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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Scomi Group and Scomi Marine

Scomi Group has 39 operating subsidiaries and 2 operaing associated companies, the main one being Scomi Oiltools Sdn Bhd(80.1%), Scomi Engineering Bhd(71.2%) , Scomi OilServe Sdh Bhd (60%) and Scomi Marine Bhd(42.7%).

For the past few years, it is making money. In the year 2005, it makes a net profit of RM 151.69 m, 2006 it makes 84.55 m and in the year 2007, it makes 257.13 m.

It is a very impressive company.

As to the share price, it has hit the low of 78 sen on Mar 17, 2008 and again hit the low of 0.765 on June 5, 2008.

On June 13, 2008, it closed at 0.80, possibility of climbing back to 1.17 in the short term and to 1.73 and 1.97 in the medium term when the market is hot.

Scomi Marine Bhd is currently involved in two main types of businessess, namely marine logistic services and offshore support services.

The company is in the blue all these years. In the year 2005, it makes 24.26 m, 2006 it earns 80.46 m and in the year 2007, it nets 54.33 m.

It dropped to 50 sen on Mar 18, 2008 and again to the same level on June 4, 2008.

It closed at 0.53 on June 13, 2008. Short term, it might rise to 0.96, medium term, it could rise to 1.07 and even 1.23 depending on the market condition.

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