leading to Jalan Duta court complex where policemen in uniform and plainclothes are stationed everywhere.

KLCI closed 4.03 points to 1129.56

KLCI closed 4 points to 1,129.56. Jtiasa eroded 58 sen to RM 3.26, Maybank dropped 20 sen to RM 7.70, PBBank-F slipped 20 sen to RM 10.10, KLK increased 50 sen to RM 12.40, IOIcorp jumped 19 sen to 5.05.

KLCI eroded 12 points to 1,121.5 noon. CPO dropped RM 34 to RM 2,756, off the low of RM 2,735. Ringgit at 6 month low of 3.284 vs US$1. Jtiasa slipped 58 sen and Maybank dropped 25 sen.

7/8 Bursa Sercurities orders Haisan, KBES to have external auditors carry out limited review for 4 quarters. It wants more details.

7/8 Nor Mohamed says no windfall tax on tolled road operators. On Maybank-BII deal, he says it is not for MOF to intervene as it is commercial agreement.

Fortis Investment ceases to be Scomi substantial shareholder after selling 3.54m shares on Aug 21 and 22, cut stake to 49.34m or 4.83%.

7/8 AIG reports US $11b investment losses and write-down related to credit default swap portfolio in second quarter. Net loss in second quarter is recorded at US$5.6b.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

KLCI closed 4.73 points up 1133.59

KLCI closed 4.73 points up to 1133.59. CPO eroded RM 18 to RM 2,732. Jtiasa jumped 60 sens to RM 3.84, BCHB increased 20 sen to Rm 8.95, KLK dropped 50 sen to Rm 11.90, sime slipped 35 sen to RM 7.15.

KLCI rose 5.81 points to 1,134.67 midday Oil is recorded at US 118.40 per barrel, CPO fell RM 21 to RM 2729. BCHB jumped 25 sens to RM 9, KFCH increased 20 sen to RM 6.30 but KLK slipped 60 sen to RM 11.80.

6/8 KLCI jumped 3.93 points to 1,132.8 at 9:11 am. Oil is recorded at US $118 a barrel. US Fed kept interest rates unchanged at 2 %. DiGi rose 25sen to RM 25.25, PBBank increased 10 sen to RM 10.10, KLK eroded 50 sen to 11.70.

6/8 Maybank board, top management should take responsibility should bank lose RM 480 m deposit in Bank Indonesia deal, says MSWG.

6/8 MasterCard holders from Singapore spent US$1.1 m over 3 days during Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival, says MasterCard report.

JT International second quarter net profit is recorded at RM 28.9 m vs RM 21.3m a year ago. Revenue is RM 262.7m vs RM 204m. EPS 11 sen vs 8.10 sen. No dividends declared.

5/8 Axis REIT aims to up portfolio size by RM 180m in FY ending June 09 from RM 690.9m. Seeks to buy 3 assets worth Rm 240m.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

KLCI closed 19.82pt to 1128.86.

5/8 KLCI closed 19.82pt to 1128.86. CPO eroded RM 174 to RM 2,716 per tonne, oil slipped US$ 2.65 to US $118.78. KLK dropped 80 sen to RM 12.40, MMC slid 61 sen to RM 2.12.

5/8 Armed Forces Fund (LTAT) pre-tax profit is recorded at RM 1.5 b for FY end Dec 07, an increase of 45.1% from RM 1 b in 2006. Declare dividend, bonus of 16 % totaling RM 552m.

5/8 Pharmaniaga, Kazakh firm call off healthcare projects plan in Kazakhstan due to differences in key commercial terms. MoU signed on July 30.

5/8 Indonesia central bank raised lending rate by 25 basis points to 9% says news report. CPI rose 11.9% in July.

Monday, August 4, 2008

4/8 KLCI closed 10.42 to 1148.68.

4/8 KLCI closed 10.42 to 1148.68. CPO fell RM 94 to RM 2,856. KLK eroded 50 sen to RM 13.20, Nestle slid 25 sen to RM 26.75, Tenaga dropped 20 sen to RM 8.30.

4/8 Government will widen Budget deficit outlook for 2008, says report quoting Nor Mohamed who sees inflation will be peaked in July and August.

