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Monday, March 10, 2008

KLCI fell nearly 100 pt but is about time to buy

KLCI fell nearly 100 pts or 7.6% to 1,197 at 12.30pm: BCHB-RM1.55 to RM 8.65
Jakarta CI -4.3%;Singapore -2.07%, Shanghai A-2.57%

The regional markets are down because Dow was down 146.70 to 11,893.69 last Friday.

The US market was not performing after the government surprised investors with a report that employers eliminated 63,000 jobs last month.

Our market was down because BN lost 5 states in the general election on March 8 but still obtained 140 parliamentary seats to form the new government.

Malaysia market is over-reacting. Many stocks have dropped to the very low and investors who are cash-rich should consider buying.

If you are pessimistic, then you should read what stock market specialist Tan Teng Boo had said that things in US are really no as bad as envisaged.

He said that the corporate insiders, the officers, directors, and the largest shareholders of the listed corporations, are not buyers of equity.

He said,"do not look for precise bottoms, invest for the long term."

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