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Thursday, January 29, 2009

stocks to monitor

股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價
1.森那美(SIME,主板貿服組) 4197 5.90 5.20 5.05 5.90 5.40 5.35 5.47
該公司計劃在20年內發展總值高達250至300億令吉,落實橫跨雪蘭莪和森美蘭州的宏願谷(Vision Valley)發展計劃,以釋放旗下資產價值。此股在4.94有強大的扶持力。

2.沙布拉浪峰(SAPCRES,主板貿服組) 8575 0.925 0.735 0.70 0.92 0.74 0.75 0.83

3.地不佬穩固(TEBRAU,主板產業組) 1589 0.535 0.415 0.41 0.535 0.44 0.46 0.485

4.錦記鋼鐵(KINSTEL,主板工業產品組) 5060 0.49 0.405 0.39 0.49 0.42 0.41 0.44

5.吉朗(ZELAN,主板建築組) 2283 0.95 0.77 0.75 0.95 0.79 0.79 0.83

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

KLCI closed 9.91 point down to 880.37 on Jan 20, 2009

20/1 Share prices on Bursa Malaysia ended the day lower yesterday on persistent profit taking activities in heavy-weights and lower-liners, with most finance counters extending loses.

At the closing bell, the KLCI dropped 9.91 points to 880.37.

20/1 KLCI -10.4pt to 879.89 at 12.30pm. CPO -RM25 to RM1,834. Oil -USD2.31 to USD34.20. Asian markets fell, HK down 443pt or 3.33%. TMI -16c.

20/1 KLCI fell 3.5pt to 886.77 at 9.15am. BCHB -10c to RM6.25, IOI Corp -8c to RM3.76, Parkson -6c to RM3.22, Genting -6c to RM3.70.

20/1 The local bourse opens down 4.46 points, or 0.5 pct to 885.82.

19/1 TMI may sell new shares in rights offer to repay RM2b loan to TM, says Khazanah. Khazanah will be part of TMI funding solution.

19/1 Maybank, BCHB, CIMB and EON Bank commit more than RM1b loans for SP Setia home loan package/STAR

19/1 Tenaga posts RM944m net loss in Q1 vs net profit RM1.5b yr ago due to RM1.4b forex loss. But had operating profit RM942m vs RM1.68b yr ago.

19/1 KLCI closed -6pt at 890. CPO +RM7 to RM1,840. BAT -50c to RM43.70, Far East -40c to RM5, Ralco -30.5c to 48.5c, PBBank-F -25c to to RM8.65.

19/1 EON Bank sees non-performing loans to rise over December to CNY period as consumers stretch payments, but NPLs rise not alarming.

19/1 KLCI falls 6.26pt to 890.2 noon. CPO +RM23 to RM1,856. Oil eased 28c to USD36.23. EON Cap +16c to RM3.60, AIRB +12c to 92c, KLK +10c.

19/1 HSBC falls 1.8 HK¿ to 62.40 HK¿ at 11.25am in HK trade after shareholder Knight Vinke said bank may have to sell shares to plug shortfall.

19/1 KLCI +2.84pt to 899 at 9.10am. KLK +20c to RM9.75, AIRB +12c to 92c, IOI Corp +8c to RM3.86 on 30% dividend plan, Maybank +5c to to RM5.35.

19/1 Bursa Malaysia kicks off the week marginally higher, up 1.43 points to 897.90.

7/1 Daewoo Engineering & Construction gets RM665m contract from KLCC Properties to build superstructure for mixed development job in KL

7/1 China now has more than 50mil bloggers operating more than 100mil blogs, with many keeping more than one: China state media

7/1 KLCI rose 11pt to 933.32 noon. CPO +RM36 to RM2,016. BCHB +55c to RM7.05, KLK +50c to RM10.50, SPSetia +24c to RM3.58, WCT -12c to RM1.17

8/1 KLCI fell 17.68pt to 909.9 noon. CPO -RM71 to RM1,914, oil at USD42.59. KLK -40c to RM10, Sime -35c to RM5.45, IOI Corp -28c to RM3.98.

