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Monday, July 7, 2008

KLCI dropped 6.88

KLCI closes 6.88 point down to 1127.26. Tanjong eroded 60 sen to RM 12.20, KLK slid 50 sen to RM 16.30, PPB slipped 45 sen to RM 9.95. CPO fell RM 82 to RM 3,548. Oil is recorded at US $143.29 per barrel.

Cyber cafes will be closed by midnight under the new guidelines to be enforced soon, says the Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Hamzah Zainuddin.

Bornel Oil falls 5.5 sen to16.5sen (8.6m) at 11:40am. Forensic accounting firm refused to amend audited accounts over RM 100m contract value.

7/7 Independent power producers concerned that the windfall profit levy will impact investor confidence, affect rating of their RM 20b bond obligations.

They want the government to review, defer imposition of windfall profit levy pending the study of wider economic impact.

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