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Thursday, July 9, 2009

News in brief - Business and Finance

1/7 KLCI closed at the day's high, up 4.16pts to 1,079.4; Losers led risers 219 to 388 with 203 counters flat; Turnover was RM886mil

1/7 KLCI eased 1.19pts to 1,074.05 at midday; Most active stocks Time -1.5sen, KNM -2.5sen, UEM Land -9sen; Market turnover was valued RM387mil

1/7 The CI opens down 0.11 of a point, or 0.01 pct at 1075.13

1/7 Overnight Wall Street shed 82.38 points, or 0.97 pct to 8,447.00; Crude oil futures declined USD1.60 to USD69.89 a barrel

2/7 European stocks opened lower, while US stock futures pointed to a weak start on Wall Street ahead of monthly US jobs data release

2/7 KLCI closed 0.69pts lower to 1,078.71pts; Losing stocks overwhelmed gainers 204 to 405 on volume of 906m shares worth RM1.16bil

2/7 KLCI fell 1.97pts to 1,077.43 at midday; Losing stocks edged risers 269 to 193 with 196 counters flat; Shares worth RM455mil changed hands

2/7 Crude palm oil futures fell RM57 to RM2,202 per tonne; The ringgit advanced to a three weeks high at 3.5167 against the US dollar

2/7 Bursa Malaysia recovers 1.48 points, or 0.14 pct to 1080.88 at the starting bell

3/7 The 102-strong KLCI ended 6.02pts lower at 1,072.69pts; Rising counters edged losers 284 to 280; Volume was 1.1bil shares worth RM983m

3/7 Crude palm oil futures slumped as much as 4.1%, hitting RM2,086 on Bursa Derivatives; The contract is down RM58 at RM2,117 as at 4.35pm

3/7 KLCI fell 4.61pts to 1,074.10 at noon; Market breadth was negative, with 299 losers against 131 risers; Volume was 559m shares (RM375m)

3/7 CPO futures most active contract fell RM29 to a three-month low of RM2,149 per tonne; Shares in Sime Darby, IOI Corp and KLK under pressure
3/7 The local bourse opens down 8.46 points, or 0.78 pct to 1070.25

3/7 Overnight Dow plunged 223.32 points, or 2.63 pct to 8,280.74; Crude oil prices declined USD2.58 to USD66.73 per barrel

1/6 CPO 3rd-month futures closed up RM65 to RM2,625 per tonne

1/6 The KLCI rose 17.69pts to close at 1,061.80. Gainers incl MISC-foreign, Maybank, Shell, BAT and PPB. Losers incl Sime, DiGi and TNB

1/6 Cargo surveyor SGS estimated Monday that palm oil exports rose 5.1% to 1.22mil in May compared to Apr. CPO was up RM58 to RM2,618 per tonne

1/6 The KLCI was up 15.82pts to 1,059.93 at 12.30pm. Gainers incl BCHB, HL Bank, Maybank, MISC, PPB, DiGi and BAT

2/6 The KLCI closed marginally up at 1,063.62. PPB +20c to RM11.30, KLK +20c to RM11.90, Maybank +20c to RM5.50 and TNB -20c to RM7.70

2/6 European markets were mostly in the red while Asian markets closed mostly in negative territory. London's FTSE 100 Index down 1.24%

2/6 CPO 3rd-month futures added RM15 to RM2,640 per tonne at 3.15pm while Nymex crude oil retreated 92 cents to US$67.66 per barrel

2/6 The KLCI added 0.30% to end 1st session at 1,065. Maybank, PBBank, HLBank, PBBank-foreign, KLK, MISC, IOI and Genting among gainers.

2/6 Goldman Sachs Grp Inc raised US$1.91b by selling shares in Ind & Comm Bank of China Ltd as part of effort to return US$10b to US govt

2/6 The local bourse gains 9 points, or 0.85 pct to 1070.80 at the opening

2/6 Wall Street jumped 221.11 points, or 2.6 pct to 8,721.44 in overnight session; Crude oil advanced USD2.27 to USD68.58 a barrel

3/6 The KLCI fell 2.76pts to 1,060.86 at 12.30pm. DiGi -RM1.40 to RM21.50, Sime -5c to RM6.95, TNB -5c to RM7.65 and BCHB -5c to RM8.60

