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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No contradiction between Najib, Vincent Tan

Watchman: If you examine the words used, they are not contradictory. Vincent Tan said approval has been given. The Finance Ministry said the licence has not been issued (presumably only approval has been given), but public views were still being sought.

This begs the question of why approval was given first and only then public views were sought. Shouldn't it be the other way round? Seek public views first and then, if favourable, give approval. But then again, this 1Malaysia. We always do things belakang first.

Loyal Malaysian: PM Najib Abdul Razak has misread non-Muslims sentiments - he expected a majority to favour his decision and thus allow him to carry through the sports betting licence, purportedly in the interests of the non-Muslim populace. But widespread opposition even among non-Muslims gave him a very big headache.

Harrisman: I think it is a case of the government of the day backtracking when they see the groundswell of support against gambling, in the hope that they will not lose the support of the common man.

Kancil: I think all the opposition MPs should demand for this to be referred to the parliamentary rights and privileges committee. Let them have a taste of their own medicine. Please pursue this relentlessly.

Reprint the letter to Bursa Malaysia in the local media. Citizens do not mind contributing to the cost of placing the advertisement.

If it anybody's found lying, they must be admonished in the most severe manner possible, so that no one will ever think of 'misleading' Parliament. Initiate action against Bursa also if it does not take action.

Artchan: Vincent Tan would not dare jump the gun to announce that approval was given if it was not given. So it must be Najib. But we have to give credit where it is due. Some people can lie with a bloody straight face.

Rocky: We know who is lying. They will make a play of words, they'll say it was a reissue of the license, it wasn't a new licence, blah, blah, blah. Maybe they'll refer the PM to the rights and privileges committee but don't hope for a fair hearing because he will be found innocent.

Beetle: We either have a lying, dishonest PM or a lying businessman. If the licence was not approved, how is it that VT (Vincent Tan) was able to sell his Ascot Sports shares to the tune of RM525 million?

Did VT cheat the shareholders of Berjaya Corp by releasing false information to the public to con the shareholders? The PM and his crony, VT, have to come clean on this matter.

Doc: Time and time again, it is the same scenario with Umno. After trying to bulldoze an unfavourable proposition for personal gain or to satisfy their cronies, without much thought on the ramifications of their exercise, Umno ends up being faced with stiff resistance from the opposition politicians and the rakyat.

As usual Umno will be caught with their pants down with no valid answer to offer for their act. That's when stupidity sets in and plagues Umno politicians' minds, and they will end up doing something stupid. In this case, deny that the issue ever happened and claim all this was the work of the opposition blowing things out of control.

Umno, Umno, Umno. When are you going to learn these most important lessons:

i) the opposition is strong in Parliament;

ii) don't assume the rakyat are stupid and can be manipulated;

iii) the Internet helps spread Umno's follies faster than wildfire.

Sports betting deal stinks: analyst

Malaysian First: It's obvious that the Finance Ministry has misled Vincent Tan. He is the victim here.

Of course, he is not going to sue or take any action against Najib, who is the finance minister - you just have to eat humble pie this time round. He needs the government more than the government needs him. He cannot afford to make Najib angry. There is just too much dealings between them.

Remember the "correct, correct, correct" episode? That's how it is, Vincent Tan. Just swallow this embarrassing blow and wait for the next business deal. I'm sure you won't lose out.

Malaysiasakit: If Berjaya has made an announcement at Bursa Malaysia that it has the sports betting licence, it really means it has been granted the licence. No ifs and buts, because making a false announcement can result in severe penalties and even imprisonment.

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