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Monday, June 24, 2013

Stock Investing---with a new concept in Technical Analysis---Sept 28. 2013 (with 10 SIDC CPE points)

Stock Investing---with a new concept in Technical Analysis---Sept 28. 2013 (with 10 SIDC CPE points)

Stocks can be your best investment but they can also be your worst nightmare.  Equip yourself with the necessary fundamental and technical analysis to increase your chances of success.  Now, for the first time, a new concept in technical analysis will be introduced to further strengthen your stock investing success.

This course is organized by Symphony Digest Sdn Bhd which is a centre for Financial Mastery.  It is an offical training partner of Bond Pricing Agency Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Who should attend this course:

1. Retail investors
2. CMSRL holders
3. Remisiers
4. Trading representatives of securities firms
5. Investment banks
6. Certified Financial Planners

Date: Sept 28, 2013
Workshop duration and time: 1 day 9.00 am to 5:00pm
Venue: Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort, Kuala Lumpur
Course Fee: RM 390; Early Bird: RM 350(For registration before August 31, 2013)

Registration is confirmed upon receipt of payment, unless otherwise notified.
Contact person for details and registration: KC Goh (012-6597910)

Course Outline
Stock Market Psychology
 Human Factors: Hope, Greed and Fear
 Financial Markets and Economy
 Movement of Stock Prices Analysis
 Traded Volume Analysis
Technical Analysis Methods
 Fibonacci Golden Ratio
 Interpretation of Elliott Wave Theory
 Interpretation of Time Cycles
 Interpretation of Trend Cycles
Technical Analysis – New Concept
 Best Tools to Use Today
 Ascertain Index or Stock Price Bottom
 Ascertain the Buy signal
 Estimation of Upside Targets
 Implication of Tops Resistance
 Ascertain the Sell Signal
Fundamental and Technical Analysis
 Interpretation of Financial Ratios
 Criteria of a Winning Stock
 Case Studies on Technical Analysis New Concept

Trainer’s Profile
Wong Yee is a chartist, strategist, seminar speaker, lecturer and author. He has spent over 38 years doing research in the characteristic behavior of global stock markets, and has written six books on stock market analysis.
He was the first local chartist who introduced RSI (Relative Strength Indicator) in his book “The Trend Principle” in 1986. His latest book “You Too Can Be Rich in stock market investment” introduces a new formula developed by Wong Yee on predicting Index or stock price targets.
Wong Yee was a dealer with UOB Kay Hian, a leading stock broking company in Singapore from 1982 to 2002. Currently, he is focusing on writing books and articles; he also provides consultation and training on stock market strategies.

Books written by Wong Yee:
1. A Guide To Investment In Stocks And Shares (1984)
2. The Trend Principle (1986)
3. Charts Revolution – Stock Market Trends And Trading Principles (1988)
4. Practical Knowledge In Shares Investment (1993)
5. 101 Ways To Avoid Making Mistakes In The Stock Market (1995)
6. You Too Can Be Rich in stock market investment (2012)
Wong Yee holds The Certified Diploma in Accounting & Finance and a Diploma in Investment Analysis.




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