Stock Market Books

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stock Market News in Brief

24/3 Overnight Dow jumped 497.48 points, or 6.84 pct to 7,775.86; Nymex crude oil futures surged USD1.73 to USD53.80 a barrel

24/3 The CI gaps up 11.84 points, or 1.35 pct to 890.14 at the opening bell

24/3 KLCI -1.22pt to 877.08 at 11am. BCHB +25c to RM6.80, Maybank -12c to RM4.46, PBBank -10c to RM7.45 and EONCap -12c to RM2.77

2/3 3-month CPO futures -RM5 per tonne to RM1,890, Nymex crude oil -86c to US¿43.90 per barrel and spot gold +US¿8.90 to US¿951.25 per oz

2/3 KLCI -17.83pt to 872.84 at 12.30pm. BCHB -35c to RM6.55, PBBank -25c to RM8.55, Maybank -20c to RM4.90 and TNB -20c to RM6.25.

2/3 Bursa Malaysia opens the week down 0.96 point, or 0.11 pct to 889.71

2/3 KLCI -4.08pt at 886.59 at 9.45am. BCHB -15c to RM6.75, Maybank -10c to RM5.00, Parkson -10c to RM3.32 and BAT -50c to RM44.25

2/3 3-mth CPO futures -RM1 per tonne to RM1,894, Nymex crude oil -86c lower at US¿43.90 per barrel and spot gold +US¿12.80 to US¿955.15 per oz

2/3 KLCI -14.11pt to 876.56 at 5pm. TM +8c to RM3.52, TMI -33c to RM2.69, BCHB -35c to RM6.55, PBBank -30c to RM8.50 and Sime -20c to RM5.45

2/3 KLCI -19.77pt to 870.90 at 3.15pm. BCHB -40c to RM6.60, TMI -32c to RM2.70, PBBank-foreign -30c to RM8.40 and Maybank -28c to RM4.82

3/3 Overnight Dow tumbled 299.64 points or 4.24 pct to 6.763.29; Nymex crude oil plunged USD4.61 to USD40.15 a barrel

3/3 KLCI closed 7.82 pts lower to 868.7. KLK -20s to RM9.70, MISC -15s to RM8.30, MISC-O1 -40s to RM8.20 and PBBank-01 -15s to RM8.25.

3/3 CPO 3-mth futures -RM14.00 per tonne to RM1,857 while Nymex crude oil in elecronic trade +12c to US¿40.27 per barrel

3/3 KLCI -9.50pt to 867.06 at 3.45pm. IOI Corp -6c to RM3.60, KLK -15c to RM9.75, MISC -20c to RM8.25 and MISC-foreign -40c to RM8.20

4/3 Crude palm oil 3-mth futures +RM15 per tonne to RM1,870 while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade -25c to US$41.40 per barrel.

4/3 The CI opens down 0.38 of a point, or 0.04 pct to 868.36

4/3 KLCI -4.01pt to 864.73 at 12.30pm. Resorts -2c to RM2.03, PBBank -20c to RM8.20, MISC-foreign -20c to RM8 and UMW -10c to RM5.20

4/3 KLCI -1.05pt to 867.69 at 9.45am. PPB -5c to RM9.70, Bursa -6c to RM4.84, TopGlove +6c to RM4.50, KLK -5c to RM9.65 and UMW -10c to RM5.20

4/3 Wall Street fell 37.27 points, or 0.6 pct to 6,726.02 but crude oil futures recovered USD1.50 to USD41.65 a barrel in overnight session

5/3 KLCI +2.31pt to 869.24 at 5pm. IOI Corp +8c to RM3.74, MISC-foreign +15c to RM8.20, PetGas +15c to RM9.80 and TopGlove +16c to RM4.72

5/3 The US dollar strengthened against the euro on speculation that the ECB may cut rates soon. The dollar was quoted at 1.26 to the euro.

6/3 The local bourse opens down 5.61 points, or 0.65 pct to 863.63

6/3 KLCI -6.71pt to 862.53 at 11.15am. Tanjong -40c to RM14, BAT -25c to RM44, MISC-foreign -15c to RM8.05 and YTL -15c to RM6.85

6/3 KLCI -11.02pt to 858.22 at 5pm. Maybank -28c to RM4.54, PBBank-foreign -25c to RM7.90, BAT -25c to RM44.00 and TMI -13c to RM2.50

6/3 Overnight Wall Street plunged 281.40 points, or 4.09 pct to 6.594.44; Crude oil futures declined USD1.77 to USD43.61

6/3 KLCI -9.25pt to 859.99 at 12.30pm. Maybank -12c to RM4.70, PBBank-foreign -20c to RM7.95 and MISC-foreign -15c to RM8.05

