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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10/2 KLCI rose 6.88 to 903.52 on Tuesday

10/2 KLCI rose 6.88 to 903.52 on Tuesday. IOICorp rose 10 c to 3.94, KLK jumped 40 c to 11.40, Sime was up 15 c to 5.75, BAT slipped 75 c to 44.25.

10/2 The CI opens up 1.32 points, or 0.15 pct to 897.96

10/2 KLCI +5.55pt at 9.30am. KLK +50c to RM11.50, Sime +15c to RM5.75, IOI Corp +10c to RM3.94, Bursa +10c to RM5.10 and BCHB -5c to RM6.75

10/2 Investment approvals for manufacturing stood at RM62.8bil in 2008, up from RM59.9bil in 2007 with foreign projects making up 73.4% of total

10/2 Wall Street eased 9.72 points, or 0.12 pct to 8,270.87 in overnight trading; Crude oil settled down 61 cents to USD39.56 a barrel

6/2 CPO up RM19 to RM1864 per tonne while Nymex crude oil in electronic trade down 32c to US¿40.85 per barrel at 12.15pm

6/2 KLCI up 1.13% to 889.93. IOI Corp +16c to RM3.84, KLK +20c to RM10.70, Sime +15c to RM5.55, PBBank +15c to RM9.00 and BAT +25c to RM45.00

6/2 KLCI surges 1.77% to 895.52. PBBank +20c to RM9.05, PBBank-foreign +15c to RM9.05, KLK +30c to RM10.80 and BCHB +30c to RM6.80

6/2 Overnight Dow recovered 106.41 points, or 1.34 pct to 8,063.06; Nymex crude oil ended up 85 cents to USD41.17 a barrel

6/2 Bursa Malaysia opens up 5.17 points, or 0.59 pct to 885.12

6/2 KLCI ends the day 16.69pt higher at 896.64. IOI Corp +16c to RM3.84, Sime +20c to RM5.60, KLK +50c to RM11.00 and PBBank +20c to RM9.05

5/2 The local bourse opens down 2.06 points, or 0.23 pct to 874.74

5/2 KLCI +2.07pt to 878.87 at 9.30am. IOI -14c to RM3.78, IOI Prop +26c to RM2.48, BCHB +25c to RM6.55 and PetGas +15c to RM9.90

5/2 KLCI +0.44pt to 877.24 at 12.30pm. IOI Corp -18c to RM3.74, IOI Prop +29c to RM2.51, BAT +25c to RM44.75 and Nestle -25c to RM27.25

5/2 KLCI +0.40pt to 877.20 at 3.30pm. Telekom +2c to RM3.18, BCHB +20c to RM6.50, Chin Teck +10c to RM6.00 and IOI Prop +27c to RM2.49

5/2 HSBC Bank Malaysia says it will not restrict lending to SMEs as the segment forms a major component of its commercial banking business

5/2 Nymex crude oil down 7c to US¿40.25 per barrel at 11.45am in electronic trading despite rise in inventories and slowing demand

5/2 KLCI +3.15pt to 879.95 at close. IOI Corp -24c to RM3.68, IOI Prop +27c to RM2.49, Maybank +15c to RM5.40 and BCHB +20c to RM6.50

5/2 The Dow shed 121.70 points, or 1.5 pct to 7,956.66 in overnight session; Crude oil settled down 46 cents to USD40.32 a barrel

4/2 KLCI +0.43pt to 880.10 at 3.30pm. Maybank +10c to RM5.40, IJM +18c to RM3.64, DLady -30c to RM9.60 and MISC -15c to RM8.55

4/2 Overnight Wall Street rebounded 141.53 points, or 1.78 pct to 8,078.35; Nymex crude oil finished up 70 cents to USD40.78 a barrel

4/2 The CI recovers 1.37 points, or 0.16 pct to 881.04 at the starting bell

4/2 KLCI +2.58pt to 882.25 at 9.25am. SP Setia +6c to RM3.28, Lafarge +6c to RM3.24, TNB -5c to RM5.65 and POS -2c to RM2.02

4/2 KLCI closed -2.87pt to 876.80. Sime -5c to RM5.35, PBBank +10c to RM8.80, PBBank-foreign +15c to RM8.80 and BCHB -15c to RM6.30

4/2 Nymex spot crude oil prices up 27c to US¿41.05 in Asian electronic trading at 11.45am as nationwide strike at US energy facilities averted

4/2 KLCI +2.17pt to 881.84 at 12.30pm. IJM +16c to RM3.62, DiGi +10c to RM21.10, PBBank-foreign +10c to RM8.75 and KNM +1c to 44.5c

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