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Friday, September 26, 2008

Khazanah buys more UEM world's shares

26/9 Khazanah Nasional buys 11.44m UEM World shares from open market on Sept 18-19, ups stake to 923.5 m shares or 66.53%.

26/9 Bank Negara reassessing BII deal due to current financial turmoil, concern over post acquisition financial projections on Maybank. It wants Maybank to obtain new agreement on purchase price for BII deal to ensure no substantial impairment.

26/9 The Dow ended at 11,022.06, up 196.89 points in overnight session; Crude oil rose US$2.29 to US$ 108.02 a barrel.

22/9 Government will not re-peg the ringgit and is committed to allowing the market to determine value of the ringgit, says Finance Minister Najib.

22/9 Selangor government reviewing Kannalter’s broadband network concession deal valued RM 400m, may reduce sites installation, says exec chairman.

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