10/3 Mini budget: RM674mil subsidy to avert price increase of necessities like sugar, bread and wheat flour; RM480mil to keep toll rates down

10/3 KLCI -7.98pt to 850.24 at 9.45am. PBBank-foreign -50c to RM7.40, Maybank -20c to RM4.34, PBBank -35c to RM7.65 and Genting -14c to RM3.14

10/3 Mini budget: Govt proposes house buyers get tax relief on interest paid on housing loans up to RM10,000 a year for 3yrs

10/3 KLCI -2.97pt to 855.25 at 5pm. PBBank-foreign -65c to RM7.25, PBBank -50c to RM7.50, BCHB +15c to RM6.20 and KLK +30c to RM10.20

10/3 Crude palm oil 3-month futures +RM67 per tonne to RM2,007 on higher exports while Nymex crude oil +22c to US$47.29 per barrel

10/3 Overnight Wall Street shed 79.89 points, or 1.21 pct to 6,547.05 but Crude oil futures jumped USD1.55 to USD47.07 a barrel

10/3 Bursa Malaysia is down 0.39 of a point, or 0.05 pct to 857.83 at the start of the week

10/3 KLCI -6.32pt to 851.90 at 12.30pm. PBBank-foreign -45c to RM7.45, Maybank -14c to RM4.40, PBBank -45c to RM7.55 and IOI Corp +4c to RM3.76

11/3 KLCI +0.76pt to 856.01 at 12.30pm. MISC +15c to RM8.40, MISC-foreign +10c to RM8.30, PBBank -15c to RM7.35 and Tanjong -30c to RM14.30

11/3 The Dow jumped 379.44 points, or 5.8 pct to 6,926.49 in overnight trading; Crude oil was however down USD1.36 to USD45.71

11/3 The CI opens up 5.31 points, or 0.62 pct to 860.56 amid fresh bargain hunting interest

11/3 KLCI +5.22pt to 860.47 at 9.45am. Resorts +5c to RM2.03, TMI +13c to RM2.68, BCHB +10c to RM6.30 and KLK +10c to RM10.30

11/3 KLCI -4.88pt to 850.37 at 5pm. BCHB -15c to RM6.05, Bursa -22c to RM4.56, PBBank -20c to RM7.30, KLK -20c to RM10 and DiGi +10c to RM21.10

12/3 CPO 3-month futures -RM8 per tonne to RM1,972 while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade +53 cents to US$42.86 per barrel

12/3 KLCI -6.05pt to 844.32 at 9.45am. Maybank -16c to RM4.18, PBBank -15c to RM7.15, PBBank-foreign -10c to RM7.10 and Bursa -8c to RM4.48

12/3 The local bourse eases 0.8 of a point, or 0.09 pct to 849.57 at the openning bell

12/3 Wall Street gained 3.91 points, or 0.06 pct to 6,930.40 in overnight trading; Light sweet crude plunged USD3.38 to USD42.33

12/3 KLCI -11.98pt to 838.39 at 5pm. Maybank -28c to RM4.06, PBBank-foreign -35c to RM6.85, PBBank -25c to RM7.05 and BCHB +15c to RM6.20

12/3 KLCI -12.15pt to 838.22 at 12.30pm. PBBank-foreign -30c to RM6.90, Maybank -26c to RM4.08, PBBank -25c to RM7.05 and Resorts -6c to RM1.93

13/3 KLCI up 7.7 pts at 846.1 at 9.45am. Maybank +4c to RM4.10, PBBank +15c to RM7, PBBank-foreign +15c to RM7.20 Tenaga +10c to RM6.15.

13/3 CPO 3-month futures +RM25 per tonne to RM1,945 while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade +31cents to US$46.72 per barrel

13/3 CORRECTION: Nymex crude oil in electronic trade -31cents to US$46.72 per barrel

13/3 The benchmark composite index opens 5.45 points higher, or 0.6 pct to 843.84 points.

13/3 KLCI closed up 5.06pts at 843.45 at 5pm. Maybank -6c to RM4, PBBank +10c to RM7.15, PBBank-foreign +15c to RM7, Tenaga +10c to RM6.15.

15/3 Second Finance Minister wants RM2bil Penang Sentral transportation and logistics hub project expedited to create spillover economic activities

16/3 Bursa Malaysia opens the week 0.39 point higher, or 0.05%, at 843.84.