4/8 Jaks gets RM 122 m contracts to build Beaufort water treatment plant Phase II and associated works.

4/8 June exports rose to RM 58.23 b, up 18.4% on year, imports rose 12.1 % to RM 45.16b. Trade surplus has increased 47.7% to RM 12.9b.

Perwaja Holdings, to list soon, posts RM 147.4m net profit on RM 655m revenue for second quarter ended June30. First half profit is RM 222.62m on RM 1.13b revenue.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tony Pua speaks in a seminar on August 3

Tony Pua talked about the economics matters on August 3 in seminar jointly organized by SCS Seminars and Consultation services and Persatuan Mahasiswa-Mahasiswa Taiwan National Normal Universiti Selangor, Malaysia.

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Look at the crowd.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

KLCI closed 3.99 down to 1159.10

1/8 KLCI closed 3.99 points to 1,159. CPO eroded RM 95 to RM 2,955, Oil is recorded at US $122.98 per barrel. NSOP slipped 20 sen to RM 4, Kinst-WA slid 20 sen to RM 1, BHIC dropped 12 sen to RM 4.39, Axis eroded 4.5 sen to 0.305.

1/8 Ye Chiu Metal MD, ED launch RM 58 m takeover for remaining 29m shares or 35% at RM 2 each, plans to delist. Shares last traded RM 1.51.

1/8 TM Intl expects 15% of net profit from Indian ops by 2012 after merger of Spice, Idea Cellular. TMI jumped 5 sen to RM 6.40 at noon.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

KLCI closed up 3.15 points to 1163.09

31/7 KLCI closed at 1163.09 up 3.15. There are 252 counters up and 313 counters down. Volume traded is recorded at 423 mil valued at 678 mil.

30/7 KLCI closed up 9.14 points to 1,159.90. CPO eroded RM 17 to RM 2,956. Maybank jumped 35 sen to RM 7.90, Bursa rose 25 sen to RM 7.40, PBBank shot up 20 sen to RM 10.50, Axis dropped 60 sen to 0.35.

30/7 Axis Inc. queried by Bursa over unusual market activity, says unaware of factors for selldown. Axis eroded 57.5 sen to 37.5 sen at 4pm.

31/7 Axis Inc said it is unable to submit audited financial results by today’s deadline due to unresolved issues raised by external auditors.

30/7 Star Publications second quarter net profit is RM 43.97 m vs RM 36.18 m a year ago. Revenue is recorded at RM 211.75 m vs RM 198m. It Declared a 7.5 sen dividend, 3 sen special tax exempt.

31/7 Hwang-DBS calls off joint venture to set up stockbroking firm in Vietnam with Prudential Vietnam Assurance.

31/7 Aturmaju hits limit down, falls 30 sen to 39.5 sen midday, says unaware of unusual market activity following query from Bursa Securities.

30/7 Cycle & Carriage second quarter net profit RM29.9m vs RM 3.62m a year ago. Declared special dividend RM 1.35 per share, interim dividend 5 sen per share.

30/7 Vehicle sales may fall 17 % in second half to 232,099 from 277,973 in first half due to surge in oil price, inflation, says MAA. June vehicle sales 48,990.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

KLCI closed down 3.29 points to 1,150.80

29/7 KLCI closed down 3.29 points to 1,150.80. CPO dropped RM 85 to RM 2,416. Oil is recorded at US $125.38. Sealink dropped 16 sen to RM 1.09, Axis eroded 40 sen to 95 sen and Allianz slipped 32 sen to RM 3.38.

29/7 Hang Seng Index dropped 537 points or 2.37 % to 22,149 noon, Nikkei 225 slid 2.11% to 13,072.68, Shanghai A Share slipped 2.47% to 2,970.3, Singapore STI eroded 1.19%.

29/7 Newly-listed Sealink sees 19.2 m shares done off- market at RM 24.19 m or RM 1.26 each. At 4.05pm, it was down 13 sen to RM 1.12.

29/7 Bank Negara cancels nod for Maybank to acquire remaining stake in PT Bank Internasional due to Jakarta’s new takeover rule encated June 30.

