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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Better watch out the market

The CI is down 16.59 to 1314.02 because regional markets were also not performing.
Hong Kong is down 465.10 to 23119.869, Singapore is also slid by 6.87 to 2919.68. However, Japan is up by 0.10 to 12992.28. Dow this morning was also down 7.49 to 12258.90.

China to overtake US in 2025 to be world ‘s largest economy, grow by 130% of size of US by 2050, says PWC report.

The CI basically has dropped 4 days consecutively. Investors better watch out.

January global chips sales up 0.03% to US$21.5 b from year ago. However, sales fell 3.6% from Dec US$32.3b, says semiconductor industry association.

Al-Saudia Resources bought 3.33 m PJ Bumi shares on Feb 26, ups stakes to 3.84m or 7.69 %. PJBumi(7163, Industrial Product) today closed at 0.53.

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