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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Finance Ministry has approved a commercial banking license to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd

20/11 The Finance Ministry has approved a commercial banking license to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd earlier in the year—BNM.

20/11 The Malaysian economy improved in Q3 with a reduced contraction of 1.2% on higher private consumption and increased public spending –BNM.

20/11 CPO for January delivery was up RM 9 to RM 2,380 per tonne at 11am. Nov 1 to Nov 20 palm oil exports rose 14.5% to 930,133 tonnes-Intertek.

20/11 US markets closed down in Thursday trade with S&P 500 plunging 1.34% to 1094.90. Nymex crude oil up 33 c to US$77.79 per barrel at 8:30am.

20/11 Telekom Malaysia reported a net profit of RM 179.1 mil, or 5.10 sen per share on revenue of RM 2.1 bil.

20/11 The FBM KLCI was down 2.29 points to 1274.36 at 5pm. Maxis – 5c to Rm 5.37, Tanjong +34 to Rm 16.56, KLK – 36c to RM 15.64 and Bat -32c to RM 44.76.

19/11 The FBM KLCI gained 1.55 points to 1,276.65 at 5pm. Maxis + 42c to RM 5.42, KLK + 40 c RM 16, Tanjong – 20c to Rm 16.22 and PPB – 20 c to RM 15.60.

19/11 Singapore’s trade ministry said the economy will rise 3% to 5 % in 2010 after 2.5% contraction in 2009.

18/11 FBM KLCI closed 4.8 points lower at 1,275.1; CIMB lost 12 c to RM 13.04, MMC shed 11 c to /rm 2.44 while Top Glove rose 27 c to Rm 8.72.

18/11 Plenitude plans to launch 6 projects worth a total of RM 280 mil during this current fiscal year ending June 30, 2010—exec chairman.

18/11 Malaysia is emerging from an economic recession and will return to “moderately high growth” next year –World Bank report.

18/11 DJIA closed slightly higher by 0.3 % in overnight trading to 10,437.4 points.

17/11 The UN’s national statistics office said consumer price rose 1.5% in Oct from a year earlier compared top 1.1% in Sept.

17/11 The FBM KLCI gained 1.64 pts to 1,279.95 at close. PPB + 26 c to RM 15.88, KLK +22 c to RM 15.60, BKawan +14 c to RM 10.24 and Affin – 22 c to Rm 2.42.

17/11 European markets followed Asia markets into the red after US Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said there were economic headwinds ahead.

17/11 Naza TTDI to develop biggest exhibition and convention centre in KL for Rm 628 mil, funded internally and borrowings—group managing director.

17/11 Ex PKR aide Anuar Shaari lodges police report about alleged ownership of shares by PKR leaders, hands over documents for cops to verify.

16/11 FBM KLCI closed up 7.35 pts at 1278.3; CIMB surged 36 c to RM 13.28, Affin jumped 30 c to RM 2.64 and Affin-wc leaped 29.5 c 44.5c.

16/11 CIMB Group to pursue dual listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand and undertake an IPO of up to 35 million shares in Thailand.

16/11 Palm oil exports in the first 15 days of November rose 13 % to 674,148 tonnes from 596,515 tonnes in the same period in October—Intertek.

13/11 The FBM KLCI closed 0.79 points lower at 1270.96 at 5 pm. Losers include PetDag, Mudajaya, Tanjong while gainers were NSTP and BIMB.

13/11 Jetson believes unusual market activity could be due to public speculation over the privatization of a project by Matrade to the Naza group.

13/11 Securities Commission (SC) had obtained judgement against Swiss Cash defendents for Rm 31 mil, the largest of such settlement in SC’s history.

13/11 PM Najib tells Apec CEO Summit that new economic plan to help Malaysia become high-income and developed nation will be unveiled by year-end.

13/11 US prosecutors file complaint in court in move to seize four mosques and other assets of Iran-linked Alavi Foundation.