29/7 Oilcorp says Horwath withdraws conditional consent to be nominated as auditor. No professional clearance given by previous auditor.

29/7 Temasek Holdings invests another US$900 m in Merrill Lynch. It invested US $5b in Merrill in December, says reports.

29/7 Another new listing, Uzma Bhd opens at Rm 1.70, down 20 sen against its IPO price of RM 1.90.

Monday, July 28, 2008

KLCI closed up 12.3 points to 1154 on Monday

28/7 KLCI closed up 12.3 points to 1,154. CPO eroded RM 5 to RM 3,065 off high RM 3,162. DiGi jumped 40 sen to RM 24.30, Allianz shot up 30 sen to RM 3.70, Tenaga 25sen to RM 8.35.

28/7 KLCI rose 11.97 points 1,153.7 at 11.19 am. CPO increased RM 64 to RM 3,134. DiGi rose 60 sen to RM 24.50, KLK jumped 40 sen to RM 13.50, Bursa shot up 25 sen to RM 7.15, Tenaga jumped 25sen.

28/7 Equine Capital audited net loss RM28.8m for FY March 31, 2008 from un-audited RM 24.36m due to additional provision. But the shares rose 23 sen to 68 sen.

Blogger: This is what many people do not understand why a company loss RM 28 m but its share still will rise. Is it because they thought the worst is over?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

潘俭伟国会议员(YB Tony Pua)在其部落格的自我介绍

潘俭伟国会议员(YB Tony Pua)在其部落格的自我介绍

作为民主行动党 秘书长经济顾问,我有责任协助民主行动党从全球角度分析马来西亚的经济,并制定财务与经济政策。除此之外,我亦受委民主行动党英文版《火箭报》执行编辑一职。

在 此之前,我是马来西亚一家在新加坡交易所上市的电子商务咨询公司总执行长。这家公司是我恰好在1997年3月创立,亦即泰铢币值狂跌前3个月。那是一段非 常艰苦的时期,不过我们安然度过了亚洲金融危机,并在2001年8月让公司挂牌上市。当时,我以29岁之龄成为新加坡挂牌公司最年轻的总裁。





Friday, July 25, 2008

KLCI closed 0.16 point up to 1141.65

25/7 KLCI closed 0.16 point up to 1141.75. CPO fell RM 33 to RM 3,080. Ranhill rose 30.5 sen to RM 1.27, BJLand –LB jumped 28 sen to RM 4.08, BCHB shot up 25 sen to RM 8.60.

25/7 YTL power-WB rose 4 sen to 58.5 sen, YTL power rose 4 sen to RM 1.87 very active trade, stock trading trailing PE 7.52 times. 52 week low RM 1.70 on July 4.

25/7 MAS extends Munir Majid’s contract as chairman for another 2 years from Aug 1, 2008 to July 31, 2010.

25/7 Pacific Mas gets Bank Negara nod to start talks with OSK Holdings to sell its unit Pacific Insurance.

25/7 Bank Negara decides to maintain the Overnight Policy Rate at 3.5% ; immediate concern is to avoid economic slowdown.

24/7 KLCI closed 2.18 points higher at 1,141.59 led by Maybank +25 sen and MAS +22 sen. CPO is up RM 73 to Rm 3100 while crude oil is flat at US$124.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KLCI closed up 29.84 point to 1139.41

23/7 KLCI closed up 29.84 points to 1,139.41. Oil is down by US $ 1.92 to US $126.55, CPO eroded RM 161 to RM 3,091. Tanjong rose 50 sen, Bursa jumped 50 sen, BCHB shot up 50sen and Sime move up 25 sen.

Inflation in June 2008 was up 7.7% compared with June last year, also 3.9% higher than last month, says the Statistics Department.

CPI for June is up 7.7% on year, up 3.9 % on month, fuelled by substantial rise in the price of petrol, diesel.

Kencana deputy chairman Chong Hin Loon bought 25m Kencana shares or 2.77% on July 16 from major shareholder Khasera Baru.

DIGI reduces capex forecast for 2008 at RM 850m to RM 950m from earlier RM 850m to RM 950m from earlier Rm 850m to RM 1.1b due to higher visibility for 3G, mobile broadband.