3/6 The CI opens up 0.17 of a point, or 0.02 pct at 1063.79

3/6 Overnight Wall Street surged 19.43 points, or 0.22 pct to 8,740.87; Crude oil however declined 3 cents to USD68.55 a barrel

3/6 The KLCI closed 8.22pts lower at 1,055.40. KNM -1.5c to 98.5c, Astro +19c to RM3.16, PBBank-foreign -15c to RM8.65 and TNB -15c to RM7.55

4/6 The KLCI added 8.57pts to close at 1,063.97. Measat +64c to RM1.85, PBBank-foreign +25c to RM8.90 and TNB +25c to RM7.80
4/6 The KLCI ended 1st session up 4.11pts to 1,059.51. Measat +37c to RM1.58, Dialog +6c to RM1.23 and Astro +30c to RM3.46

4/6 Bursa Malaysia is up 1.26 points, or 0.12 pct to 1056.66 in initial trade

4/6 Overnight Dow eased 65.63 points, or 0.75 pct to 8,675.24; Crude oil futures plunged USD2.43 to USD66.12 a barrel

5/6 KLCI +11.53pt to 1,075.50 at 5pm. Lafarge Malayan +RM1.50 to RM6.50, Genting +30c to RM6, BCHB +30c to RM8.95 and MISC-F -20c to RM8.40

5/6 KLCI 4.42pt to 1,068.21 at 12.30pm. BCHB +30c to RM8.95, KLK +20c to RM12.00, Astro +10c to RM3.28 and YTL Corp -10c to RM6.70

5/6 Reports say U.S. lenders are raising at least US$100.2bil to fill capital gaps found by government stress tests

5/6 The local bourse gains 2.93 points, or 0.28 pct to 1066.90 in early business

5/6 Wall Street rebounded 74.96 points, or 0.86 pct to 8,750.24 and Crude oil futures surged USD2.69 to USD68.81 a barrel in overnight trading

8/6 Dialog Group plans to invest over USD1b to build the 1st independent deepwater petroleum terminal facility in Johor

8/6 The KLCI closed 2.65 pts lower at 1,072; SAAG -0.02c to 35c, KNM -0.02c to RM1.04 and PetGas +20c to RM9.90

8/6 European markets were in the red in early trade. At 4.16pm London's FTSE 100 Index down 1.46 pct and Frankfurt's Dax Index down 1.79 pct

8/6 The KLCI was up 2.14pts to 1,077.64 at 12.30pm; Gainers incl Nestle, Shell, MPI, Sime, F&N, Berjaya Land and Transmile

8/6 IATA revised its airline financial forecast for 2009 to a global loss of USD9b against USD4.7b estimated in March

8/6 Bursa Malaysia kicks off the week on a steadier platform, gaining 4.92 points, or 0.46 pct to 1080.42

9/6 The KLCI closed 1.06 pts lower at 1,071.79; KNM -1c to RM1.03, Maybank -15c to RM5.45, Digi -30c to RM21.60 and Sime +5c to RM7.00

9/6 Stocks in Europe were up in morning trade with London's FTSE 100 Index up 0.68 pct and Frankfurt's Dax Index rising 0.81 pct

9/6 KLCI fell 3.34 pts to 1,069.51 at 12.30pm; BAT -50c to RM43.50, MTD -18c to RM1.81, PetGas - 15c to RM9.75 and KLK -10c to RM11.90

9/6 Sony Corp to sell USD2.2b in corporate bonds to seek funds as it heads into the 1st back-to-back annual net loss

9/6 The local bourse recovers 3.44 points, or 0.32 pct to 1076.29 at the opening

9/6 Overnight Dow gained 1.36 points, or 0.02 pct to 8,764.49; Crude oil futures shed 35 cents to USD68.09 a barrel

10/6 The KLCI was up 4.29 pts to 1,076.08 at 12.30pm; Gainers incl Measat, Transmile, KPS, Asia File, Maybank, Berjaya Land and DKSH

10/6 Reuters reported Wed that Genting paid US$100m for a 3.2% stake in US Casino operator MGM Mirage. At 11.10am, Genting shares -5c to RM5.95

10/6 Bursa Malaysia opens up 0.90 of a point, or 0.08 pct to 1072.69

10/6 Overnight Wall Street eased 1.43 points, or 0.02 pct to 8,763.06 but crude oil futures jumped USD1.92 to USD70.01 a barrel