8/1 Toyo Ink extends closing date for takeover of Toychem from Friday to Jan 30. Offer price at RM2.90 cash per share.

8/1 Chinese computer giant Lenovo says it will cut 2,500 jobs or 11 percent of worldwide staff, after losses due to the global economic crisis.

8/1 AirAsia in talks with several domestic, international investors to fund new LCCT in Labu. Structure on equity, funding finalised by April.

8/1 KLCI falls 9.8pt to 917.8 at 9.20am. Tanjong -50c to RM13.50, KLK -30c to RM10.10, Kulim -18c to RM4.92, IJM -16c to RM3.22, IOI Corp -12c.

8/1 The CI opens on a weak note, losing 8.89 points, or 0.96 pct to 918.73.

8/1 Overnight Dow dropped 245.40 points, or 2.72 pct to 8,769.70; Nymex crude oil finished down USD5.95 to USD42.63 a barrel.

8/1 KLK closed 17pt down to 910.5. CPO -RM97 to RM1,888. KLK -40c to RM10, Sime -35c to RM5.45, IOI Corp -28c to RM3.98, Lafarge -26c to RM3.90.

8/1 CPO -RM98 to RM1,887 at 3.24pm. KLCI -18pt to 909. KLK -40c to RM10, Loh&Loh -35c to RM5, Sime -35c to RM5.45, IOI Corp -30c to RM3.96.

9/1 KLCI up 7.1pt to 917.63 noon. CPO +RM79 to RM1,944. DiGi +30c to RM21.60, KFC +20c to RM7.50, Tenaga +20c to RM6.55, MAS +16c to RM3.30.

9/1 Goldman Sachs bought 10.86m E&O shares from open market on Dec 31, ups stake to 46.72m E&O shares or 8%.

9/1 Chinese-owned Ssangyong Motor of South Korea, which could not pay its workers on time last month, has applied for court receivership.

9/1 Trading of Teo Guan Lee resumes on Monday after meeting minimum paid-up share capital of RM40m.

9/1 KLCI up 6.4pt to 916.94 at 9.13am. KFC +30c to RM7.60, DiGi +20c to RM21.50, Orient +20c to RM5.20, BAT -25c to RM44.25, IJM -8c to RM3.32.

9/1 The local bourse opens up 0.45 point, or 0.05 pct to 910.97.

9/1 PM says govt monitoring economic situation, will launch second stimulus plan if need be. PM adds Malaysia not in recession.

9/1 APLI to be suspended from Thursday after its revamp plan aborted. APLI not planning new scheme to regularise financial condition.

9/1 KLCI closed up 8.5pt at 919. CPO +RM54 to RM1,919. DiGi +30c to RM21.60, Tenaga +25c to RM6.60, LPI +20c to RM10, TSRCap-WA +19c to 64c.

12/1 KLCI +0.72pt to 919.79 at 9.08am. TGL +20c to 60c after suspension lifted. YTL +10c to RM7.10, TM +8c to RM3.10, PBBank +5c to RM8.90.

12/1 Bursa Malaysia kicks off the week a shade higher, gaining 0.33 of a point to 919.40/STAR
12/1 KLCI closed 4.50pt up to 923.57. Public Bank +15c to RM9.00, Maybank +5c to RM5.65, BCHB +5c to RM7.05 and Sime +5c to RM5.50.

12/1 Concerns over security of gas supply affecting 8 companies plans to invest RM5b to RM8b. They include Samsung, Nippon Electric Glass.

13/1 Dayang Enterprise secures RM150m contract from Petronas Carigali, RM50m job from Murphy Sabah Oil for maintenance services.

13/1 KLCI closes 9.87pt lower at 913.70. KNM -1.5c to 49c, IOI -20c to RM3.80,-3c to RM1.12, Resorts -3c to RM2.27 and Jaks +2c to 47c.

13/1 KLCI fell 10.6pt to 912.98 at 3.24pm. CPO fell RM131 to RM1,857. Chin Tek -40c to RM5.60, PetDag -30c to RM7.40, Tanjong -30c to RM13.90.

13/1 KLCI down 8pt to 915.5 noon. CPO -RM128 to RM1,860, Oil fell 37c to USD37.22. Chin Tek -40c to RM5.60, Tanjong -30c to RM13.90, KLK -20c.