12/11 Green Packet posted net loss of Rm 32 mil in Q3 due to heavy promotional activities to expand broadband business. Revenue was Rm 63mil.

12/11 The FBM KLCI closed 1.6 points higher at 1271.75 at 5 pm; Gainers include F&N, Tanjong, Mudajaya, Supermax and Batu Kawan.

12/11 The New Strait Times Press (M) Bhd has declared a special dividend of 40 sen per share tax exempt.

11/11 PM Najib: Malaysia agrees to award the double tracking rail project in Johor, linking Gemas to Johor Baru, to a Chinese contractor.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

11月9 日在光明日報推薦的5大龍門股

股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價
1.沙布拉浪峰(SAPCRES) 8575 2.28 0.61 2.00 2.28 2.18 2.16 2.16

2.戴樂集團(DIALOG) 7277 1.35 0.765 1.27 1.35 1.31 1.32 1.31

3.拉慕尼亞(RAMUNIA) 7206 0.735 0.25 0.375 0.735 0.485 0.44 0.425

4.達雅集團(DAYA) 0091 0.45 0.225 0.38 0.45 0.425 0.405 0.404

5.貝利賽(PERISAI) 0047 1.20 0.48 0.575 0.63 0.61 0.60 0.592


股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價

1.綠田控股(LITYAN) 9075 1.82 1.39 1.39 1.82 1.78 1.74 -

2.天安亞洲(KURASIA) 5097 0.805 0.24 0.615 0.805 2.77 0.795 0.736

3.WCT公司(WCT) 9679 2.86 0.925 2.39 2.86 2.63 2.63 2.70

4.雙威控股(SUNWAY) 4308 1.58 0.625 1.20 1.58 1.39 1.38 1.39
該公司與新加坡海石杉鹼甲地產(HOI HUP REALTY)再次攜手,以聯營方式在新加坡發展第三項發展總值估計達4億3500萬新元(馬幣約10億4400萬令吉)的中高檔共管式公寓計劃,預計2011至2013年為集團貢獻近4000萬令吉的凈利。

5.ETI科技(ETITECH) 0118 2.61 0.565 0.565 0.855 0.60 0.575 0.737

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The FBM KLCI closed 6.33 points higher at 1274.08 on Tuesday

10/11 The FBM KLCI closed 6.33 points higher at 1274.08 at 5 pm. Gainers include Panasonic, HaiO, Memee, CIMB and KL Kepong.

10/11 F&N plans to launch 50 new products in the next three years in order to expand its share of the dairy products and soft drinks markets.

10/11 Industrial Production Index decreased 2.4% month-on-month and 6% year-on-year in Sep following a decline in manufacturing index.

10/11 Overnight Dow jumped 203.52 points, or 2.03 pct to 10,226.94 ; Crude oil prices surged USD 2 to USD 79.43 per barrel.

9/11 The FBM KLCI closed 6.99 points higher at 1267.75 at 5 pm; Gainers include Mudajaya, Far East, IOI Corp, Hartalega, PetDag and IJM.

9/11 European markets were up in morning trade with London’s FTSE 100 Index gaining 0.81 % while German’s Day Index advanced 1.12%

9/11 Malaysia aiming for 6pc GDP growth until 2020 to meet the target of USD 17,000 per capita income needed to become high-income nation:PM Najib.

9/11 Economic planning unit would be releasing GDP figures by state for the first time. GDP for 2005 and 2006 by state would be released today.

9/11 Pelikan proposed to acquire 66 % stake in office stationery and paper product maker Herlitz AG for EUR 45 mil (RM 227mil).

6/11 Proton Holdings chairman makes an offer to take Transocean private via Kumpulan Kendaeraan Malaysia Bhd at RM 1 per share.

6/11 Redtone and GPacket were queried by Bursa Malaysia on unusual market activities. The stocks were up 131% and 55 % respectively for the year.