10/6 The KLCI rose 11.18 pts to close at 1,082.97; Gainers incl Measat, Asia File, Transmile, Golden Plus, Digi and Berjaya Land

11/6 The KLCI rose 5.99 pts, or 0.55 pct to 1088.96 at 5pm; Gainers incl BAT, DIGI, UMW, Lafarge Malayan, Puncak, SP Setia and Ta Ann

11/6 European markets are fluctuated in morning trade with London's FTSE 100 Index down 0.39 pct while Frankfurt's Dax Index up 0.04 pct

11/6 Hong Kong closes all primary schools and kindergartens over H1N1 scares

11/6 The local bourse was up 1.13 pts or 0.10 pct to 1,084.10 at 12.30pm; Gainers incl Puncak, SP Setia, UMW, Ta Ann and Tanjong

11/6 The CI gains 1.16 points, or 0.11 pct to 1084.13 in initial trade

11/6 Wall Street declined 24.04 points, or 0.27 pct to 8,739.02; In stark contrast, crude oil rallied another USD1.32 a barrel to USD71.33

12/6 The local bourse was up 1.19 points, or 0.11% to close at 1,090.15 on Fri; Gainers incl EONCAP, Nestle, Maybank, KPS and Tanjong

12/6 European markets down in morning trade, London's FTSE 100 Index dropped 0.3 pct and Franfurt's Dax Index shed 0.22 pct

12/6 MAS said in a briefing Fri that it posted a net loss of RM695mil in its Q1 mainly due to fuel hedging contracts

12/6 The KLCI rose 2.71 points to 1091.67 at 12.30pm; EONCAP +58c to RM4.70, Maybank +20c to RM5.90, KLK -10c to RM11.90, Genting -10c to RM5.80

12/6 The local bourse gains 5.64 points, or 0.52 pct to 1,094.60 at the opening

12/6 Overnight Dow gained 31.90 pts, or 0.37 pct to 8,770.92; Crude oil futures rose another USD1.35 to USD72.68 a barrel

15/6 Crude palm oil 3-month futures fell RM65 to close at RM2,400 per tonne; Nymex crude oil lost 84 cents to US$71.20 per barrel

15/6 KLCI +1.02pt to 1,091.17 at 5pm; BAT +75c to RM45, PPB +30c to RM11.50, Lafarge +20c to RM6 and Maybank +15c to RM6.10

15/6 KLCI -1.40pt to 1,088.75 at 4.17pm; Bursa -20c to RM7.20, MAHB -12c to RM3.54, KNM -4c to RM1 and MAS -10c to RM3.16

15/6 KLCI +2.97pt to 1,093.12 at 12.30pm; Nestle +50c to RM31.75, LPI +20c to RM11.10, Tanjong +20c to RM13.50, Farmbest +19c to 69.5c

15/6 KLCI reversed losses to rise 1.96pt to 1,092.11 at 11am; Nestle +25c to RM31.50, KYM +20.5c to 99.5c, Measat +12c to RM2.12

15/6 The local bourse is up 2.89 points, or 0.27 pct to 1093.04 at the start of the week

16/6 KLCI -15.53pt to 1,075.64 at 12.30pm; Ta Ann -24c to RM4.30, Maybank -20c to RM5.90, PPB -20c to RM11.30, SP Setia -22c to RM4.38

16/6 KLCI -11.65pt to 1,079.52 at 11.10am;BAT -50c to RM44.50,DiGi -20c to RM21.70,Maybank -15c to RM5.95,Berjaya Sports Toto +24c to RM5.20

16/6 Bursa Malaysia opens down 7.58 points, or 0.69 pct to 1083.59 amid dearth of fresh market-stimulating leads on the horizon

16/6 Wall Street shed 187.13 points, or 2.13 pct to 8,612.13 and crude oil futures declined USD1.42 a barrel to USD70.62 in overnight trading

16/6 Nymex crude oil added US$1.04 to US$71.66 per barrel after falling below US$70 earlier in the day and rising above US$73 last week

16/6 KLCI -17.05pt to 1,074.12 at 5pm; BAT -50c to RM44.50, Maybank -25c to RM5.85, PPB -20c to RM11.30, Sime -20c to RM6.85