16/3 KLCI +1.30pt to 844.75 at 10am. Maybank -2c to RM3.98, Sime +10c to RM5.50, PBBank-foreign +10c to RM7.10 and BCHB -5c to RM6.15

16/3 CPO 3-month futures +RM3 per tonne to RM1,933 while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade -US$1.63 to US$44.62 per barrel

16/3 KLCI -2.71pt to 840.74 at 12.30pm. Maybank -2c to RM3.98, Sime +5c to RM5.45, PBank-foreign +15c to RM7.15 and TNB -25c to RM5.90

16/3 KLCI -4.21pt to 839.24 at 3.30pm. Sime +5c to RM5.45, Maybank -2c to RM3.98, PBBank-foreign +15c to RM7.15 and TMI -16c to RM2.28

16/3 KLCI -2.57pt to 840.88 at 5pm. TNB -25c to RM5.90, TMI -16c to RM2.28, DiGi -10c to RM21.00 and PBBank-foreign +20c to RM7.20

17/3 CPO 3-month futures +RM38 per tonne to RM1,940 on speculation demand from China and India will boost exports and prices despite recession

17/3 KLCI +0.99pt to 841.87 at 5pm. KNM +2c to 34.5c, PBBank-foreign +25c to RM7.45, PBBank +20c to RM7.35 and Sime +15c to RM5.55

17/3 IOI Properties said the deadline for the voluntary takeover offer by IOI Corp has been extended to Mar 31

18/3 KLCI +6.09pt to 847.96 at 5pm. Maybank +6c to RM4.08, BCHB +15c to RM6.25, PBBank +20c to RM7.55 and BAT +50c to RM44.25

18/3 KLCI +5.07pt or +0.60% to 846.94 at open

18/3 Nymex crude oil down 35 cents to US$48.81 per barrel following report US stockpiles were up. It closed at US$49.16 in day trade Tuesday

18/3 KLCI +7.54pt to 849.41 at 11am. Sapcres +5c to 72c, Maybank +12c to RM4.14, PBBank +25c to RM7.60 and Bursa +22c to RM4.70

18/3 KLCI +8.16pt to 850.03 at 12.30pm. Maybank +14c to RM4.16, PBBank +25c to RM7.60, TNB +15c to RM6.10 and Bursa +24c to RM4.72

18/3 CPO 3-month futures +RM8 to RM1,930 per tonne on higher Chinese demand while Nymex crude oil -58 cents to US$48.58 per barrel

18/3 KLCI +5.25pt to 847.12 at 3.45pm. KLK +20c to RM10.20, TNB +15c to RM6.10, PBBank +15c to RM7.50 and Maybank +8c to RM4.10

19/3 KLCI +4.20pt to 852.16 at 11.15am. Maybank +16c to RM4.24, KLK +10c to RM10.20, PPB +10c to RM9.65 and Bursa +16c to RM4.86

19/3 CPO 3-month futures up RM24 per tonne to RM1,929 while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade was 97 cents higher at US$49.11 per barrel

19/3 KLCI +4.12pt to 852.08 at 12.30pm. Maybank +14c to RM4.22,Commerz +5c to RM6.30, PBBank-foreign -10c to RM7.50 and KLK +10c to RM10.20.

19/3 KLCI +4.22pt to 852.18 at 5pm. Maybank +18c to RM4.26, BCHB +5c to RM6.30, PBBank -15c to RM7.40,KLK +20c to RM10.30 and TMI +8c to RM2.24

19/3 The KLCI is up 0.26% or 2.17pt to 850.13 at open

19/3 KLCI +3.09pt to 851.05 at 4pm. Maybank +14c to RM4.22, Pbbank -20c to RM7.35, KLK +10c to RM10.20 and Commerz +5s to RM6.30.

19/3 The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 1.23% to 7,486.58 following the US govt's decision to buy US$1 trillion of bonds

19/3 The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 1.23% to 7,486.58 following the US govt's decision to buy US$1 trillion of bonds

19/3 CPO 3-month futures up RM10 per tonne to RM1,915 while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade was 62cents higher at US$48.79 per barrel.

20/3 The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.15% to 7400.80 on concerns that the Fed's new bond-buying campaign could wind up hurting the dollar

20/3 KLCI -0.99pt to 851.19 at 11.25am. Maybank +4c to RM4.30, TMI +8c to RM2.32, PBB -20c to RM7.20 and 101 Corp +2c to RM3.78

20/3 The KLCI is up 0.08% or 0.68pt to 852.86 at open

20/3 CPO 3-month futures up RM7 per tonne to RM1,918 while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade was 56 cents higher at US$51.05

20/3 KLCI +0.4pt to 852.58 at 12.30pm. Maybank +8c to RM4.34, TMI +11c to RM2.35, PBB -15c to RM7.25 and 101 Corp +2c to RM3.78