6/11 The FBM KLCI closed up 6.80pts to 1260.76. Tanjong+58c to RM 16.40, BAT + 76c to RM 46.26, PPB+18c to RM 15.58 and IJM -20 c to RM 4.50.

6/11 Crude palm oil for January delivery rose RM 23 to RM 2270 per tonne on the local derivatives exchange at 11.30am.

9/11 Applications for two new Islamic banking licenses as part of the liberalization plan is still being processed, says deputy finance minister.

6/11 US Labour Dept statistics showed lower than expected jobless rate, higher productivity and a drop in labour costs in the third quarter.

5/11 Crude palm oil for January delivery settled RM 13 lower at RM 2,247 per tonne. Nymex crude oil dropped 42 cents to US$79.98 per barrel.

5/11 A Bloomberg poll of economists showed the European Central Bank will follow the Fed and keep the benchmark interest rate unchanged, at 1%.

5/11 The FBM KLCI closed up 0.12points to 1,253.96. Redtone + 9.5c to 41.5c, Tanjong +44 c to RM 15.82, PPB -40 c to RM 15.40 and Lityan -16c to RM 2.65.

5/11 Crude palm oil for January delivery fell RM 22 to RM 2,238 per tonne as Nymex crude oil retreated below the US$80 per barrel mark.

5/11 The US Fed Reserve said Wed the benchmark lending rate will be kept between 0% and 0.25% indefinitely to support the economic recovery.

5/11 Overnight Wall Street gained 30.23 points, or 0.31 pct to 9802.14; Crude oil prices advanced 80 cents to USD 80.40 per barrel.

4/11 Berjaya Land said its RM 21.8b 600 ha Nhon Trach New City Township project has received the green light from Viet government.

4/11 The Statistic Dept said September exports declined 24.2% on a yr-on-yr basis while month-on-month, it fell 1.1% to RM 47.24b.

4/11 The FBM KLCI closed up 11.52 points to 1,253.84. PBBank-foreign +22c to RM 10.92, RHBCap + 21 c to RM 5.41 and HLBank +71c to RM 7.90.

4/11 CPO for January delivery up RM 35 to RM 2,225 per tonne. Spot gold down US$3.18 to US$1,081.22 per ounce. RM quoted at 3.423 to US dollar.

3/11 The FBM KLCI closed up 0.56points to 1,242.32. PPB -20c to RM 15.14, HLBank +14c to RM 7.73, Nestle -20c to RM 32.80 and Utd Plt -22 c to Rm 13.38.

3/11 The Reserve Bank of Australia has raised the benchmark interest rate by 25bps to 3.5% for the second time in four weeks.

3/11 Crude palm oil for January delivery was down RM 11 to RM 2,197 per tonne at 11.30am

3/11 The Dow recovered 76.71 points or 0.79 pct to 9789.44 in overnight trading; Crude oil advanced USD 1.13 to USD 78.13 per barrel.

2/11 The FBM KLCI fell 1.47 pts to 1241.76 at close. Lityan +96c to RM 2.70, PPB +20c to RM 15.34, Time +11c to 50.5c and RHBCap -14 c to RM 5.25.

2/11 Crude palm oil 3rd-mth futures fell as a Bloomberg report said China may slow imports. It was RM 46 lower at RM 2,162 per tonne at 4.15pm.

2/11 Cargo surveyor SGS said today local palm oil exports rose 13% in Oct to 1.43m tonnes compared to Sept’s 1.26m tonnes.
2/11 2nd Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said Turkey’s Bank Asya is interested in collaborating with Maybank and CIMB on Islamic banking.

1/11 Strong Aussie dollar and Malaysia’s ranking as a top tourist stop has led to a record 33 % jump in Aussie departures to Malaysia.

30/10 Scomi has sealed a multi-year distributor agreement with UK’s Artevea Digital Ltd, to offer the latter’s extensive line of radio mobile communication.