JT International plans capital repayment of RM 196m or 75c for each share,via share capital reduction from RM 1 to 25c for every share.

22/7 KLCI closed 6 points to 1109.57. CPO closed at RM 3,265. DLady rose 40 sen to RM 12.20, DIGI jumped 30 sen to RM 23.60, Kulim shot up 25 sen to RM 8, Sime moved up 25 sen to Rm 7.85.

22/7 DIGI posts second quarter net profit RM 298.4m vs RM 250.32m a year ago. Revenue is recorded at RM 1.2b vs Rm 1.05b. Declared interim dividend of 57 sen per share.

22/7 Lembaga Tabung Haji bought 14.23m Ramunia shares from July 10-16, raised stake to 99.7m Ramunia shares or 18.06%.

22/7 US fund Liberty Square Asset Mgmt sold 3.46m MK Land shares in open market on July 16, cut MK Land stake to 4.88% or 58.79m shares.

22/7 Bosnian Serb wartime president Radovan Karadzic, one of Europe’s most wanted men, has been arrested in Serbia after 11 years on the run.

Monday, July 21, 2008

KLCI closed 1.56 point down to 1103.48

21/7 KLCI closes down 1.56 point to 1103.48. CPO eroded RM 113 to RM 3279. BAT slid 50 sen to RM 40.75, DIGI dropped 40 sen to RM 23.30, KLK slipped 30 sen to RM 13.50, SOP was down 25 sen to RM 5.40.

21/7 34 new sukuk deals valued at RM 14.5b successfully closed in first half this year, less than half a year ago, says RAM Ratings.

OSK Holdings gets Cambodian government nod to set up OSK Indochina Bank, plans commercial banking operations by Oct 31.

MRCB buys 13,533 sq metres land in Batu Feringghi, Penang from MBSB for RM 26m, plans luxurious service apartments.

Oilcorp shareholders voted to replace current auditors Baker Tilly Monterio Heng as external auditors. It was near unanimous decision.

Bank Rakyat profit before tax, zakat for first half 2008, up 42.8% to RM 515m. Gross income up 19.1% to RM 1.54b.

Perwaja is slated for Main Board listing on Aug 20. Market cap will reach RM 1.6b on listing.

Amanah Raya Nominees sells 2m TM shares on July 14, cut stake to 295.89 shares or 8.27%. EPF buys 3m TM shares, sells 2.08m shares between July 10 to July 17.

Friday, July 18, 2008

KLCI is 16.13 points down to close at 1105

KLCI is 16.13 points down to close at 1105. CPO eroded RM 47 to RM 3,388. KLK slid RM 1.40 to RM 13.80, BKawan slipped 70 sen to RM 9.05.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

EU filed fresh charges against Intel

18/7 EU regulators file fresh charges against Intel over alleged abuse of its dominant market position; Intel has 8 weeks to respond to allegations.

Blogger: They said who don’t have problem. You just have to solve it. The PM Abdullah has his problems. The PKR de facto leader Anwar has his problems. Even Intel, who has dominant market position, also faces a problem.

KLCI closed 1.75 points up to 1121.17 on Thursday

17/7 Last minute buying saw KLCI recorded up 1.75 points to 1121.17. PetGas rose 20 sen to RM 10.20, PBBank-F jumped 20 sen to RM 10.50, TMI shot up 15 sen to RM 6.25. CPO eroded RM 27 to RM 3,439.

17/7 Public Bank second quarter net profit up 13.2 % to RM593.5m from RM 524.1m a year ago. Revenue is up 3.8% to RM 2.5 b from RM 2.4b. Interim dividend is 30 sen per share.

17/7 MIER cuts GDP forecast for 2008 to 4.6% from 5.4% earlier due to political uncertainties affecting sentiment and tourism sector.

17/7 Bursa Malaysia second quarter profit is recorded at RM28.64m vs RM 65m a year ago. In the first half, profit is recorded at RM 70.7 m vs RM 135m a year ago. Declared dividend is 16.5 per share.

17/7 Tanjong prepared to enter into talks with Tenaga on renegotiations over power purchase agreement, once IPPs windfall tax resolved.

