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Monday, May 12, 2008

KLCI closed 7.8 up on Monday

KLCI closed 7.8 points to 1,293.09. CPO was up RM 77 to RM 3,572. KLK rose 50 sen to RM 17.30, TMI rose 30 sen to RM 7.55, Kulim was up 30 sen to RM 8.35, IOICorp rose 25 sen to RM 7.40.

AmBank Group launches RM 200m capital guaranteed fund investing in Asia emerging markets including China, India.

Sunzen Biotech, which makes animal feed additives, feed supplements, has got SC nod to list on Mesdaq market.

TMC Life Science’s unit Stem Tech plans to provide stem cell business in region, set up cord blood bank in Indonesia.

US-based Hayman Capital buys 5.47% or 15.8 m shares of Pelikan International from open market.

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