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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

KLCI closed 9.91 point down to 880.37 on Jan 20, 2009

20/1 Share prices on Bursa Malaysia ended the day lower yesterday on persistent profit taking activities in heavy-weights and lower-liners, with most finance counters extending loses.

At the closing bell, the KLCI dropped 9.91 points to 880.37.

20/1 KLCI -10.4pt to 879.89 at 12.30pm. CPO -RM25 to RM1,834. Oil -USD2.31 to USD34.20. Asian markets fell, HK down 443pt or 3.33%. TMI -16c.

20/1 KLCI fell 3.5pt to 886.77 at 9.15am. BCHB -10c to RM6.25, IOI Corp -8c to RM3.76, Parkson -6c to RM3.22, Genting -6c to RM3.70.

20/1 The local bourse opens down 4.46 points, or 0.5 pct to 885.82.

19/1 TMI may sell new shares in rights offer to repay RM2b loan to TM, says Khazanah. Khazanah will be part of TMI funding solution.

19/1 Maybank, BCHB, CIMB and EON Bank commit more than RM1b loans for SP Setia home loan package/STAR

19/1 Tenaga posts RM944m net loss in Q1 vs net profit RM1.5b yr ago due to RM1.4b forex loss. But had operating profit RM942m vs RM1.68b yr ago.

19/1 KLCI closed -6pt at 890. CPO +RM7 to RM1,840. BAT -50c to RM43.70, Far East -40c to RM5, Ralco -30.5c to 48.5c, PBBank-F -25c to to RM8.65.

19/1 EON Bank sees non-performing loans to rise over December to CNY period as consumers stretch payments, but NPLs rise not alarming.

19/1 KLCI falls 6.26pt to 890.2 noon. CPO +RM23 to RM1,856. Oil eased 28c to USD36.23. EON Cap +16c to RM3.60, AIRB +12c to 92c, KLK +10c.

19/1 HSBC falls 1.8 HK¿ to 62.40 HK¿ at 11.25am in HK trade after shareholder Knight Vinke said bank may have to sell shares to plug shortfall.

19/1 KLCI +2.84pt to 899 at 9.10am. KLK +20c to RM9.75, AIRB +12c to 92c, IOI Corp +8c to RM3.86 on 30% dividend plan, Maybank +5c to to RM5.35.

19/1 Bursa Malaysia kicks off the week marginally higher, up 1.43 points to 897.90.

7/1 Daewoo Engineering & Construction gets RM665m contract from KLCC Properties to build superstructure for mixed development job in KL

7/1 China now has more than 50mil bloggers operating more than 100mil blogs, with many keeping more than one: China state media

7/1 KLCI rose 11pt to 933.32 noon. CPO +RM36 to RM2,016. BCHB +55c to RM7.05, KLK +50c to RM10.50, SPSetia +24c to RM3.58, WCT -12c to RM1.17

8/1 KLCI fell 17.68pt to 909.9 noon. CPO -RM71 to RM1,914, oil at USD42.59. KLK -40c to RM10, Sime -35c to RM5.45, IOI Corp -28c to RM3.98.

8/1 Toyo Ink extends closing date for takeover of Toychem from Friday to Jan 30. Offer price at RM2.90 cash per share.

8/1 Chinese computer giant Lenovo says it will cut 2,500 jobs or 11 percent of worldwide staff, after losses due to the global economic crisis.

8/1 AirAsia in talks with several domestic, international investors to fund new LCCT in Labu. Structure on equity, funding finalised by April.

8/1 KLCI falls 9.8pt to 917.8 at 9.20am. Tanjong -50c to RM13.50, KLK -30c to RM10.10, Kulim -18c to RM4.92, IJM -16c to RM3.22, IOI Corp -12c.

8/1 The CI opens on a weak note, losing 8.89 points, or 0.96 pct to 918.73.

8/1 Overnight Dow dropped 245.40 points, or 2.72 pct to 8,769.70; Nymex crude oil finished down USD5.95 to USD42.63 a barrel.

8/1 KLK closed 17pt down to 910.5. CPO -RM97 to RM1,888. KLK -40c to RM10, Sime -35c to RM5.45, IOI Corp -28c to RM3.98, Lafarge -26c to RM3.90.

