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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WCT confirms JV given 14 days by Meydan of Dubai to cancel contract to build racecourse.

6/1 WCT confirms JV given 14 days by Meydan of Dubai to cancel contract to build racecourse. WCT says cancellation breach of contract.

6/1 Trading in WCT shares, which plunged 29.5% to RM1.29 at 9.12am after Dubai contract cancelled, will resume trading at 2.30pm.

6/1 Trading of WCT securities halted after falling sharply in early trade. WCT 50:50 JV contract to build RM4.6b Dubai racecourse cancelled.

6/1 Frost & Sullivan sees local vehicle sales fall 8.1% to 501,500 units this yr due to lack of new mass market model launches, economic slowdown
6/1 The local bourse gains 0.49 of a point, or 0.05 pct to 921.15 at the starting bell/STAR

6/1 KLCI was up 1.57 to close 922.23.

6/1 KLCI -3.26pt to 917.4 noon. CPO +RM133 to RM1,870. Tanjong -20c to RM14, Warisan -19c to RM1.76, Sinora -14c to 41c, Genting -14c to RM3.82/STAR

6/1 KLCI -3.26pt to 917.4 noon. CPO +RM37 to RM1,874. Tanjong -20c to RM14, Warisan -19c to RM1.76, Sinora -14c to 41c, Genting -14c to RM3.82。

6/1 KLCI -10.27 pt to 910.39 at 9.15am. WCT falls on report Dubai racecourse job cancelled. WCT -54c to RM1.29, WCT-WB -13c to 16c, WCT-PA -11c。
6/1 Overnight Dow eased 81.80 points, or 0.91 pct to 8,952.88; Crude oil jumped USD2.47 to USD48.81 a barrel.

5/1 Sime Darby says has received government approval to go ahead with proposed low-cost carrier terminal project in Labu.

5/1 Local rubber glove makers can continue to export nitrile gloves to US without restrictions after Tillotson Corp claim deemed unfounded/STAR

5/1 KLCI closes +26.3pt at 920.66, highest since Oct 16. CPO +RM72 to RM1,812. Tanjong +70c to RM14.20, IOI Corp +48c to RM4.38, Asiatic +46c。

5/1 KLCI 2-month high 910.84 midday, +16.5pts. CPO +RM29 to RM1,769, oil +80c to USD47.14. BKawan +40c to RM8.75, IOICorp +36c RM4.26, KLK +30c.

5/1 KLCI up 12.29pt to 906.6 at 9.19am. Tanjong +40c to RM13.90, KLK +30c to RM9.90, BKawan +25c to RM8.60, Bursa +20c to RM5.55, Sime +15c.

5/1 KLCI up 20.8pt to 915.15, plantations lead. IOI Corp +44c to RM4.34, BKawan +45c to RM8.80, KLK +40c to RM10, Asiatic +36c to RM4.16.

5/1 KLCI +21.44pt to 915.8 at 4pm. CPO up RM56 to RM1,796 highest since Oct 15. Oil rises USD1.16 to USD47.50. Tanjong +50c to RM14, KLK +50c/STAR

5/1 Bursa Malaysia opens up 7.48 points, or 0.84 pct to 901.84 on follow-through interest/STAR

2/1 KLCI closed 17.6pt up to 894.36. Singapore, HK up. CPO +RM43 to RM1,738. KLK +70c to RM9.60, BKawan +45c to RM8.35, BCHB +35c to RM6.20.

2/1 KLCI up 20.25pt to 897 at 3.18pm. KLK +80c to RM9.70, Nestle +75c to RM27.75, BCHB +50c to RM6.35, IOI Corp +34c to RM3.90.

2/1 KLCI up 11.6pt to 888.37 noon. CPO +RM24 to RM1,719. KLK +60c to RM9.50, Chin Tek +25c to RM6, BCHB +25c to RM6.10, IOI Corp +24c to RM3.80/STAR

2/1 KLCI +1.55pt to 878.3 at 9.09am. KFC +20c to RM7.65, Octagon +14c to 89c, IOI Corp +10c to RM3.66, THPlant +10c. Oil -USD2 to USD42.

31/12 KLCI closed 4.88pt down to 876.75. For the year, it fell 38.9pct. HPI -30c to 58c, Utd Plt -30c to RM10.30, Maybank -20c to RM5.10.

31/12 Dow Jones industrial average rose 184.46 pts or 2.17% to 8,668.39 after US government expanded its bailout of auto industry. Oil +15c to USD39.18.

30/12 KLCI closed up 14pt to 881.6. CPO +RM58 to RM1,648. Oil -86c to USD39.16. PPB +30c to RM9.40, Taliwrk +25c to RM1.95, Tenaga +25c to RM6.30.

31/12 OSK Tech Ventures subscribed for 10.8m GPacket shares, GPacket Holdings subscribed for 22.84m shares at 70c each under private placement.

2/1 MARC sees corporate debt issuance RM25b to RM30b in 2009 on slower business activity. Sees risk averseness to lower-rated corporate bonds.

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