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Friday, September 26, 2008

Khazanah buys more UEM world's shares

26/9 Khazanah Nasional buys 11.44m UEM World shares from open market on Sept 18-19, ups stake to 923.5 m shares or 66.53%.

26/9 Bank Negara reassessing BII deal due to current financial turmoil, concern over post acquisition financial projections on Maybank. It wants Maybank to obtain new agreement on purchase price for BII deal to ensure no substantial impairment.

26/9 The Dow ended at 11,022.06, up 196.89 points in overnight session; Crude oil rose US$2.29 to US$ 108.02 a barrel.

22/9 Government will not re-peg the ringgit and is committed to allowing the market to determine value of the ringgit, says Finance Minister Najib.

22/9 Selangor government reviewing Kannalter’s broadband network concession deal valued RM 400m, may reduce sites installation, says exec chairman.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

KLCI down 3.66 to close at 1024.74

25/9 KLCI closed down 3.66 points to 1024.74. CPO was down RM 38 to RM 2280, SPO-WA eroded 45 c to RM 1.60, Tenaga slipped 30 c to RM 6.70, Parkson slid 18 c to RM 3.94, Nestle dropped RM 1.

25/9 SC approves Nomura application to set up stock-broking operations. Nomura is to promote intermediation of funds from Middle-East to Malaysia.

25/9 Berjaya Corp first quarter earnings is recorded at RM 33m vs Rm 136.47m a year ago due to absence of one-off gains, revenue RM 1.49m vs RM 565m, EPF is 0.86c vs 4.2c.

25/9 SP Setia third quarter net profit slips to RM 40.86m from RM 53.77m a year ago, revenue is recorded at RM 302.4m vs RM 294.64. EPS is 4.02c vs 5.33 c.

25/9 Encorp gets RM 130.8m contract from Ircon International of India to build stations for electrified double track project from Seremban to Gemas.

24/9 Gamuda net profit RM 325 m for FY ended July 31, up from RM 185.4m a year ago. Revenue is recorded at RM 2.4 b vs RM 1.5b. EPS is 16.27 c vs 10.86c. Fourth quarter profit is RM 70 m.

24/9 Petra Enercy secures RM 1.1b contract from Shell to provide maintenance for offshore oil and gas facilities off Sabah, Sarawak.

24/9 August CPI rose 8.5% from a year ago and it was also higher by 0.2% from July, says government.

24/9 BCHB holds 18.97 % or 15.4m shares of Foremost Holdings after debt equity conversion by CIMB.

24/9 Overnight Dow was down 161.52 points to 10854.17; Light sweet crude for Nov delivery at US$106.61, down US$2.76 a barrel.

23/9 Malaysia’s current account balance showed RM 37 bil surplus and overall balance of + RM 26 bil in the second quarter; ( RM 24 bil, RM 49bil in the first quarter respectively.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stock:TSH Resources buys Sinora shares

25/9 TSH Resources buys 12.5m Sinora Industries shares or 12.5% stake via restricted issue on Sept 15, ups stake to 22.5m shares.

25/9 Overnight Wall street was down 29 points to 10,825.17; Crude oil on Nymex at US $105.73, down 88 cents.

Friday, September 19, 2008

KLCI made a come back

19/9 KLCI closed 34.04 points up to 1025.70. Tenaga rose 65 c to RM 6.90, TMI jumped 60 c to RM 6.55, BCHB flied 50 c to RM 7.60, Tanjong jumped 40 c to RM 12.80.

19/9 AIG group GM at Singapore life insurance unit, Mark O’Dell has resigned. Resignation not linked to recent developments at AIG, insurer said.

19/9 Wall Street rose 410.03 to 11,019.69; Light sweet crude is quoted at US$97.88, up 72 cents.

19/9 MISC secures USD 85m to USD 100m contract from Petronas Carigali to provide bareboat charter, maintenance floating storage in Dulang field.

19/9 Acoustech in final talk with several car manufacturers to supply speaker units, expects this to be next growth area, says Acoustech director.

19/9 Karpal Singh files RM 10 mil defamation suit against Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd for allegedly misquoting him in statement about Islam at DAP Congress.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AIG gets $85B loan from US government

17/9 AIG averts financial collapse after accepting $85b loan from US govt, which will take up 79.9% stake, AIG senior manager, CEO to resign.

17/9 Wall Street was up 141.51 points to 11,059.02; Crude oil at US$91.15, eroded US $4.56 a barrel.

16/9 Bank Negara reinstates nod to Maybank to buy Bank Internasional Indonesia provided Bapepam agrees to sell-down rule.

16/9 Maybank says Bapepam informed of possible extension of timeframe for 20% refloat after buying Bank Internasional Indonesia.

16/9 SapuraCrest Petroleum second quarter net profit RM32.1m vs RM 11.2m a year ago, revenue RM 903m vs Rm 570.5m, boost from drilling, marine services. EPS 2.73c

16/9 Securities Commission rejects Kzen Solutions proposed acquisition of Izzinet for RM 150m waiver for MGO, share placement.