17/7 Tanjong says the estimated impact of windfall tax on IPPs is about RM 70m per
Annum for Tanjong based on current year earnings.

17/7 Bumi Raya Intl Holding launches takeover offer for Harrisons Holdings, seeks to buy the remaining 36.26 m shares or 57.46% at RM 1.20 each.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

KLCI closed 8.18 points down to 1119.40

KLCI closed 8.18 points down to 1119.40 . CPO eroded RM 83 to RM 3,477. Asiatic slid 25 sen to RM 6.70, IOI Corp slipped 25 sen to RM 6.25, BCHB dropped 20 sen to RM 7.50, Astro was down 18 sen.

Muhibbah Engineering secures RM 245m contract from Jasa Merin Malaysia to build two more anchor handling tug supply ships.

Halifax Capital to be removed from Bursa Securities list at 9am on July 25 after its appeal against delisting was rejected.

EPF Board bought 3.13m AirAsia shares in open market on July 9, raised stake to 153.35m or 6.45%.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

KLCI closed 16.40 down to 1127.60

KLCI closed 16.40 points down to 1127.60. Digi eroded 30 sen to RM 23.60, Genting slipped 25 sen to Rm 5.30, IJM dropped 24 sen to RM 4.96, KFC slid 20 sen to RM 5.80, Tenaga was down 20 sen to RM 7.95.

Petronas Chief says MISC’s proposed reverse takeover of Ramunia expected to be completed in fourth quarter this year.

Monday, July 14, 2008

KLCI down on Monday

14/7 KLCI closes 6.39 points lower at 1144.00. CPO eroded RM42 to RM 3,533. Bursa was down 20 sen to RM 6.70, PBBank dropped 20 sen to RM 10.30, Sime eroded 20 sen to RM 8.25.

14/7 SC approves Maybank’s US$1b subordinated bonds. Maybank also gets BNM nod to qualify for Tier 2 capital for capital adequacy regulation.

14/7 RHB Cap gets SC nod for proposed RM 600m hybrid capital securities, tenor for up to 60 years, to be used for general working purposes.

11/7 Tanjung Offshore awards RM 100m contract to Grade one marine shipyard to build 2anchor handling tug and supply vessels.

11/7 Dialog group unit gets RM 132mil contracts from Malaysian Refining Company to provide mechanical, maintenance services for Melaka Refinery.

11/7 KLCI closed 14.9 points up to 1150.40. PBBank-F rose 40 sen to RM 10.40, Kulim jumped 35 sen to RM 8.50, PBBank shot up 30 sen to RM 10.50, TMI rose 30 sen to RM 6.45. CPO rose RM 58.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

From July 1, Industries to get 70% discount on gas

11/7 From July 1, industries to get 70 % discount on market price of gas; to be reduced over 11 years by 5% to 10 % until it reaches market price.

11/7 May IPI increased 2.5% on year to year basis, manufacturing was up 4%, electricity rose 2.6%, IPI jumped 1.7% on month to month basis, manufacturing rose 1.3% due to vehicles production, CPO.

KC Goh, the Blogger and Azizi Ali

Azizi Ali is the premier writer on personal finance in Malaysia. He has written nine best selling books on money matters and is also active in the speaking circuit. Highly in demand as both a speaker and author.

KC Goh, a blogger, is a popular financial writer for about 15 years. He is also a stock broker. He is also highly in demand as both speaker and author.

He has just published a book entitled "Stock Wealth Creator" --The new method of making 500,000 in 5 days. It is sold in Popular book store and MPH.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

US fund sold MK Land shares

US-based fund Liberty Square Asset Mgmt sold 4.29m MK Land shares from July 6 to 7, cut stake to 6.27% or 75.7m shares.

Cocoaland, which price hit 2-year low of 56 sen on July 4, saw ED Liew Fook Meng buying 2.04 m shares to up direct sake to 9.17m or 7.6%.

KLCI closed at 1139.81, up 18.56 points

KLCI closed 18.56 points up at 1139.81. Tanjong rose 60 sen to RM 12.80, MISC-F jumped 50 sen to RM 8.40, Tenaga climbed 40 sen to RM 8.15, Genting ran 35 sen to RM 5.70, IJM rose 35 sen to RM 5.25.

