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Thursday, August 7, 2008

KLCI closed 4.03 points to 1129.56

KLCI closed 4 points to 1,129.56. Jtiasa eroded 58 sen to RM 3.26, Maybank dropped 20 sen to RM 7.70, PBBank-F slipped 20 sen to RM 10.10, KLK increased 50 sen to RM 12.40, IOIcorp jumped 19 sen to 5.05.

KLCI eroded 12 points to 1,121.5 noon. CPO dropped RM 34 to RM 2,756, off the low of RM 2,735. Ringgit at 6 month low of 3.284 vs US$1. Jtiasa slipped 58 sen and Maybank dropped 25 sen.

7/8 Bursa Sercurities orders Haisan, KBES to have external auditors carry out limited review for 4 quarters. It wants more details.

7/8 Nor Mohamed says no windfall tax on tolled road operators. On Maybank-BII deal, he says it is not for MOF to intervene as it is commercial agreement.

Fortis Investment ceases to be Scomi substantial shareholder after selling 3.54m shares on Aug 21 and 22, cut stake to 49.34m or 4.83%.

7/8 AIG reports US $11b investment losses and write-down related to credit default swap portfolio in second quarter. Net loss in second quarter is recorded at US$5.6b.

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