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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yi Jing Prediction about the stock market

January effect probably allowed you to see a rally before or after the Chinese New Year, however, after that the market will be weakened.

When I make such prediction, the world market is still intact. We saw how the markets plunged towards the end of January. The crush of the stock markets globally has wide implication, especially to the US and Europe.

Traditionally, after the Chinese New Year, the Malaysian stock market usually will lose its steam and gradually quiet down. However, as people believe that the general election will be held after the Chinese New Year, therefore, this issue itself will drive the market up.

From 5th of March to 4th of April is the rabbit month(Yi Mou), the stock market may be good because of election factor.

However, after the rabbit month, the market will start to slow down during the month of April, May and June.

The market will be good in the month of July, August, September and October. The market will consolidate in the month of November and December. The market will be vibrant again in the month of January 2009.

This is the summary of my prediction for Special Weekly.

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