Inflation in June may exceed 6%, says Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz; BNM to assess slower growth, rising inflation at July 25 meeting.

Malaysia June palm oil stocks up 9.8% to 2.1m tonnes, highest in 25 years, says Reuters poll. Palm oil output up 4.9 % to 2.53m tonnes in June.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

KLCI closed 6.01 points down

KLCI closes near its day’s low 1121.25, down 6.01 points. Gamuda rose 3 sen to RM 2.50 but KLK eroded 90 sen to RM 15.40, Utd Plantation slid 60 sen to RM 12.20, Asiatic slipped 50 sen to RM 7.05.

Tenaga files RM 11.47m claim from MTD ACPI Engineering over alleged damage to underground cable at Taman Len Seng, KL. MTD denies liability.

Gamuda says it is unaware of plans by substantial shareholders, with the help from Middle Eastern funds, to take the company private.

KLCC property sees earnings resilient as properties in niche area of KL. Demand for office space will be strong, now it is 99% occupancy.

Jaring Metal Industries chairman Ng Lam San @Ng Kok Kar ups Foremost Holdings stake to 15.26% or 8.02m shares.

Monday, July 7, 2008

KLCI dropped 6.88

KLCI closes 6.88 point down to 1127.26. Tanjong eroded 60 sen to RM 12.20, KLK slid 50 sen to RM 16.30, PPB slipped 45 sen to RM 9.95. CPO fell RM 82 to RM 3,548. Oil is recorded at US $143.29 per barrel.

Cyber cafes will be closed by midnight under the new guidelines to be enforced soon, says the Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Hamzah Zainuddin.

Bornel Oil falls 5.5 sen to16.5sen (8.6m) at 11:40am. Forensic accounting firm refused to amend audited accounts over RM 100m contract value.

7/7 Independent power producers concerned that the windfall profit levy will impact investor confidence, affect rating of their RM 20b bond obligations.

They want the government to review, defer imposition of windfall profit levy pending the study of wider economic impact.

Friday, July 4, 2008

KLCI closed 19.56 points down to 1134.14 lowest since March 2007

4/7 KLCI closes 19.56 points down to 1134.14 lowest since March 2007. Volume is recorded at 594 m. Kulim dropped 50 sen to RM 8.70, Asiatic eroded 40 sen to RM 7.55, Bursa is down 40 sen to RM 6.45.

4/7 Exports in May surged 22% to RM60.6b from RM 49.67 b a year ago, imports rose 7.9 % to RM 45b vs RM 41.7 b. E&E accounted for RM 24.45 b of exports.

4/7 Kuok Brothers bought 500,000 Transmile shares from June 30 to June 2, ups stake to 48.6m or 17.9%.

4/7 US fund Thamelise Capital ceased to be substantial shareholder of recently listed Innity Corp, sold 1.98m shares, cut stake to 5.49m shares.

5/7 Karambunai, Landlovers Korea mull Korean resort JV in Karambunai peninsular, Sabah. To buy 66.32 acres land for RM 86.6m or RM 30 per sq ft.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

No trading for Thursday because of technical glitches

3/7 PM wants no more technical glitches causing suspension of trade in Bursa Malaysia, denies that problem was due to current political climate.

3/7 20:19:07(8:19pm)
Later, Bursa was quoted as saying it did not suffer losses as no trading today. But if in terms of opportunity losses, can be RM 450,000 based on RM 1 b average trading value.

3/7 18:44:14(6:44pm)
Bursa Malaysia sustained RM 450,000 losses from trading suspension today, trading will resume tomorrow.

3/7 09:93:02 Bursa Malaysia says trading suspended for at least the morning trading session from 9am-12:30pm following a multi-hardware failure.

3/7 13:31:00(1:31pm)
Bursa Malaysia says trading on equities market to resume at 2:30pm. Probing into trading system failure still ongoing.

3/7 14:39:48(2:39pm)
Equity trading on the Bursa Malaysia securities will not resume trading at 2.30pm as notified earlier, says Bursa.