16/6 KLCI -16.08pt to 1,075.09 at 3.30pm; Maybank -20c to RM5.90, Sime -15c to RM6.90, Kossan -18c to RM3.62, Ta Ann -26c to RM4.28

17/6 KLCI -3.22pt to 1,070.90 at 5pm;MAHB -26c to RM3.34, Genting -25c to RM5.55, RHB Capital -10c to RM4.12 and HLFG -10c to RM5

17/6 KLCI -0.01pt to 1,074.11 at 3.30pm; Genting -15c to RM5.65, Astro -12c to RM2.84, BAT +50c to RM45, Tanjong +20c to RM13.70

17/6 KLCI -5.54pt to 1,068.58 at 12.30pm;MAHB -22c to RM3.38,Genting -15c to RM5.65,Astro -14c to RM2.82 and KLK -10c to RM11.90

17/6 The CI is down 2.13 points, or 0.2 pct at 1071.99 in early business

17/6 Overnight Dow closed down 107.46 points, or 1.25 pct to 8,504.67; Nymex crude oil eased 15 cents to USD70.47 a barrel

18/6 KLCI -16.49pt to 1,054.41 at 5pm; Maybank -25c to RM5.65, UEM Land -24c to RM1.59, Nestle -25c to RM31.25, BCHB -20c to RM8.95

18/6 KLCI -13.02pt to 1,057.88 at 12.30pm; Maybank -20c to RM5.70, BAT -25c to RM45, IJM -20c to RM5.45 and UEM Land -12c to RM1.71

18/6 KLCI -10.18pt to 1,060.72 at 11.15am; BCHB -15c to RM9, Bursa -15c to RM7, IJM -15c to RM5.50 and Maybank - 15c to RM5.75

18/6 The local bourse opens down 0.91 of a point, or 0.08 pct to 1069.99

18/6 Overnight Wall Street eased 7.49 points, or 0.09 pct to 8,497.18 but Light sweet crude futures gained 56 cents to USD71.03 a barrel

19/6 KLCI +5.09pt to 1,059.50 at 5pm; BCHB +30c to RM9.25, Petronas Dagangan +20c to RM8.35, Sime +20c to RM7 and Parkson +14c to RM4.84

19/6 KLCI +10.16pt to 1,064.57 at 3pm; BCHB +20c to RM9.15, Lafarge +20c to RM6.10, Top Glove +15c to RM6.25 and SP Setia -16c to RM4.12

19/6 KLCI +8pt to 1,062.41 at 12.30pm;Petronas Dagangan +35c to RM8.50, Nestle +25c to RM31.50, DiGi +20c to RM22 and KPS +16c to RM2.25

19/6 KLCI +2.63pt to 1,057.04 at 11.16am; Genting +15c to RM5.50, KPS +15c to RM2.24, BCHB +10c to RM9.05 and Maybank +10c to RM5.75

19/6 Bursa Malaysia recovers 4.49 points, or 0.43 pct to 1058.90 at the opening

19/6 Overnight Dow rebounded 58.42 points, or 0.69 pct to 8,555.60; Crude oil advanced 34 cents to USD71.37 a barrel

22/6 KLCI down 0.73% to 1,051.75 at midday break. BCHB -20c to RM9.05, Maybank -10c to RM5.60, TNB -10c to RM7.45 and Sime -5c to RM6.95

22/6 The local bourse opens the week on a steadier note, up 2.38 points, or 0.22 pct to 1061.88

22/6 The KLCI closed 1.28% down to 1,045.97. Sime -15c to RM6.85, TNB -20c to RM7.35, BCHB -20c to RM9.05 and Maybank -10c to RM5.60

23/6 The KLCI closed down 0.14% to 1,044.48. BCHB -30c to RM8.75, Sime -10c to RM6.75, PBBank -5c to RM8.75 and IOI -2c to RM4.52

23/6 The KLCI ended 1st session down 0.93% to 1,036.25. BCHB -30c to RM8.75, Sime -10c to RM6.75, IOI -6c to RM4.48 and Maybank -5c to RM5.55

23/6 Samchem Hldgs Bhd debuts at 69 sen, down 2 sen against its IPO price of 71 sen; The CI eases 10.01 points or 0.96 pct to 1035.96