13/1 Citigroup Research cuts Malaysia GDP growth to 0.5% for this year. On equities, sees bear market likely to bottom earliest in Q1.

13/1 CPO futures fell RM105 to RM1,883 at 11.30am. Soybean, vegetable oil futures traded in China fell 5% on weaker demand worries.

13/1 KLCI -4.84pt at 9.35am. Tanjong -40c to RM13.80, BAT -25c to RM43.75, KLK -15c to RM9.85, PPB -10c to RM9.90 and DiGi -10c to RM21.30.

13/1 The CI opens down 3.65 points, or 0.4 pct to 919.92.

13/1 Wall Street declined a further 125.21 points, or 1.46 pct to 8,473.96 in overnight trading; Crude oil settled at USD37.59, down USD3.24 a barrel.

14/1 EPF bought 2.69m PLUS shares from Jan 3 to 11, raising its stake to 11.03% or 551.27m shares. PLUS up 1c to RM2.96 at 11.54am.

14/1 KLCI falls 2.72pt to 910.98 at 11.39am. CPO up RM39 to RM1,869. Oil up USD1.22 to USD39. BCHB -35c to RM6.65, TWS -20c to RM2.90, KLK -10c.

14/1 KLCI +2.25pt to 915.95 at 9.30am. IOI +6c to RM3.86, Bursa -10c to RM5.50, BCHB -10c to RM6.90, Ranhill +3.5c to 91c and WCT +2c to RM1.14.

14/1 The local bourse rebounds 2.01 points, or 0.22 pct to 915.71 at the opening bell.

14/1 Overnight Dow ended down 25.41 points, or 0.3 pct to 8,448.55 but Crude oil futures settled up 19 cents to USD37.78 a barrel.

14/1 TMI led consortium fails in bid to secure licence for Iran third public mobile network.

14/1 KLCI closed -0.24pt at 913.46. CPO +RM45 to RM1,875, oil +US¿1.21 to USD38.99. BCHB -25c to RM6.75, Amway -15c to RM6.75, MAS -12c.

14/1 QSR sees 3m shares done off-mkt at RM2.60 apiece at 12.04pm. Shares unch at RM2.59 midday/STAR

14/1 KLCI falls 3.2pt to 910.49 noon. CPO +RM40 to RM1,870. BCHB -35c to RM6.65 after UBS AG cuts rating to neutral from buy. TWS -20c to RM2.90.

14/1 Corrected: EPF buys 2.69m PLUS shares from Dec 3 to 11, ups stake to 11.03% or 551.27m shares. PLUS up 1c to RM2.96 at 11.54am.

15/1 Aeon Co. plans to invest RM250m in 2 yrs to expand shopping malls. Investment to be from own funds, says chairman.

15/1 Maybank plans to boost Tier 1 capital ratio, also looking at various options for fund raising.

15/1 Ministries given until year-end to finish spending RM7b stimulus package, says 2nd Finance Minister. Govt not changing economic forecast.

5/1 Temasek Holdings ceases to be substantial shareholder of WCT after selling 253,400 shares. Stake cut to 4.99% or 38.52m shares.

15/1 KLCI -21.94pt to 891.52 at 9.20am. UEM Land -2.5c to 80.5c, -2c to 46.5c, MRCB -2.5c to 84.5c, IOI -12c to RM3.70 and WCT -3c to RM1.10.

15/1 KLCI closed 16pt down at 897.4. CPO fell RM62 to RM1,822. Nestle -75c to RM27.25, BAT -50c to RM43.75, DiGi -30c to RM20.80, Tenaga -30c.

15/1 Bursa Malaysia opens down 7.24 points, or 0.79 pct to 906.22.

15/1 The Dow closed at 8,200.13, shedding 248.42 points or 2.94 pct in overnight session; Crude oil settled down 50 cents to USD37.28 a barrel/STAR

16/1 KLCI -0.87pt to 896.58 at 9.15am. UEM Land +2.5c to 86.5c, WCT -2c to RM1.10, MRCB +1c to 84.5c, PB Bank -5c to RM8.85.