3/7 16:05:54(4:05pm)
Trading on Bursa Malaysia will continue to be suspended until end of today due to

3/7 15:48:07(3:48pm)
Bursa Malaysia CEO Yusli will hold a PC at 5:30pm today on steps being taken to resolve trading suspension, steps to resolve it.

World equity markets lost US $3 trillion in June as declines which begin mid-May picked up pace, says Standard & Poor’s.

Crude oil rose to record above US$144 per barrel in US trade after US government report that inventories showed unexpected decline.

General Motors share hit fell 15 % to US$9.98, lowest since 1954, on report GM may need to raise US $15b, may face possible bankruptcy.

Tanjung Offshore gets RM 185m contracts from Petronas Carigali to provide 4 offshore support vessels.

Market closed 21.13 down to 1153.7 on Wednesday

2/7 KLCI closed 21.13 points down to 1153.7. There were 113 stock up and 620 stocks down. Tanjong eroded 70 sen to RM 13.10, Parkson dropped 42 sen to RM 4.54, IOI Corp dropped 35 sen to RM 7.05.

2/7 KLCI falls bellow March 10 level, down 17.84 points to 1, 156.99 at 11:30am. Nestle dropped 50 sen to RM 28.50, KFCH eroded 40 sen to RM 5.96, Bursa was down 25 sen to RM 6.90.

2/7 Starbucks Corp will close 600 US underperforming coffee-shops, cut 12,000 jobs or 7% of workforce worldwide after overexpansion, says reports.

2/7 Lembaga Tabung Haji bought 2m Muhibah Engineering shares on June 24, ups stake to 20.27m or 5.32%.

2/7 SP Setia sells 30.5 acres Setia Alam township to Greenhill Resources for RM 119.5m. SP Setia in JV to build RM 750 m retail mall there.

2/7 VADS gets RM 143 m professional services contract from TM to handle Streamyx and Non-Streamyx phone and non-voice duties over 3 years.

2/7 Top Glove third quarter net profit is recorded at Rm 26.09m vs RM 25.9m a year ago. Revenue is recorded at RM 356.14 vs RM 301.5m. EPS is 8.67 sen. It declared a dividend of 5 sen.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

KLCI falls 11.74 points on Tuesday

1/7 KLCI falls 11.74 points(1%) to 1174.84. BAT dropped RM 1.25 to RM 43, KNM slid 45 sen to RM 5.90, BCHB slipped 40 sen to RM 7.60, Bursa eroded 30 sen to RM 7.15. CPO dropped RM 22 to RM 3,576.

Favelle Favco gets 5 contracts valued at RM 82.7m to supply cranes; Press Metal seeks 600MW from Sarawak Energy over 25-yr for Mukah plant.

Insas, Tan & Tan selling combined 50% stake in Gleneagles Hospital KL Sdn Bhd to Pantai Irama Ventures for RM 171.63.

Global chips sales is recorded at US$21.8b in May, up 7.5% on year and up 2.9% on month, says Semiconductor Industry Association.

SapuraCrest plans US$200m capital expenditure over 2 years to buy supply vessels, drilling rigs. Capex financed from own funds and borrowings

British Virgin Islands-registered Bestempire bought 5.73m Envair shares or 5.85% on June 24, ups stake to 17.84.

Monday, June 30, 2008

KLCI down 3.97 on Monday

30/6 KLCI closed 1186.57, down 3.97 points. CPO slid RM 38 to RM 3585, MISC dropped 25 sen to RM 8.25, TMI slipped 25 sen to RM 6.15, Magna eroded 24 sen to RM 3.54, Widetec was down 20 sen to 78sen.

30/6 Ireka gets RM 539.8m contract from Amatir Resources for 605 units of luxury condominiums, facilities in Mukim Batu KL.

Green Packet will be on track for WiMax launch in the third quarter because the user trials are successful, says group MD. Also Green Packet will be rationalizing the overseas biz.

EON shareholders reject Hicom Holdings’ proposal to de-list the company.

Northern Utilities Resources seeks receivers nod to pick forensic auditors over allegations in irregularities in management, accounts.

Bolton sold 20m Symphony House shares June 25, cut stake to 75m. Symphony ED John Cantillon bought 25 m Symphony shares 32 sen each.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Syabas is likely to increase water tariffs by at least 30 % next year

27/ Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) is likely to seek a 30 to 40 % hike in water tariffs next year, says its executive chairman Rozali Ismail.

