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Sunday, June 8, 2008

What happen to DBhd, PJ Dev and YTLand?

Someone ask me about these stocks?

Looking at the fundamental for D Bhd, it is making 7.64 m in 2005, 5.77 m in 2006 but loss 12.55 m in 2007. It is not impressive. Techically, it has dropped to 0.15 low on June 5 and closed at 0.165 and seems to be time to buy.

Although it is a low price stock, it is not impressive.

PJ Development

It is making 27.57 m in 2005, 28.54 m in 2006 and 42.38 m in 2007. It is impressive.

Its high on June 22, 2007 was 1.24 and now it is 0.67. The Low was 0.595 on Mar 24, 2008. It might come back to 0.595 or close to 0.595 looking at the chart.

But this is a better bet. Medium to long term would still be alright.


It is making 43.20 m in 2005, 45.89 m in 2006 and 19.51 m in 2007.

Its high was 2.49 in July 9, 2007 and now it is 1.08 posing to move again. To what target, maybe 1.23 but long term it could challenge the 2.49.

It will move with the improved fundamental. As of now, the earning has dropped.

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