16/1 The CI opens up 0.77 of a point, or 0.09 pct to 898.22.

16/1 Overnight Dow gained 12.35 points, or 0.15 pct to 8,212.49; Nymex crude oil shed USD1.88 to USD35.40 a barrel.

16/1 Citigroup Inc posted USD8.29b loss in Q4 or USD1.72 per share due to credit crisis. Company plans to split into 2, says wire report.

16/1 EON Cap gets Bank Negara approval for EON Bank to start talks to acquire up to 40% of MCIS Zurich Insurance from Koperasi MCIS, Atalantik.

16/1 IOI Corp declares interim dividend of 30% or 3c per share, payable on Feb 27 for FY ending June 30, 2009.

16/1 KLCI closed just 0.98pt lower at 896.47. CPO +RM9 to RM1,814. Maybank fell 20c to RM5.30, Padini -15c to RM2.35, PEnergy -14c to RM1.08.

Monday, January 19, 2009

stock to monitor

股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價
1.成功多多(BJTOTO) 1562 4.82 4.62 4.44 4.82 4.74 4.78 4.76
2.楊忠禮電力(YTLPOWER) 6742 1.99 1.87 1.87 1.99 1.90 1.94 1.93
3.實達(SPSETIA) 8664 3.62 3.12 2.24 3.62 3.54 3.54 3.35
4.肯德基(KFC) 3492 7.65 7.25 5.50 7.65 7.30 7.35 7.41
5.肯油企業(KENCANA) 5122 1.51 1.35 1.05 1.51 1.39 1.41 1.40

Monday, January 12, 2009

stock to monitor

股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價
1.優樂家集團(KEURO) 3565 0.24 0.19 0.175 1.10 0.205 0.21 0.196
2.貿易風機構(TWSCORP) 4804 0.42 0.32 0.31 0.455 0.39 0.40 0.349
3.倫平資本(LPI) 8621 10.10 9.50 8.80 10.10 9.90 10.00 9.45
4.沙布拉浪峰(SAPCRES) 8575 0.925 0.765 0.755 0.925 0.87 0.88 0.81
5.史格米集團(SCOMI) 7158 0.415 0.335 0.33 0.415 0.395 0.39 0.36

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

KLCI closed 5.39 points up to 927.62

7/1 KLCI closed up 5.39 points to 927.62. CPO fell RM 75 to RM 1,905. UBG rose 51c to RM 3.20, BCHB jumped 40c to RM 10.40, Parkson slid 70 c to RM 3.58, WCT slip 15c to RM 1.14.

WCT confirms JV given 14 days by Meydan of Dubai to cancel contract to build racecourse.

6/1 WCT confirms JV given 14 days by Meydan of Dubai to cancel contract to build racecourse. WCT says cancellation breach of contract.

6/1 Trading in WCT shares, which plunged 29.5% to RM1.29 at 9.12am after Dubai contract cancelled, will resume trading at 2.30pm.

6/1 Trading of WCT securities halted after falling sharply in early trade. WCT 50:50 JV contract to build RM4.6b Dubai racecourse cancelled.

6/1 Frost & Sullivan sees local vehicle sales fall 8.1% to 501,500 units this yr due to lack of new mass market model launches, economic slowdown
6/1 The local bourse gains 0.49 of a point, or 0.05 pct to 921.15 at the starting bell/STAR

6/1 KLCI was up 1.57 to close 922.23.

6/1 KLCI -3.26pt to 917.4 noon. CPO +RM133 to RM1,870. Tanjong -20c to RM14, Warisan -19c to RM1.76, Sinora -14c to 41c, Genting -14c to RM3.82/STAR

6/1 KLCI -3.26pt to 917.4 noon. CPO +RM37 to RM1,874. Tanjong -20c to RM14, Warisan -19c to RM1.76, Sinora -14c to 41c, Genting -14c to RM3.82。

6/1 KLCI -10.27 pt to 910.39 at 9.15am. WCT falls on report Dubai racecourse job cancelled. WCT -54c to RM1.29, WCT-WB -13c to 16c, WCT-PA -11c。
6/1 Overnight Dow eased 81.80 points, or 0.91 pct to 8,952.88; Crude oil jumped USD2.47 to USD48.81 a barrel.