23/6 Overnight Wall Street slumped 200.72 points, or 2.35 pct to 8,339.01; Crude oil futures plunged USD2.62 a barrel to USD66.93

24/6 The KLCI advanced 1.28% to close at 1,057.85. Genting +30c to RM5.70, Maybank +15c to RM5.75, Axiata +9c to RM2.29 and TNB +15c to RM7.55

24/6 The KLCI rose 1.10% to 1,055.98 at 12.30pm. Genting +25c to RM5.65, TNB +20c to RM7.60, Sime +10c to RM6.85 and IOI +8c to RM4.60

24/6 Bursa Malaysia rebounds 1.73 points, or 0.17 pct to 1046.21 in initial deal

24/6 The Dow declined 16.10 points, or 0.19 pct to 8,322.91 in overnight trading but Crude oil prices rebounded USD1.74 to USD69.24 a barrel

25/6 The KLCI rose 1.54% to close at 1,074.11. TNB +25c to RM7.80, Maybank +15c to RM5.90, Genting +20c to RM5.90 and BCHB +15c to RM8.95

25/6 The KLCI extended morning gains rising 1.42% to 1,072.90. TNB +25c to RM7.80, Maybank +10c to RM5.85 and Sime +10c to RM6.90

25/6 Petronas net profit down 13.93% to RM52.5b for FYE Mar 31, 2009 compared to same period last year on lower oil prices and higher costs

25/6 Intertek said CPO exports rose 3.9% to 1.01m tonnes from June 1 to 25 compared to same period in May. CPO 3rd-mo futures up RM43 to RM2,293

25/6 The CI opens up 6.92 points, or 0.65 pct at 1064.77

25/6 Overnight Wall Street declined 23.05 points, or 0.28 pct to 8,299.86; Crude oil eased 57 cents to USD68.67 a barrel

26/6 The KLCI added 0.15% to close at 1,075.77. BCHB +15c to RM9.10, Astro +18c to RM3.22, Sime +5c to RM6.90 and PBBank +10c to RM8.90

26/6 The KLCI reverses morning gains to end 1st session down 0.15% at 1,072.55. Maybank, Genting, PetDag, TNB, Plus, IOI and PetGas declined

26/6 The local bourse gains 7.53 points, or 0.7 pct to 1081.64 at the opening bell

26/6 The Dow recovered 172.54 points, or 2.08 pct to 8,472.40 and crude oil futures jumped USD1.56 to USD70.23 a barrel in overnight trading

29/6 The KLCI closed up 0.01% to 1,075.84. Sime +15c to RM7.05, Maybank +5c to RM5.85, PBBank +10c to RM9 and PBBank-foreign +15c to RM9

29/6 A (H1N1): 20 new cases - 16 imported, 4 local - taking total confirmed cases to 144, says Health DG

29/6 The KLCI added 0.14% to 1,077.31 at 12.30pm. Sime +10c to RM7, Maybank +5c to RM5.85, MISC +10c to RM8.65 and PBBank +10c to RM9

29/6 Bursa Malaysia opens the week up 2.75 points, or 0.26 pct at 1078.52

30/6 At 5pm, the KLCI was marginally down by 0.6pts to 1,075. Tanjong lost 40c to RM14.40, Nestle fell 25c to RM31.25 & KPS shed 18c to RM2.11.
30/6 A(H1N1): 14 new cases, 11 imported and 3 locally transmitted, 11 of them are Malaysians, says Health DG

30/6 The local bourse gains 2.40 points, or 0.22 pct to 1078.24 in early trade

30/6 Overnight Dow rebounded 90.99 points, or 1.08 pct to 8,529.38; Crude oil advanced USD2.33 a barrel to USD71.47

25/5 For first quarter ended March 31, UEM Land posted net profit of RM2.6mil on revenue of RM56.5mil.

25/5 At 5pm, the KLCI closed 7.88 pts higher at 1,053; Genting rose 35c to RM5.55, Resorts up 21c at RM2.79 and Boustead added 30c to RM4.46.

25/5 At 5.02pm, price of CPO for August delivery was down RM13 per tonne at RM2,508.