26/6 Tenaga to defend RM 43.7 m claim from MMC Corp’s Segari Energy Ventures, says sum deducted as Segari did not generate electricity.

26/6 KLCI closes down 5.22 points to 1203.89. TMI slipped 30 sen to RM 6.70, Asiatic eroded 25 sen to RM 8.20, PBBank-F slid 20 sen to RM10.60, SP Setia dropped 18 sen to RM 3.10.

25/6 Government will hold talks with banks to reduce credit card service charge to petrol dealers by half – from 1% to 0.5 %, says Shahrir Samad.

24/6 Petrol dealers association confirms there are No plans for a strike, disputes rumours circulating via email.

24/ 6 SP Setia second quarter net profit is recorded at RM 48m vs RM 59.76 m. Revenue RM 301.5m vs RM 286.8m. First half net profit is recorded at RM 96.5m vs RM 106.5m.
Declared 7 sen dividend per share.

24/6 Sime Darby appoints Abd Wahab Maskan as Chief Operating Officer, Tong Poh Keow as group chief financial officer.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Foreign equity ownership fell from 32.5% in 2004 to 30.1% in 2006

26/6 KLCI was down 1.7 points to 1207.40 at noon. TMI eroded 35 sen to RM 6.65, DIGI slid 30 sen to RM 24.20, SP Setia slipped 28 sen to RM 3, Kulim-WB was down 25 sen to RM 7.20, Shell eroded 20 sen to RM 10.70.

Foreign equity ownership fell from 32.5% in 2004 to 30.1% in 2006, according to 9MP mid-term review.

Bumiputera equity ownership is recorded at 18.9 % in 2004 and has increased to 19.4% in 2006, Non-bumi equity ownership increased from 40.6% to 43.9%, Chinese equity ownership rose from 39.6% to 42.4%, Indians eroded from 1.2% to 1.1%, foreigners dropped from 32.5% to 30.1%.

The second finance minister says the government is undecided who will take over Bakun undersea cable project after Sime exit. It will talk with Tenaga, stakeholders.

Petra Perdana will expand fleet because it sees a higher utilization rate this year and beyond, compared with 75% utilization in 2007.

KLCI down 8.83 on Wednesday

25/6 KLCI closed 8.83 points up to 1,209. PBBank-F rose 40 sen to RM 10.80, PBBank jumped 20 sen to RM 10.60, Gamuda moved 13 sen to RM 2.33 but Kulim slipped 60 sen to RM 9.70. CPO rose RM 33.00

Proton is looking into the government proposal to design and manufacture Malaysia taxi.

Sime Darby is not taking up equity interest in Sarawak Hidro as well as not taking part in developing transmission link from Bakun to peninsula.

Maybank is to venture into Pakistan takaful business via proposed acquisition of 30% of Pak-Kuwait Family Takaful Co. Ltd.

CapitaLand buys 61.9% total retail area of Sungei Wang Plaza in KL for RM 595m. CapitaLand now owns RM 2 b of Malaysian retail property.

Gamuda formalizes Lin Yun Ling’s employment as group MD for 5 years, effective from July 1 to June 30, 2013.

Intelligent Edge’s 42.84 m warrants of 3 sen each issued under rights issue to be listed Thursday on Mesdaq market under Loans sector.

TM International to announce corporate exercise, trading suspended since 2.36pm.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008







6月21日,我們看到一則新聞,指反貪污局總監拿督斯里阿末沙益已下令,立即調查沙巴前首席部長拿督楊德利在位時是否涉嫌貪污,指示必利阿瑪克(BRI SKMARK)企圖將500萬令吉盈利支付給他指定的代理商事件。














花旗集團首席財務員表克里滕登(Gary Crittenden)上週四警告,第二季將再度大幅減記房貸投資的資產價值,財政數字將受影響。

















其三,聯昌國際集團(CIMB GROUP)以現金59億500萬泰銖(約5億7740萬令吉)收購泰國銀行(BANK THAI)所持的42.17%股權,並提出強制性全面獻購泰國銀行其餘股權。