5/1 Sime Darby says has received government approval to go ahead with proposed low-cost carrier terminal project in Labu.

5/1 Local rubber glove makers can continue to export nitrile gloves to US without restrictions after Tillotson Corp claim deemed unfounded/STAR

5/1 KLCI closes +26.3pt at 920.66, highest since Oct 16. CPO +RM72 to RM1,812. Tanjong +70c to RM14.20, IOI Corp +48c to RM4.38, Asiatic +46c。

5/1 KLCI 2-month high 910.84 midday, +16.5pts. CPO +RM29 to RM1,769, oil +80c to USD47.14. BKawan +40c to RM8.75, IOICorp +36c RM4.26, KLK +30c.

5/1 KLCI up 12.29pt to 906.6 at 9.19am. Tanjong +40c to RM13.90, KLK +30c to RM9.90, BKawan +25c to RM8.60, Bursa +20c to RM5.55, Sime +15c.

5/1 KLCI up 20.8pt to 915.15, plantations lead. IOI Corp +44c to RM4.34, BKawan +45c to RM8.80, KLK +40c to RM10, Asiatic +36c to RM4.16.

5/1 KLCI +21.44pt to 915.8 at 4pm. CPO up RM56 to RM1,796 highest since Oct 15. Oil rises USD1.16 to USD47.50. Tanjong +50c to RM14, KLK +50c/STAR

5/1 Bursa Malaysia opens up 7.48 points, or 0.84 pct to 901.84 on follow-through interest/STAR

2/1 KLCI closed 17.6pt up to 894.36. Singapore, HK up. CPO +RM43 to RM1,738. KLK +70c to RM9.60, BKawan +45c to RM8.35, BCHB +35c to RM6.20.

2/1 KLCI up 20.25pt to 897 at 3.18pm. KLK +80c to RM9.70, Nestle +75c to RM27.75, BCHB +50c to RM6.35, IOI Corp +34c to RM3.90.

2/1 KLCI up 11.6pt to 888.37 noon. CPO +RM24 to RM1,719. KLK +60c to RM9.50, Chin Tek +25c to RM6, BCHB +25c to RM6.10, IOI Corp +24c to RM3.80/STAR

2/1 KLCI +1.55pt to 878.3 at 9.09am. KFC +20c to RM7.65, Octagon +14c to 89c, IOI Corp +10c to RM3.66, THPlant +10c. Oil -USD2 to USD42.

31/12 KLCI closed 4.88pt down to 876.75. For the year, it fell 38.9pct. HPI -30c to 58c, Utd Plt -30c to RM10.30, Maybank -20c to RM5.10.

31/12 Dow Jones industrial average rose 184.46 pts or 2.17% to 8,668.39 after US government expanded its bailout of auto industry. Oil +15c to USD39.18.

30/12 KLCI closed up 14pt to 881.6. CPO +RM58 to RM1,648. Oil -86c to USD39.16. PPB +30c to RM9.40, Taliwrk +25c to RM1.95, Tenaga +25c to RM6.30.

31/12 OSK Tech Ventures subscribed for 10.8m GPacket shares, GPacket Holdings subscribed for 22.84m shares at 70c each under private placement.

2/1 MARC sees corporate debt issuance RM25b to RM30b in 2009 on slower business activity. Sees risk averseness to lower-rated corporate bonds.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stocks to watch

股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價

1.實達(SPSETIA) 8664 3.16 3.12 2.24 3.16 3.14 3.14 3.04

2.國油氣體(PETGAS) 6033 9.85 9.80 9.20 10.60 9.80 9.85 9.78

3.大馬交易所(BURSA) 1818 5.30 5.20 5.05 6.15 5.20 5.35 5.30

4.龍鳳控股(DNP) 2976 0.715 0.695 0.69 0.745 0.70 0.715 0.705

5.富貴集團(NVMULTI) 5021 0.515 0.485 0.475 0.52 0.515 0.505 0.50

Seminar by KC Goh and Master Yeo on Jan 11, 2009