25/5 KLCI +5.43pt to 1,050.69 at 12.30pm. Genting +20c to RM5.40, AMMB Holdings +16c to RM3.40, TNB +10c to RM7.75 and Maybank -5c to RM5.15

25/5 The CI gains 2.14 points, or 0.2 pct to 1047.40 at the start of the new week

26/5 At 5pm, the KLCI closed down 1.5pts at 1,051.6. KLK lost 30c to 11.70, Telekom fell 12c to RM3.80 and MAS shed 14c to RM3.14.

26/5 European bourses opened lower today, investors on consolidation mode.

26/5 AEON Malaysia plans to spend about RM200mil for expansion this year, says business support senior general manager.

26/5 Pandan Umno chief Abd Ghani Ismail pleads not guilty in KL Sessions Court to 10 counts of corruption involving total of RM210,012

26/5 At 1pm,CPO price for Aug delivery fell RM7/tonne to RM2,438.Crude oil in Singapore electronic trading was slightly down at US$60.94/barrel.

26/5 At 12.30pm, KLCI rose almost 1 point to 1,054.1. Maybank up 15c to RM5.30, Alam Maritim added 10c to RM1.32 while TNB fell 10c to RM7.65.

26/5 Bursa Malaysia opens up 0.47 of a point, or 0.04 pct to 1053.61

26/5 Overnight US markets were closed for a public holiday

27/5 At 5pm, the KLCI closed down 3.95pts at 1,047.7; Tanjong and PPB lost 30c each to RM13.70 and RM10.80 respectively; KLK up 20c to RM11.90.

27/5 European stocks opened higher in trading, buoyed by Wall St's overnight gains and improved sentiment.Asian bourses are also trading higher.

27/5 CPO for Aug delivery rose RM51/tonne to RM2,481 after two days of decline. Crude oil was higher at US$62.52/barrel in Singapore.

27/5 At 12.30pm, KLCI fell 0.81pt to 1,050.8;Genting and Top Glove lost 25c each to RM5.25 and 5.80 respectively and Tanjong fell 20c to RM13.80

27/5 The CI is up 6.30 points, or 0.6 pct to 1057.93 in early trade

27/5 Overnight Dow jumped 196.17 points, or 2.37 pct to 8,473.49 on resumption of business; Crude oil gained 78 cents to USD62.45 a barrel

28/5 At 12.30pm, the KLCI fell 7.15 pts to 1,040.5; KLK lost 40c to RM11.50, Tanjong plc down 20c at RM13.50 while Astro rose 9c to RM2.90.

28/5 The CI opens down 4.57 points, or 0.44 pct to 1043.11

28/5 Wall Street shed 173.47 points, or 2.05 pct to 8,300.02 in overnight trading; Crude oil however was up USD1 to USD63.45 a barrel

28/5 AirAsia's Q1 performance improved with operating profit of RM166mil on revenue of RM714mil thanks to higher passenger growth – CEO

28/5 At 5pm, the KLCI closed 6.4pts lower at 1,041.2; KLK lost 40c to RM11.50, Tanjong plc fell 20c to RM13.50 and PBBank shed 15c to RM8.60.

28/5 At 5pm, the KLCI closed 6.4pts lower at 1,041.2; KLK lost 40c to RM11.50, Tanjong plc fell 20c to RM13.50 and PBBank shed 15c to RM8.60.

29/5 Alam Maritim net profit +138.7% to RM26.7mil for Q109 from higher contribution from offshore support vessels and underwater services

29/5 At 7pm, crude palm oil 3-month futures were up RM55 to RM2,650; Nymex crude oil rose US$1.08 to US$66.16

29/5 KLCI +2.87pt to 1,044.11 at 5pm; Tenaga +55sen to RM8.15, Sime +45sen to RM7.20, Parkson +40sen to RM5.20 and DiGi +30sen to RM23.20

29/5 The KLCI +2.85pt to 1,044.09 at 12.30pm; Tenaga +20sen to RM7.80, KLK +20sen to RM11.70, Tanjong +10sen to RM13.60, TM -8sen to RM2.65

29/5 The local bourse recovers 5.56 points, or 0.53 pct to 1046.80 at the starting bell

29/5 Overnight Dow rebounded 103.78 points, or 1.25 pct to 8,403.80; Nymex crude oil futures advanced USD1.63 to USD65.08 a barrel

31/5 69 residents from 12 houses behind collapsed Jaya Supermarket in PJ were evacuated to a nearby hotel paid for by the demolition contractors

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