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Thursday, February 5, 2009

KLCI rose 3.15 to 879.95 on Thursday

5/2 KLCI rose 3.15 to 879.95 on Thursday

4/2 KLCI +2.17pt to 881.84 at 12.30pm. IJM +16c to RM3.62, DiGi +10c to RM21.10, PBBank-foreign +10c to RM8.75 and KNM +1c to 44.5c.

4/2 KLCI +2.58pt to 882.25 at 9.25am. SP Setia +6c to RM3.28, Lafarge +6c to RM3.24, TNB -5c to RM5.65 and POS -2c to RM2.02.

4/2 The CI recovers 1.37 points, or 0.16 pct to 881.04 at the starting bell.

4/2 Overnight Wall Street rebounded 141.53 points, or 1.78 pct to 8,078.35; Nymex crude oil finished up 70 cents to USD40.78 a barrel.

3/2 KLCI closed 4.78pts lower at 879.67. TNB -20c to RM5.70, UMW -20c to RM5.35, MAS -18c to RM2.67 and DiGi +50c to RM21.00.

3/2 McDonald's Malaysia said it would be spending RM300 million to open 60 outlets and remodel 45 others from this year to end-2011.

3/2 KLCI -10.96pt to 873.49 at 3.15pm. MISC -25c to RM8.60, BAT -25c to RM44.00, TNB -20c to RM5.70 and UMW -20c to RM5.35.

3/2 KLCI -5.24pt to 879.21 at 12.30pm. DiGi +20c to RM20.70, UEM Land -1.5c to 74c, MMC -6c to RM1.39 and TNB -15c to RM5.75.

3/2 KLCI +0.13pt to 884.58 at 9.15am. MMC -5c to RM1.38, Zelan -4c to 84c, PBBank-F +5c to RM8.70.

3/2 Bursa Malaysia opens up 1.73 points, or 0.2 pct to 886.18.

3/2 The Dow closed 64.11 points lower, or 0.8 pct to 7,936.75 in overnight trading; crude oil settled down USD1.60 to USD40.08 a barrel.

20/1 KLCI -10.4pt to 879.89 at 12.30pm. CPO -RM25 to RM1,834. Oil -USD2.31 to USD34.20. Asian markets fell, HK down 443pt or 3.33%. TMI -16c.

20/1 Sunway Holdings chairman Jeffrey Cheah stake increased to 247.7m shares or 47.35% after buying 10.45m Sunway shares from Jan 7 to 15.

20/1 KLCI fell 3.5pt to 886.77 at 9.15am. BCHB -10c to RM6.25, IOI Corp -8c to RM3.76, Parkson -6c to RM3.22, Genting -6c to RM3.70.

20/1 The local bourse opens down 4.46 points, or 0.5 pct to 885.82.

21/1 Banking system remains fundamentally sound,says Bank Negara, continues to focus on ensuring all sectors of economy has access to credit.

21/1 Bank Negara says inflation continued to decelerate to 4.4% in December, expected to continue with weaker demand, lower imported inflation.

21/1 KLCI closed -7pt at 873.4. CPO fell RM21 to RM1,806. DiGi -30c to RM20.60, PBBank-F -25c to RM8.40, Brem-WA -24.5c to 5.5c, BCHB-20c to RM6.

22/1 KLCI up 4.8pt to 878.25 noon. CPO +RM24 to RM1,833. Oil +38c to USD43.93. BAT +25c to RM44, PBBank-F +20c to RM8.60, Far East +20c.

22/1 US chipmaker Intel to close two of its three assembly test facilities in Penang, affecting over 1,000 employees.

22/1 China economy grew 6.8% in Q4, slowest pace in 7 yrs, dragging down growth in Asia, says Bloomberg report.

22/1 KLCI +9.5pt to 882.9 at 9.15am. MISC +25c to RM8.85, KLK +20c to RM9.80, Sime +15c to RM5.45, YTL +15c to RM7.10, Gadang +10c to 58.5c.

22/1 Bursa Malaysia recovers 5.93 points, or 0.68 pct to 879.34 at the opening bell.

22/1 The Dow rebounded 279.01 points, or 3.51pct to 8,228.09 in overnight session; Nymex crude oil jumped USD2.71 to USD43.55 a barrel.

22/1 Telekom Malaysia secures RM334m contract from govt to develop, manage country emergency response system 999 over three years.

22/1 KLCI closed 5.6pt up at 879. DiGi +30c to RM20.90, Loh & Loh +28c to RM5, HLFG +26c to RM4.60, Tejari +22c to 33c, PBBank-F +20c to RM8.60.

22/1 MK Land to use proceeds from Sg Buloh land sale of RM157m for devt projects in Damansara Perdana, Damansara Damai, Bt Merah Laketown, Ipoh.

23/1 KLCI closed down 6.33pt to 872.69. CPO fell RM12 to RM1,858. BGyear -31c to 69c, Utd Plt -30c to RM10, PPB -25c to RM9.35, DiGi -20c.

23/1 Sime Darby plans to generate sales between RM25b and RM30b over 20 yrs from Sime Darby Vision Valley project in Labu, says report.

23/1 China has closed down 1,250 websites and detained 41 people since it started a crackdown on online pornography on Jan 5: Govt official.