Friday, September 12, 2008

KLCI is up 2.96 to close at 1044.03

12/9 KLCI is up 2.96 to close at 1044.03. CPO rose RM 66 to RM 2,375. Oil is up $1.16 to $102. Tanjong jumped 40 c to RM 13.40, Tenaga-LA rose 22.5c to RM 1.03 but Tenaga dropped 70 c to 7.20.

12/9 DJIA closed higher by 164.79pt or 1.46%to 11433.71as Lehman Brothers shopped itself to possible suitors.  Oil fell to $101.33.

12/9 Vastalux dropped 15 c to 60 c at 11am. Executive Director unfazed by weak debut, sees recovery when market picks up due to good fundamentals, prospects.

12/9 Arisaig Asean Fund Ltd sold 7.7m Pelikan shares on Sept 5, ceased to be substantial shareholder. Stake reduced to 13.23m

12/9 Bursa Securities reprimads Thong Guan Industries, Pentamaster, ordered their external auditors to review quarterly reports for fourth quarters.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

KLCI closed 1041.07 down 21.63

KLCI is down by 21.63 to close at 1041.07.Oil dropped 94c $101.64, Kulim slipped 65 c to RM 5.95, Kulim-WB eroded 62 c to RM 3.90, Parkson dropped 40 c to 4.20.

11/9 Cabinet suspends power purchase agreement renegotiations, pending study into revamp of power supply industry.

11/9 Cabinet discontinues windfall profit levy on IPPs with immediate effect, instead IPPs will have to make a one-off payment equivalent to one year.

11/9 Vastalux Energy, whose public offer was under-subscribed and due to list on Friday, is given until March to comply with public shareholding.

11/9 US based Laureate Education, via Future Perspective, bought all the 34.35m Inti shares traded Wednesday at RM 1.20 each, ups stake to 67.7%.

11/9 Harrisons minority shareholders reject revised RM 1.45 offer from Bumi Raya, seek revised offer of between Rm 4 to RM 5.

11/9 Astro posts RM 247.32m net loss in second quarter on revenue of RM 742m. First half net loss is recorded at RM 249.9m on revenue of RM 1.45b.

11/9 MetTube launches takesover of Metrod, seeks to buy the remaining 48.6% at RM2.90 per share. Share price jumped 28 c to close at RM2.99.

11/9 IJM Land in talks with parties for mixed property development in China in second-tier cities, expects China to contribute to earning in 3 to 5 years.

11/9 Lehman Brothers posted biggest loss in 158-year history with US $3.9 b loss in third quarter after writing-down of US $ 5.6 bil. Analyst forecast US$2.2 b loss.

11/9 DJIA closed up 38.19 points or 0.34 % at 11,268.92, boost from energy shares, positive outlook from Texas instrument. Oil fell 49 c to $103.07.

10/9 Key West subsidiary Times Telecom filed draft listing application with Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange. Shareholders to get 90 m TTI shares.

9/9 NW Multi expects RM100m sales from Shah Alam Memorial Park this year, sees 10% increase in net profit.

4/9 TA Enterprise buys Coast Whistler Hotel in Canada for RM 107m, financed by loan, own funds. It is hoping to get visitors for 2010 Winter Olympics.

4/9 EPF ends talks with potential buyers for part of its RHB Cap stake after share price fell, Bloomberg quotes EPF CEO Azlan as saying.

3/9 EPF reports RM 5.2b investment income in second quarter up 26.3% from previous quarter. Bulk of income from equities is recorded at RM 2.1b, up from RM RM 1b.

2/9 TM accepts letter of award from government to carry out high speed broadband project. TM is to invest RM 8.9b and the government is to invest RM 2.4b.

2/9 Bursa Securities allows Wonderful Wire & Cable until Nov 30 to submit regularization plan or face delisting.

2/9 Ranhill fell 13.5 c to 89.5 c with 6.3m shares at 11am after RM 720m net loss in fourth quarter on provision fro Melut Oil Basin totaling RM 556m.

Monday, September 8, 2008






























美國政府已經制定一個拯救Fannie Mae及Freddie Mac的計劃及方案。



Friday, September 5, 2008







































新奧爾良(NEW ORLEANS)也面對台風的威脅,美國警方計劃挨家挨戶去叫民眾疏散。


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

KLCI was down by 13.5 points to close at 1,086.99

2/9 KLCI closed -13.5pt to 1,086.99. Crude oil -$9.41 to $106, CPO -RM159 to RM2,461. Ranhill -13.5c to 89.5c. KLK -50c to RM11.40, PPB -40c/STARBIZ

2/9 Bursa Securities allows Wonderful Wire & Cable until Nov 30 to submit regularisation plan or face delisting。

2/9 TM accepts letter of award from govt to carry out high speed broadband project. TM to invest RM8.9b, govt RM2.4b/STARBIZ

2/9 Light crude oil falls $5.69 to $109.77 at 3.10pm. CPO -RM105 to RM2,517. KLCI -12pt or 1.09% to 1,088.5, Thai SETI -1.8% to 663/STARBIZ

2/9 S&P puts B corporate rating of Ranhill on credit watch, negative implications after RM620m loss. Ranhill -13.5c to 89.5c at 3.04pm/STARBIZ