8/1 CPO -RM98 to RM1,887 at 3.24pm. KLCI -18pt to 909. KLK -40c to RM10, Loh&Loh -35c to RM5, Sime -35c to RM5.45, IOI Corp -30c to RM3.96.

9/1 KLCI up 7.1pt to 917.63 noon. CPO +RM79 to RM1,944. DiGi +30c to RM21.60, KFC +20c to RM7.50, Tenaga +20c to RM6.55, MAS +16c to RM3.30.

9/1 Goldman Sachs bought 10.86m E&O shares from open market on Dec 31, ups stake to 46.72m E&O shares or 8%.

9/1 Chinese-owned Ssangyong Motor of South Korea, which could not pay its workers on time last month, has applied for court receivership.

9/1 Trading of Teo Guan Lee resumes on Monday after meeting minimum paid-up share capital of RM40m.

9/1 KLCI up 6.4pt to 916.94 at 9.13am. KFC +30c to RM7.60, DiGi +20c to RM21.50, Orient +20c to RM5.20, BAT -25c to RM44.25, IJM -8c to RM3.32.

9/1 The local bourse opens up 0.45 point, or 0.05 pct to 910.97.

9/1 PM says govt monitoring economic situation, will launch second stimulus plan if need be. PM adds Malaysia not in recession.

9/1 APLI to be suspended from Thursday after its revamp plan aborted. APLI not planning new scheme to regularise financial condition.

9/1 KLCI closed up 8.5pt at 919. CPO +RM54 to RM1,919. DiGi +30c to RM21.60, Tenaga +25c to RM6.60, LPI +20c to RM10, TSRCap-WA +19c to 64c.

12/1 KLCI +0.72pt to 919.79 at 9.08am. TGL +20c to 60c after suspension lifted. YTL +10c to RM7.10, TM +8c to RM3.10, PBBank +5c to RM8.90.

12/1 Bursa Malaysia kicks off the week a shade higher, gaining 0.33 of a point to 919.40/STAR
12/1 KLCI closed 4.50pt up to 923.57. Public Bank +15c to RM9.00, Maybank +5c to RM5.65, BCHB +5c to RM7.05 and Sime +5c to RM5.50.

12/1 Concerns over security of gas supply affecting 8 companies plans to invest RM5b to RM8b. They include Samsung, Nippon Electric Glass.

13/1 Dayang Enterprise secures RM150m contract from Petronas Carigali, RM50m job from Murphy Sabah Oil for maintenance services.

13/1 KLCI closes 9.87pt lower at 913.70. KNM -1.5c to 49c, IOI -20c to RM3.80,-3c to RM1.12, Resorts -3c to RM2.27 and Jaks +2c to 47c.

13/1 KLCI fell 10.6pt to 912.98 at 3.24pm. CPO fell RM131 to RM1,857. Chin Tek -40c to RM5.60, PetDag -30c to RM7.40, Tanjong -30c to RM13.90.

13/1 KLCI down 8pt to 915.5 noon. CPO -RM128 to RM1,860, Oil fell 37c to USD37.22. Chin Tek -40c to RM5.60, Tanjong -30c to RM13.90, KLK -20c.

13/1 Citigroup Research cuts Malaysia GDP growth to 0.5% for this year. On equities, sees bear market likely to bottom earliest in Q1.

13/1 CPO futures fell RM105 to RM1,883 at 11.30am. Soybean, vegetable oil futures traded in China fell 5% on weaker demand worries.

13/1 KLCI -4.84pt at 9.35am. Tanjong -40c to RM13.80, BAT -25c to RM43.75, KLK -15c to RM9.85, PPB -10c to RM9.90 and DiGi -10c to RM21.30.

13/1 The CI opens down 3.65 points, or 0.4 pct to 919.92.

13/1 Wall Street declined a further 125.21 points, or 1.46 pct to 8,473.96 in overnight trading; Crude oil settled at USD37.59, down USD3.24 a barrel.