23/1 KLCI down 9.4pt to 869.6 noon. CPO -RM9 to RM1,861. DiGi -30c to RM20.60, BGyear -30c to 70c, PPedana -30c to RM4.20, AIRB -29c to 51c.

23/1 Swift Gardens, Jadi Pesona launch takeover of Isyoda Corp at 71.5c per share for remaining 23.77m shares or 36.02%, plan to take it private.

23/1 Quill Capita Trust net profit RM8.73m in Q4, up from RM7.6m yr ago. Revenue RM15.6m vs RM12m. FY08 net profit RM29.4m vs RM19.27m yr ago.

23/1 Quill Capita Trust net profit RM8.73m in Q4, up from RM7.6m yr ago. Revenue RM15.6 vs RM12m. FY08 net profit RM29.4m vs RM19.27m yr ago.

23/1 US-based Discovery Capital Management LLC emerges substantial shareholder in UEM Land with 138.49m shares or 5.7% stake.

23/1 KLCI falls 3.1pt to 875.9 at 9.14am. Maybank -10c to RM5.20, Star -6c to RM3.06, TMI -6c to RM3.32, Sime -5c to RM5.35, AMMB -4c to RM2.33.

23/1 Bursa Malaysia opens down 1.28 points, or 0.15 pct to 877.74.

23/1 Overnight Wall Street ended down 105.30 points, or 1.28 pct to 8,122.79; Crude oil settled up 12 cents to USD43.67.

23/1 Sime Darby Vision Valley cover devt land at KL fringes to vicinity of Seremban, covering 1.2m acres, of which 126,000 acres belong to Sime.

27/1 American Express earnings fell 79% in Q4 to USD172m or 15c per share from USD831m yr ago as cardmembers cut back their spending, says AP.

28/1 Bursa Securities rejects Techventure appeal against decision to delist company, which takes effect on Feb 10.

28/1 LCL down 5c to 46.5c at 11.11am with 4.1m shares done on concerns about adverse impact on projects from tightening credit facilities.

28/1 KLCI +1.98pt to 874.67 at 9.07am. Dow closed 0.72% up at 8,174.73. Oil down 62c to USD42.2. IOI Prop +10c to RM2.23, SP Setia +8c to RM3.40.

28/1 Bursa Securities fines Cepco MD Leong Kway Wah RM30,000 for breaching listing rules over InchKen shares transactions in 2006.

28/1 KLCI closed 6.94pt up at 879.6. CPO fell RM32 to RM1,798. BGyear +30c to 99c, Shell +30c to RM8.80, Amway +25c to RM7, DiGi +20c to RM20.90.

28/1 Bank Negara to issue 3-yr Bon Simpanan Merdeka amounting to RM1b to citizens aged 56 and above. Sale period from Feb 18 to March 17.

28/1 KLCI up 6.26pt to 878.9 at 3.32pm. CPO -RM41 to RM1,789. Nestle +25c to RM28.25, DFZ +22c to RM3.53, Sime +15c to RM5.50, LCL -5c to 46.5c.

28/1 MMC Corp extends closing date to buy remaining shares in Equiventures from 5pm today to Feb 20.

29/1 KLCI closed 3.53pt up at 883.16. CPO -RM19 to RM1,763. KLK +35c to RM9.90, Tekala +20c to 80c, Puncak +19c to RM2.73, DFZ +16c to RM3.66.

29/1 Najib says more than 70% of RM7b stimulus package given to ministries, agencies. 4,667 projects worth RM400m for education, health awarded.

29/1 Time dotCom to implement turnaround plan to make it profitable in Q4, plans to cut costs by RM3.5m by shifting HQ operations.

29/1 Toyo Ink Asia extend takeover deadline for Toyochem Corp by 18 days until Feb 17. If 90% acceptance not fulfilled, shares will be returned.

29/1 Medical device company B. Braun says it will invest RM300m over next three years to expand its Penang plant.

29/1 MISC +20c to RM8.60 at 9.09am. Maybank +10c to RM5.35, BCHB +10c to RM6.30, Bursa +10c to RM5.30, KLK +10c to RM9.64.

30/1 Trading in IOI Corp, IOI Properties suspended until 5pm on Feb 4 pending an announcement of corporate exercise involving both companies.

30/1 MACC sets up independent taskforce of non-MACC personnel to probe allegations its officers assaulted an Umno division leader under detention.

30/1 KLCI closed +1.29pt up on late buying, MISC +30c to RM8.85, BAT +25c to RM44.25, Shell +25c to RM8.65, MISC-F +20c to RM8.65. CPO fell RM3.

30/1 KLCI fell 2.5pt to 880.66 noon. CPO +RM11 to RM1,756, ringgit 3.607 to USD. BGyear -38.5c to 90.5c, Star -12c to RM3.02, Tenaga -10c.

30/1 DFZ Capital share price on uptrend this week, saw Mauritius-based Nassim Fund buying 208,100 shares on Jan 28, ups stake to 9.76m shares.

30/1 Asia Internet Holdings sold 10m MY EG shares on Jan 23 in off-market deal, cut stake to 30.57% or 183.7m MY EG shares.

31/1 Finas in RM3mil deal with History Channel to co-produce 8hrs of local content for History, Biography, and Crime and Investigation channels.

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