20/3 CPO 3-month futures up RM54 per tonne to RM1,965 while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade was 52 cents higher at US$51.09 per barrel

20/3 KLCI +4.64pt to 856.82 at 5pm. Sime +20c to RM5.65, TMI +11c to RM2.35, Maybank +10c to RM4.36 and IOI Corp -4c to RM3.72

20/3 KLCI -0.47pt to 851.71 at 4.05pm. Sime +10c to RM5.55, TMI +11c to RM2.35, PBB -15c to RM7.25 and Kencana +9.5c to RM1.08

21/3 A Medical Tourism Board will be set up in Penang to help promote its hospitals overseas in a federal commitment in view of job losses: Liow

21/3 Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1 Fairus Khairuddin has submitted his resignation letter to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng; no reason given

21/3 Thai PM Abhisit and his 5 ministers easily survive a no confidence vote in Parliament moved by supporters of ousted PM Thaksin

23/3 KLCI +21.48pt to 878.30 at 5pm. IOI Corp +18c to RM3.90, KLK +60c to RM10.60, BCHB +25c to RM6.55 and PBBank +30c to RM7.55

23/3 CPO 3-month futures up RM42 to RM2,027 per tonne despite worries over demand and ahead of forecast export figures on Wednesday

23/3 Bursa Malaysia opens the week up 1.37 points, or 0.16 pct to 858.19

23/3 CPO 3-month futures up RM51 to RM2,036 per tonne as Nymex crude oil traded above US$50 per barrel and investors bought into commodities

23/3 CPO 3-month futures rose RM45 to settle at RM2,030 per tonne on higher crude oil and soybean oil prices

23/3 KLCI +4.53pt to 861.35 at 10am. KNM +2.5c to 38.5c, TMI -5c to RM2.30, KLK +50c to RM10.50, IOI Corp +8c to RM3.80 and PPB +10c to RM9.65

23/3 KLCI +13.33pt to 870.15 at 3pm. Resorts +6c to RM1.96, MISC +20c to RM8.35, Maybank +16c to RM4.52 and PBBank-foreign +15c to RM7.40

Monday, March 23, 2009

Stocks to monitor

股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價

1.實達(SPSETIA) 8664 3.62 2.96 2.96 3.62 3.08 3.00 3.14

2.合順(UMW) 4588 5.70 4.98 4.82 5.70 5.25 5.30 5.28

3.IOI集團(IOICORP) 1961 4.48 3.52 3.52 4.48 3.78 3.72 3.72

4.成功置地(BJLAND) 4219 3.38 2.86 2.86 3.40 2.96 2.93 2.98

5.輝百(FABER) 1368 0.725 0.63 0.46 0.725 0.67 0.67 0.67

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stocks to monitor

股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價
1.肯油企業(KENCANA) 5122 1.51 0.985 0.985 1.51 0.995 1.00 1.14

2.馬航(MAS) 3786 3.32 2.37 2.37 3.04 2.39 2.39 2.62

3.沙布拉浪峰(SAPCRES) 8575 0.925 0.61 0.61 0.925 0.63 0.64 0.70

4.馬電訊(TM) 4863 3.76 2.98 2.54 3.76 3.50 3.48 3.47

5.成功多多(BJTOTO) 1562 4.82 4.50 4.52 4.80 4.62 4.60 4.67

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stocks to monitor

股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價
1.馬資源(MRCB) 1651 0.94 0.71 0.78 0.94 0.815 0.815 0.85

2.MMC機構(MMCCORP) 2194 1.56 1.04 1.35 1.56 1.38 1.40 1.40

3.馬來亞銀行(MAYBANK) 1155 5.70 4.54 4.54 6.20 4.76 4.54 5.15

4.土著聯昌(COMMERZ) 1023 7.15 5.95 5.55 7.15 6.15 6.05 6.52

5.大馬散裝貨運(MAYBULK) 5077 2.87 2.40 2.72 3.54 2.84 2.85 2.80

Monday, March 2, 2009

Stocks to monitor

股項 代號 高 低 支持 阻力 開 閉 14日平均價
1.華商機構(WASEONG) 5142 1.19 0.99 1.05 1.19 1.12 1.14 1.09

2.WCT公司(WCT) 9679 1.85 0.925 0.925 1.21 1.06 1.01 1.10

3.豐隆銀行(HLBank) 5819 5.60 5.00 5.00 5.60 5.25 5.25 5.37

4.雪州柏朗桑(KPS) 5843 1.64 1.33 1.33 1.64 1.42 1.42 1.45

5.天安亞洲(KURASIA) 5097 0.425 0.315 0.315 0.425 0.365 0.39