14/1 EPF bought 2.69m PLUS shares from Jan 3 to 11, raising its stake to 11.03% or 551.27m shares. PLUS up 1c to RM2.96 at 11.54am.

14/1 KLCI falls 2.72pt to 910.98 at 11.39am. CPO up RM39 to RM1,869. Oil up USD1.22 to USD39. BCHB -35c to RM6.65, TWS -20c to RM2.90, KLK -10c.

14/1 KLCI +2.25pt to 915.95 at 9.30am. IOI +6c to RM3.86, Bursa -10c to RM5.50, BCHB -10c to RM6.90, Ranhill +3.5c to 91c and WCT +2c to RM1.14.

14/1 The local bourse rebounds 2.01 points, or 0.22 pct to 915.71 at the opening bell.

14/1 Overnight Dow ended down 25.41 points, or 0.3 pct to 8,448.55 but Crude oil futures settled up 19 cents to USD37.78 a barrel.

14/1 TMI led consortium fails in bid to secure licence for Iran third public mobile network.

14/1 KLCI closed -0.24pt at 913.46. CPO +RM45 to RM1,875, oil +US¿1.21 to USD38.99. BCHB -25c to RM6.75, Amway -15c to RM6.75, MAS -12c.

14/1 QSR sees 3m shares done off-mkt at RM2.60 apiece at 12.04pm. Shares unch at RM2.59 midday/STAR

14/1 KLCI falls 3.2pt to 910.49 noon. CPO +RM40 to RM1,870. BCHB -35c to RM6.65 after UBS AG cuts rating to neutral from buy. TWS -20c to RM2.90.

14/1 Corrected: EPF buys 2.69m PLUS shares from Dec 3 to 11, ups stake to 11.03% or 551.27m shares. PLUS up 1c to RM2.96 at 11.54am.

15/1 Aeon Co. plans to invest RM250m in 2 yrs to expand shopping malls. Investment to be from own funds, says chairman.

15/1 Maybank plans to boost Tier 1 capital ratio, also looking at various options for fund raising.

15/1 Ministries given until year-end to finish spending RM7b stimulus package, says 2nd Finance Minister. Govt not changing economic forecast.

5/1 Temasek Holdings ceases to be substantial shareholder of WCT after selling 253,400 shares. Stake cut to 4.99% or 38.52m shares.

15/1 KLCI -21.94pt to 891.52 at 9.20am. UEM Land -2.5c to 80.5c, -2c to 46.5c, MRCB -2.5c to 84.5c, IOI -12c to RM3.70 and WCT -3c to RM1.10.

15/1 KLCI closed 16pt down at 897.4. CPO fell RM62 to RM1,822. Nestle -75c to RM27.25, BAT -50c to RM43.75, DiGi -30c to RM20.80, Tenaga -30c.

15/1 Bursa Malaysia opens down 7.24 points, or 0.79 pct to 906.22.

15/1 The Dow closed at 8,200.13, shedding 248.42 points or 2.94 pct in overnight session; Crude oil settled down 50 cents to USD37.28 a barrel/STAR

16/1 KLCI -0.87pt to 896.58 at 9.15am. UEM Land +2.5c to 86.5c, WCT -2c to RM1.10, MRCB +1c to 84.5c, PB Bank -5c to RM8.85.

16/1 The CI opens up 0.77 of a point, or 0.09 pct to 898.22.

16/1 Overnight Dow gained 12.35 points, or 0.15 pct to 8,212.49; Nymex crude oil shed USD1.88 to USD35.40 a barrel.

16/1 Citigroup Inc posted USD8.29b loss in Q4 or USD1.72 per share due to credit crisis. Company plans to split into 2, says wire report.

16/1 EON Cap gets Bank Negara approval for EON Bank to start talks to acquire up to 40% of MCIS Zurich Insurance from Koperasi MCIS, Atalantik.

16/1 IOI Corp declares interim dividend of 30% or 3c per share, payable on Feb 27 for FY ending June 30, 2009.

16/1 KLCI closed just 0.98pt lower at 896.47. CPO +RM9 to RM1,814. Maybank fell 20c to RM5.30, Padini -15c to RM2.35, PEnergy -14c to RM1.08.

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